Is it ok for a baby to sleep with pacifier at night? Because my baby of 9months do cry at night for breastfeeding and the breast milk is not enough. He sleeps while spoon feeding at night.
Dr. Dara Abiodun

Medical Doctor

Pacifier use during naps or nighttime can prevent sudden infant death syndrome. Doctors aren't sure how it works, but if you give your baby a pacifier while she's asleep, you might lower her risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) by more than half. Satisfy the suck reflex. Babies have a natural need to suck. If you're nursing your baby, wait until he's a month old to give him a pacifier, to make sure breastfeeding is well established. Some studies show that a pacifier at sleep times seems to have a protective effect against SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome).