Is it good to use a drug for a baby of 8 months to prevent much sickness when is about to grow teeth e.g bonababe
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Using Bobabebe or Piccan for baby is not acceptable because it has a long-term effect which is terrible for my baby. You don't need to use either Piccan or Bonabebe. Like my Paediatrician said, Teething a natural phenomenon just like height. if your baby is having a fever or high temperature, then the baby is sick and should be taken to the hospital. Don't use any teething mixtures, if you're using any teething mixtures, please discontinue it immediately and see a doctor
Teething requires no drugs because it is a normal physiological process.
Please do not use any drugs or medications. No teething drugs should be administered. Don't do self medication. Just do proper hygiene to prevent child from having diarrhea or infection.