10 Pre-Pregnancy Tips You Should Know

Congratulations on this new decision you’ve made. We are here to guide you as you take the bold step into parenthood.


Trying to conceive is a whole new journey for everyone. You need to know certain things before conception to give yourself the best chance for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. 


We’ve made a list for you. Ensure you have your checklist and tick off your essentials, especially if you are dealing with infertility. 


Schedule a preconception visit: This may sound unnecessary, but if you’re planning a conception whilst dealing with infertility, you need expert counsel. A preconception visit allows your physician to conduct a test and places you on a personalised routine to fast-track your conception. Do not take anything for granted. Be comfortable with your physician and relay your concerns. 


Consider genetic carrier screening: A genetic carrier test reveals gene variations and defects that may pose a risk to your fetus upon conception. This test also reveals genetic and chromosomal abnormalities that don’t manifest as symptoms.


Take folic acid: Folic acid is also known as the pregnancy super vitamin. Taking folic acid supplements two to three months before conception is important. It helps prevent fetal diseases and prevents bacteria from building up in your reproductive pathway. 


Give up binge drinking, smoking, and drugs: When planning your conception, stop drinking alcohol, smoking, and other hard drugs. They cause a lot of abnormalities in the fetus during and after pregnancy.


Stock your fridge with healthy foods: Eating healthy is important when trying to conceive. Your body needs healthy fats and calories to help boost reproductive performance.


Aim for a healthy weight: Your weight can influence your conception journey. If you’re obese or overweight, reduce a few pounds to prevent complications. Some of the possible complications may include; preeclampsia, heart attacks, blood clot, etc. 


Pay attention to the fish you eat: The omega-3 found in fish is great for preparing your body for conception. Some fish contain mercury which is dangerous to your health. You can eat catfish, tilapia, crabs, etc. If you don't like fish, you can try oral supplements. 


Create and follow an exercise program: Start exercising because when you get pregnant, you follow your routine pre-pregnancy. 


Chart your ovulation: This is the king determinant factor here. Documenting your ovulation lets you know when to have sexual intercourse amidst your fertile window. It reveals actual days when you're most fertile, and conception is more likely to occur. 


Dispose of your birth control: If you want to get pregnant, dispose of your birth control pills at least three months before you start trying to conceive. It helps to reduce withdrawal side effects. 


Trying to get pregnant isn't as easy for everyone. Ensure you're in top shape when trying to get pregnant. If you're dealing with infertility, take extra care to prep yourself and never miss doctor appointments. 


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