How Much Do You Know About AJI-NO-MOTO®?




Did you know the AJINOMOTO GROUP began in 1908, following the adventurous research by a Japanese scientist Dr. Kikunae Ikeda? 


He discovered that glutamate is the ideal substance for a seasoning, and in 1909, the world’s first UMAMI Seasoning AJI-NO-MOTO® monosodium glutamate was launched. 


AJI-NO-MOTO® gives more deliciousness to our meals. It helps reduce salt intake without compromising the palatability of the meal. Since its founding, the Ajinomoto Group has been consistently engaging in initiatives to resolve social issues through its business.



Our Promise

The Ajinomoto Group will contribute to the well-being of all human beings, our society and our planet with “AminoScience.” This is our promise to our customers. Our application of the power of amino acids will focus primarily on our work to create delicious meals, promote growth, development and recovery, and support physical health.


With the need to continue to delight and improve the nutritional and good eating habits of Nigerians, Ajinomoto Foods Nigeria Limited (AFN) developed the MaDish® 2 in 1 Flavour Seasoning Brands.


MaDish® brand is a powdery seasoning that gives 2 benefits in one sachet. It provides a rich flavour, pleasant taste, aroma, and attractive beautiful colour to stew, jollof rice, fried rice, porridges and other menus.



MaDish® Curry & Chicken Flavour


*Gives your meal that rich yellow curry colour 

* Strong curry as chicken flavour to fried rice as other meals.



MaDish® Tomato & Beef Flavour


*Rich, attractive red colour 

*Strong beef and tomato flavour to your jollof rice and stew.





AFN’s commitment to helping to enhance Nigeria’s native nutritional condiments and saving cooking time led to the introduction of DeliDawa™. 


DeliDawa™ is fermented locust beans powdery seasoning and an innovation on the local Daddawa. A few amazing benefits;


  • A powdery seasoning made from fermented locust beans
  • A seasoning for soups, stew, native jollof rice and porridge dishes.
  • DeliDawa™ has more native flavour and taste than local Daddawa.
  • No pungent smell. It has a rich native aroma as it is sealed, so there are no worries about the smell.
  • It is produced in a very hygienic environment 
  • It has no inconvenience of grinding; it is already in powdery form.


By improving economic value through the creation of shared value with society and local communities, these initiatives have contributed to the group’s growth. 


These kinds of initiatives have been named ASV (Ajinomoto Group Creating Shared Value). We have positioned ASV at the core of the Group’s corporate philosophy.


We will achieve “Eat Well, Live Well.” by going beyond resolving food and health issues and contributing to the well-being of all human beings, our society and our planet with “AminoScience.”


What are you still waiting for to join the AJINOMOTO Group by enjoying delicious, health conscious and nutritional seasonings?



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Factory: 37, Creek Road, Apapa, Lagos.

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