How Much Does An Abdominal Scan Cost in Nigeria


 An abdominal ultrasound is an imaging method that uses specific waves at a particular frequency to find and observe a person's interior organs.


For identifying abdominal anomalies and screening the fetus in pregnant women, abdomen scans are the recommended and most frequently utilized type of screening.


 In abdominal scans, a transducer used in ultrasonic technology transmits sound waves at frequencies higher than those heard by humans. When a transducer is put on the skin, sound waves travel through the organs and return as an echo, allowing the transducer to capture the reflected wave.


After that, the computer transforms the reflected waves into visuals that can be examined. 


Throughout pregnancy, a doctor will utilize abdominal ultrasonography to see the fetus and assess the baby's growth.


Why is an abdominal scan recommended?


The diagnosis of abdominal pain and the elucidation of various circumstances that could be related to organs and tissues are both accomplished by abdominal scans.


Here are some justifications for getting an abdominal scan:


  1. Your doctor can detect kidney stones or appendicitis in the belly with an abdominal scan.
  3. A doctor can better understand your health by using an abdominal scan to look at your stomach, gallbladder, liver, kidneys, and spleen, among other organs.
  5. An abdominal scan can be performed in the early stages of pregnancy to establish the fetus' age and most likely date of birth and to test for severe genetic disorders (eg. Down syndrome).
  7. It is used later in pregnancy to assess the fetus's growth and development to ensure it progresses healthily. 

Facilities to get an abdominal scan


You must go to a medical center that provides ultrasound services to receive an abdominal scan while pregnant. This might be a hospital, a doctor's office, or a facility for diagnostic imaging.


You also need to have the following facilities in addition to the medical facility:


Private room: To preserve your privacy during the ultrasound scan, you must lie on a comfortable bed or examination table in a private room.


High-Resolution ultrasound device: A high-resolution ultrasound device should be available in the medical center, allowing for accurate and clear images of the fetus and its surroundings.


A sonographer: A healthcare professional with ultrasound scanning training is called a sonographer. They'll carry out the abdomen scan and analyze the findings.


Comfortable clothing: You will need to wear comfortable clothing that is easy to remove, as you may need to expose your abdomen for the scan.


What are the benefits of an abdominal scan during pregnancy?


Abdominal scans during pregnancy are commonly performed to:


Confirm pregnancy: An abdomen scan can confirm pregnancy and gauge the fetus' gestational age.


Monitor fetal development: The scan can be used to keep track of the fetus's size, position, and general health as it develops.


Identify fetal anomalies: Abdominal scans can identify several fetal anomalies, including heart problems, abdominal wall defects, and malformations of the neural tube.


Detect multiple fetuses: Find out how many are inside the uterus with an abdominal scan. This information is crucial for managing multiple pregnancies.


An abdominal scan during pregnancy can offer valuable data for tracking and treating the mother's and fetus's health. A better outcome for both mother and child may result from the ability to identify any possible issues early on.


Cost range in Nigeria to get an abdominal scan


The cost of getting an abdominal scan during pregnancy in Nigeria can vary depending on several factors, such as the location of the medical facility, the type of facility, the experience of the sonographer, and the type of ultrasound scan required.


However, there is an estimated cost range in Nigeria:


  1. Public hospitals: Abdominal scans in public hospitals in Nigeria are generally more affordable and can range from ₦5,000 to ₦20,000.
  1. Private hospitals: Abdominal scans in private hospitals are more expensive and can range from ₦10,000 to ₦40,000.

 It is important to remember that extra tests or procedures can require extra charges. Before booking the treatment, verifying the price of the abdominal scan with the hospital or diagnostic facility is advised.


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