How To Get An Emergency Travel Certificate For Your Nigerian Baby

 Certain situations are inevitable when traveling to and fro Nigeria. When travelling with a baby, you must ensure all necessary documents are intact to prevent hindrances en route.



In case of stolen or missing passports abroad, you may need an immediate travel certificate for your baby. This is applicable if you’re outside Nigeria. In most cases, this document is essential if you and your baby want to travel to Nigeria urgently and do not have your passports. 



This article outlines the steps and requirements for acquiring an emergency travel for a Nigerian baby abroad. 



What is an emergency travel certificate?

An emergency travel certificate is a paper-based travel certificate issued to Nigerians abroad who do not have the necessary travel certificate to travel back to Nigeria. An example is a case of a stolen or missing passport.



This is only applicable to Nigerians who do not have the original Nigerian passport due to unforeseen circumstances or have overstayed their time in the country. 



An emergency travel certificate lets you immediately travel to Nigeria on a one-way route. Afterward, Nigerian immigration will collect this emergency travel certificate at the point of entry.



However, the Ministry of Interior in 2021 introduced a new document for emergency cases called the Nigerian Temporary Passport.



What is the Nigerian Temporary Passport (NTP)?

The Nigerian Temporary Passport is an improved version of an emergency travel certificate. This 4-page e-passport has the same features as the standard Nigerian passport. The only difference is that it only serves as a one-way journey back to Nigeria.



This e-passport cannot be used to travel abroad. The blue NTP is not a replacement for the official Nigerian passport and becomes invalid immediately after you arrive in Nigeria.



Can I get an emergency travel certificate for my 9-month-old baby?

Minors less than 18 years old can access this travel document, and they must meet certain criteria. These include:


  • One passport photograph. 
  • A copy of the child’s birth certificate. 
  • Copy of travel plan/itinerary.
  • Copy of Nigerian parent's passport data page.
  • Letter of consent from both parents addressed to the Nigerian Consulate General of the host country. The signature and names should match the ones on the Nigerian passport and childbirth certificate, respectively.
  • Payment. 
  • Self-address a next-day delivery return envelope with the appropriate stamp.



*In cases where only the mother’s name is on the birth certificate, she must present an affidavit to the court of full custody of the child.* 


After meeting the criteria above, follow these application steps;


  • Email the embassy of the country.
  • Wait for a response and file a police report in case of a stolen passport. 
  • Book your appointment.
  • Submit these documents at your appointment.
  • Collect your emergency travel certificate. 
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