Myth or Fact: Eating Yam During Pregnancy Guarantees a Male Child?


The tuber crop, known as yam, is widely grown throughout Nigeria and is the subject of several urban legends. Folktales or stories from generation to generation may be to blame for this. 


One of these misconceptions is the notion that consuming yam while pregnant will ensure the birth of a boy. How accurate is this claim?


The health benefits of yam for a pregnant woman, whether yam may guarantee a male child, and how to eat yam are all covered in this article.


What is Yam and Its Benefits? 


Yam is a crop that has been used for many years to heal various ailments. Dioscorea is its scientific name, and it’s also known as Indian Gooseberry. It can be found in areas that are in and close to Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean.


For many years, it has been used as a medicinal herb, and research has shown that it successfully treats many illnesses, including cancer, diabetes, and heart conditions.


Recently, it has also been used as an aphrodisiac due to its high level of antioxidants which help improve the sexual health of men and women alike. This herb also contains high levels of vitamins A and C, suitable for your heart health!


Yam contains high levels of calcium, which helps in building strong bones during pregnancy so that you don't have any problems later on down the line when your baby comes along later.


It also contains many other vitamins like B6, which helps keep your nervous system healthy, so you don't develop any anxiety issues.


Yam contains several nutritional components that benefit a healthy child's growth and development.


In addition to their many health benefits, yams are also known to improve brain function. They contain the compound diosgenin, which is fantastic for memory and brain function and makes them a great food choice for memory enhancement.


Yams include starch, which helps to increase digestive enzymes and break down food more thoroughly. Therefore, it has also been used to promote digestive health.


Yams are also a great addition for people who wish to reduce their cholesterol levels. 


Different Methods of Preparing Yam


You can prepare yam in a variety of ways;


-You can choose to eat your yams baked. You might call them baked yams. These are ideal for those who like a crunchy texture without using oil to fry them.


They might also be made into fried yams. That is, deep-fried in a frying pan with heated oil. You are welcome to eat it with pepper sauce on the side.


-Yams could also be boiled and served alongside scrambled eggs, sauce, or a hearty bowl of stew.


-Yams can be used to make porridge. In some parts of Nigeria, yams prepared in this manner are a staple food. The yam is boiled with oil, spices, and various assortments to prepare porridge.


-You might choose to also make mashed yams or yam chips.


-You can eat yam with any soup you choose when made as pounded yams.


Whatever method you choose to cook yams in is entirely up to you!


In any case, yam is crucial to consume while pregnant as it is a fantastic source of dietary fiber, vitamins, and energy.


Yams contain zinc, copper, and iron, lowering the risk of anemia in a fetus during pregnancy.


Wild yams are considered dangerous, and it's crucial to avoid them when eating them. Stick to yams you are familiar with or used to eating, and avoid yams in the wild.


Does Eating Yam Guarantee You a Male Child?


As mentioned, yams provide several advantages for pregnant and non-pregnant women. Contrary to common perception, however, there are no scientific justifications for the myth that suggests eating yams may increase the likelihood of having a boy child.


Do you recall hearing this legend? Tell your loved ones about this content! Let’s get your thought in the comment section. 

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