My baby of one month her stool is watery, it looks like melon, what could be the cause? She’s on exclusive breastfeeding
Are the stools watery? As i have noticed most mums treat normal stools as diarrhoea. Especially in a 5mth old who should presumably be on exclusive breastfeeding. The stools should be normal semi-formed stools and remember you are the ones telling doctors diarrhoea as the doctor may not actually see the stools. 4/5 times per day is not an issue if the stools are normal....Most EBF babies stool actually look like egusi soup
If the child does not seems ok Take her to the hospital. Continue ORS for now
Semi-formed stools in breastfed babies are not diarrhoea or stooling. Exclusive breastfeeding expected at this age protects against diarrhoea