I want to wean my baby of 1yrs+,please what are the procedure (FTM).
You have to be very patient with your baby. The first thing to do is to introduce varieties, doing this you'll find out the ones she consumes more and try to fortify it..... Secondly, do not wait till she's hungry before you feed her....4hourly is fine and then give her fruits.....you can continue to complement with breastmilk.... Breast engorgement is the development of hard, swollen, painful breasts from too much breast milk. Engorged breasts can become extremely large, tight, lumpy, and tender. The swelling may go all the way up into your armpit, and the veins on the surface of your breasts may become more visible or even stick out. Use cold compresses for 10 minutes after feedings to reduce swelling. Gently massage and compress the breast when the baby pauses between sucks. This may help drain the breast, leaving less milk behind. Ask your health care professional about medications such as ibuprofen to reduce pain and inflammation.All the best
Patience is the key. You may have to offer your child a new food 10 or 15 times before he will eat it.Don’t force your baby or toddler to eat. This often results in children refusing the food and eating less. Don’t give up on new foods!
The best time to wean a baby is when the baby is 2 years or 18 months