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I noticed my baby of 5months has been stooling frequently as she began to bring out tooth. Since u always advise that there is no...
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If the baby is exclusively breastfed, there is no need to worry. Kindly pay attention to your own diet and avoid herbal remedies or drugs that are not prescribed by the doctors which may pass via the breast milk to affect the baby. Avoid heavy spicy or flavoured foods as well as some also affect the baby when passed via the breast milk to the baby! If MUCUS persists in the stools kindly see a Paediatrician for thorough evaluation and management
My baby is 11 weeks old. He has been passing watery stool which is dark yellow. Almost like green.he can change like 7 to 8 diaper...He has also started vomiting sometimes after a feed. He used to be on formula when he was admitted at the hospital but has been di...
Babies on EBF can poo several times daily and sometimes not poo for days. Stool with Semi formed solids like melon is normal for EBF babies as long as the stools is not watery. That is does not sink into the diaper like urine. Then it's normal

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