please, can millet, yellow corn and dawa ( Dawah) be mixed together for a six-month-old baby? Thanks
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You can introduce each separately but ensure that the pap itself is fortified with protein e.g blended crayfish, milk etc and fats/oils e.g a teaspoon of palm oil cooked with the pap before giving to the baby. It's more important than the particular type of cereal used in making the pap. So whether white or brown or yellow ogi, they are all good but must be fortified to give balanced and adequate diet
@Aribaba11396, why should yellow corn be the smallest measure? I make guinea corn and yellow corn equal while millet half of the guinea corn.
Yes u can mixed them together but millet is also dawa.. u will mixed guinea corn,yellow corn and millet (dawa) but let guinea corn be much more than the rest and yellow corn should be the smallest measure..