Slaying as a Pregnant Mom in Nigeria.
In time past, people see being pregnant as a time you couldn't be your best and enjoy your life. We were made to believe that since you have baby bumps, you can't dress well and smart and you can't also work or do other things women do.
Now, that is a facade!
Being pregnant is not a limitation to living your best life! You can be pregnant and dress well. You don't have to wear baggy maternity dresses all the time.
In actual fact, you can be all that you want to be, living life and staying happy as a pregnant mom.  I'd be talking about 5 things you  need to know as a pregnant mom;
1. First, you need to understand and accept your body's changes and love them. Then you can look into clothes that fit you and is comfortable for you yet stylish. There are several dresses that suites you as a pregnant mom.
You need to know what works best for you and you'll be fine. Your hair can be neatly made or packed. You can also wear wigs if you don't have the luxury of time sitting in a salon.
As a pregnant mom, comfort is the best thing to look out for even while trying to be fashion-centric.
2. You can still be that career person, getting gigs, creating content, getting referrals, and making your money. Do not let people talk you out of jobs and opportunities because of your status.
Unless otherwise stated by your doctor that you won't be able to do much because of the condition of your pregnancy, then you should not reject jobs. Tell people you are the best person for the job!
But still, there should be a balance and you should take your rest time seriously.
3. Do research on the type of exercises pregnant moms can take to remain fit and healthy. You need to be active so that your baby can also benefit from your activeness. Take a lot of water and eat a lot of fruit, it's good for your health.
4. Be happy about your new self and stay always motivated. Sometimes because of the changes in your body, your moods may be affected. This is where you need to learn self-acceptance and love so as to enjoy every part of the journey.
Grab a gratitude journal and write out at least three things you are thankful for in a day. Write to your baby, speak to your baby in the womb. Tell of how you can't wait to meet him/her. Stay positive always and be thankful for your processes.
5. Take your mental health seriously if you want to slay as a pregnant mom. You have to protect and guide your mental state of health, making sure that you are in the best frame of mind at all times.
Do not embrace fear or anxiety and also do not compare yourself to other pregnant moms. You all have different bodies and different pregnancy journeys. Be careful about what you hear and watch also.
With all these systems in place, as a pregnant mom, you'll slay in fashion, health, career, and in all other areas. Do not buy the lie that your life has to be on hold for the period of pregnancy.
And that until your baby is born you will not be able to do a lot of things.
And who says, you cant also slay after pregnancy? A lot of women fall into postpartum depression when they can no longer understand how their body works. Some are worried about their weight, some are concerned about one body change or the other.
The good news is you can always get back in shape after delivery. You just have to do the necessary things and be intentional about keeping your body fit. 
There is a balance to this. Take plenty of time to rest and don't do strenuous things that can affect your health and the baby.
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