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Please at what age do we stop using cap for babies head?
There is no rule for all when it comes to covering baby. It is advisable to dress baby according to weather irrespective of their age.
Body differs, some babies have massive hair on their heads while some have scanty hair.
So cover only when there is need and according to the weather.
I want to ask if squint in child of 2 years can be corrected or not, if it can be corrected at what age should such child be taken...
Squinting can be corrected. The earlier the better. Kindly see an Opthamalogist urgently to review your child for proper diagnosis and treatment. Please treat as urgent.
My son has this gap at the back of his head, what can I do abt it?
A picture would have given us an idea of what you are talking about. But better still let a paediatrician have a physical assessment and possibly proffer a solution. It's also important you state your child's age when asking questions so that a befitting answer can be provided.
How can someone know if a baby of 3 weeks have jundice? What are the possible effects of jundice?And how can it be cured?
This is very important especially for those of you who deliver your newborns in hospitals without Paediatricians and doctors who specifically check out the baby before discharge. It is also important if you are discharged from the hospital before 48 – 72 hours of your baby’s life. This is because most jaundice develop after the 2 -3 days of life and most new mums don’t know HOW to detect Jaundice. Experienced Mums and Grandmas are better at it but they also miss it at times
Please can saline drop be used for a 3 months old?
Yes, you can. I hope your baby's nose is truly blocked with catarrh.
Please do not SELF MEDICATE.
I noticed that the palms feet of my daughter of 4 years 9 months old is peeling off. Is there anything to worry about there?
It's nothing to worry about especially if their are no other symptoms. Children often have old skin removed to be replaced by new ones and this may be the cause of the peeling especially if the skin is also dry.
Ensure you keep palms and feet moisturized. If it doesn't get any better please see a dermatologist.
Please my baby of 1 year old is having cold sore in her mouth she can not eat nor drink, please what can i use?
We do not prescribe drugs online. Kindly take your baby to the hospital for a review and proper management.
My baby of a year plus is always having eye discharge ,have given medication and apply eye drop it cleared and resurfaced again, p...
The eye is a very important part of the body. Please take your baby to the hospital for evaluation by a Paediatric Opthalmologist.
I put to bed 3weeks ago. But I have this thing called inverted nipples which has made it difficult for my baby to suck. Making me...
Regarding not being able to express enough milk, first you have to be calm and very patient, eat healthy and well, take lots of fluids and keep putting the baby to breast as lactating is a demand and supply process. The more your baby sucks the more the brain signals for more production.
I have a baby of 3months, is it proper to use hot water to shapen a baby's head?
NO please. It is not necessary and has no scientific basis.
Please can a 9-year old use Nosclav 375 Tablets?
We do not encourage self medication. If your child is sick please see a pediatrician.
My son of 5months old stool is greenish in colour. Please what's the cause and treatment?
Greenish stools suggest inadequate feeding , starvation stools or may also be a reflection of some pigments in your own food or drug intake.
Please for some days now my boy is having cough and catarrh what can I give to him to free him completely from this?
It is important to note that most cough and catarrh both in children and adults are caused by viruses which will run their course with or without any medication.

Have you considered why your child is having the catarrh, cough or cold?
These are some of the questions you should ask;
1.Anyone with cough and catarrh around baby?

2.Are you keeping your child warm or exposing to cold with frequent baths or cold baths or direct fan or too cold ac in the room?

3.Are you exposing your child to smoke - kitchen, cigarette, firewood, palm oil frying etc?
4.Do you have cattarh or cough yourself?

5. Is your child in school?

6.Is your child well-immunized at age

If after considering the tips above and the cold persists or should your baby develop difficulty in breathing or fast breathing. Kindly take him to the hospital for evaluation.
My baby is less than 2 months old and he snores a lot, please is it normal?
Their are many reasons why a child can snore. It could be from normal falling of the tongue backwards which is blocking airway or enlarged tonsil and adenoids. You will need to see a doctor to figure out which is which and the right solution'.
Please at what age can one stop sterilizing baby's feeding things? My baby is 1 year and 7weeks old
You can stop sterilization if you are using the regular plates,cups and spoon just wash well and allow to dry. But if you are using bottles or those sippy cups with difficult to wash tips, you should sterilize them.
I have a 21 months baby who have been diagnosed with down syndrome he has not started walking yet, is there any possibility for hi...
All hope is not lost all you need is patience and love. The care of Down syndrome is just like any other child except that they may have medical complications as will which will require the doctors interventions. Kindly make sure that your child is being followed by a Paediatrician preferably in any of the Teaching Hospitals closest to you.
At what age do you stop feeding a child every three hours?
From birth to six months, breastfeeding should be on demand or at least every 3 hours.
My daughter of 1 year 10months old poo after every 2 hours. Is it normal? Her weight is 14kg
The weight is fine. Just do not worry.
I will advise that you give worm medicine if you haven't done that of recent, a tablet of Albendazol.
I would like to know if it's good to drink lemon water while breastfeeding?
The use of lemon while breastfeeding is not advisable. It can make babies fussy.
My baby of 10 month is not eating anything, he only takes breastmilk. What should i do?
Breastmilk alone is not enough for your baby at this age. Keep offering variety of complementary food and feed him patiently by yourself. Feeding children you need a good dose of patience.