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Good morning mummy's and daddy's, its really been a while, please help me o, my baby is 1year 9month and my breast is still bringi...
My baby is one year, one week and some days old. He's on antibiotics prescribed by a doctor, can I deworm him or i should wait aft...
Dr Aina Johnson


Yes you can give him while he is still on antibiotics. Most times, there is no contraindication or interactions. YES let him take the worms expellers....You do NOT need to Stop the antibiotics....We do give both together - worm expellers and antibiotics often
What are other infant cereals alternatives apart from cerelac?please help me with the ones you know.
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Any age appropriate cereal is fine depending on your purse(you can check stores). We haven't been paid to advertise any brand. Strictly a choice thing. Also ensure you establish complimentary feeding.
What kind of food should I start giving my six months old baby?
• 6 months – Start with thick porridge (pap), soft, pureed and well mashed foods. • 7 to 8 months – Mashed and semi-solid foods. • 9 to 11 months – can eat fork-mashed foods, finely chopped/diced foods that baby can pick up. • 12 to 24 months – family foods; either chopped or mashed if necessary."
My 11 month old baby atimes sweat on his palm and feet. You will think little water poured and afterwards it dried off. Do I need...
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How often? All the time or once in a while? If all the time kindly see a doctor for further evaluation
Is it advisable to use a hand fan on a 15 weeks old baby?
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You can hand fan, use electric fan or even air conditioner for the child. There is nothing wrong with using the Fan or AC as long as the fan is not blowing directly on the baby. Meanwhile, try and keep the baby warm and continue exclusive breastfeeding....No need for twice or thrice daily baths....dress baby comfortably according to the weather....Open the windows and let the room be well-aerated. There is no need to over cover the baby and keep in a stuffy room in hot season like we are having right now
My baby is six months plus, can he take Golden morn?
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No, your baby can't take golden morn. It's not an infant cereal and should not be given to children less than 3 years. It is also a complex cereal that may not be well tolerated by infants.
My 3 months old baby sweats and if we allow little breeze on him he will start sneezing. When can he start taking a breeze and als...
The case of excessive sweat (Hyperhidrosis) is not so common but it does exist. For your child it could be due to the weather. It's hot everywhere
My son is 3 months old he is on EBF, he can go up to a week without pooping is it normal? One other thing, I want to express but I...
Kindly note that Your lactation depends on your state of mind and nutritional status. Ensure you feed on balanced meals especially fluids and breast feed on demand. You should also know that the more your baby sucks the more your brain signals for more production of breastmilk.
Good evening, please, my sis went for clinic and she was told that she has fibroids and she is 4 month pregnant. Hope all is well...
Most women will experience no effects from fibroids during their pregnancy. However, 10 to 30 per cent of women with fibroids develop complications during pregnancy. So you have to make sure you get expert advice from your doctor
Please i need ur urgent response to this please......mothers, doctors, paediatricians please help.......i gave birth to my 2nd chi...
Somebody help! Mother's help! Gynea help! Doctor help!.Last period was 10th of July up til now no sign, all test done was nega...
Dr. Dara Abiodun

Medical Doctor

You shouldn't worry too much yet. They are other factors like stress, drugs, food and environmental factors that might be responsible. Was the pregnancy test via blood test or stripe?
Whao.'s been so very long I came in here.....hello mothers, doctors and pediatricians.....may God bless us all...may we nev...
Pls which drug can 1 year old use for deworming
What foods cause colic in breastfed babies so that I can avoid them?
Babies may begin to eat Cherries from about 8 months of age or sooner with the ok of your paediatrician. Cherries are not highly allergenic however cherries do contain pits and a rather thick skin. Citrus fruits can lead to an upset stomach in babies and might also cause a rash. Common fruits to watch out for include oranges, grapefruit, lemons, limes and tangerines. A similar effect is ascribed to kiwis, strawberries, cherries and prunes. The last two can also have a laxative effect on the baby
Help, My wife isn't producing as much milk as she would like. Any Ideas for increasing production?She gave last week. We've run out of ideas
Good evening allMy nipple is scaling off and I'm breastfeeding an almost 1yr old baby. He has mouth thrush n I believe that it...
One of the primary reasons for nipple peeling caused by breastfeeding is simply that the skin of your nipples is very sensitive. They're not used to the level of abrasion and stimulation that occurs when breastfeedin
My cycle has always been irregular. From 37 38 or 35 but surprisingly it dropped to 29 this month. I want to use ovulation predict...
Good morning Mom and doctors. I discovered that my baby of a year plus has mouth odour because I stopped watching his mouth for so...
Let her/him eat enough finger brush and recommended toothpaste for that age.....and wash the mouth morning and night expecially the tongue....don't relent, just endure d bite for a while.
Good day all. Please which beverages is best for a year old?