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My baby two to three days before he poopMy baby take two to three days before he poop he always push hard even after pushing hard it will not still come out and the poop...
My baby of six months is having persistent cough and catarrh, I’ve taken her to hospital but still no changes
Sometimes cough and catarrh may be viral and would need to run its course and then resolve on its own.. Keep the baby warm, try to find out what triggers the cough like perfume, smoke, etc and avoid such.. If it persists and other symptoms are found, you will need to return to the hospital.
Can a baby of 9months start taking complan milk?
please give only age appropriate milk
There are a few reasons why bleeding can occur in a child's mouth at this age, it could simply be a new tooth growing (erupting) or it could be inflammation of the gum (this can happen if his teeth are not brushed daily) or it could be a herpes simplex virus infection among other things. My recommendation is take him to see a dentist or paediatric dentist so they can give you the exact diagnosis. On a final note to everyone who's reading this, if you noticed you or your child bleeding from any other part of your body, say your eyes for example without any prior injury, you wouldn't ignore it. Please do not ignore bleeding from yours or your child's mouth or gums, it is NOT NORMAL and can have serious consequences. Blood by design, is supposed to stay inside the body, when we see it outside for no apparent reason we should be concerned and find out why.
What’s wbc in children? I was told it's high in my baby's body.
WBC means White Blood Cells. Increase in white blood cells may suggest an infection or even cancer of the blood if excessively high. The doctors know how to interpret the results alongside the Clinical condition of the child. Kindly avoid self-interpretation of the Laboratory tests... Always see your doctor. Results are not interpreted in isolation but with the Clinical presentation.
Please last night my daughter who is 1 year+10 months old took my fesolate and vitamin c which is about 15 pieces and she chewed t...
The best thing to do in this scenario is to go to the hospital for the doctors to observe the child. If the amount ingested is small and there are no complications, the doctors will just observe but if their are issues, they will treat symptomatically.
Elimination of the poison or product ingested can only be done in CASES WHERE THE PATIENT PRESENT TO THE HOSPITAL WITHIN FIRST ONE HOUR, hence the need to avoid waiting time but go to the hospital immediately.
My baby of two weeks umbilical cord has not fallen. Please any solution?
Clean with methylated spirit. Some babies cord take some time to fall and it may take up to 14 - 21 days in some cases. But if still worried or their is sign of infection, kindly see a doctor for further evaluation and treatment.
What kind of anti dandruff shampoo is suitable for six moths old baby?
You can use any age appropriate shampoo for her. Make sure to emphasise on baby shampoo.
Please I want to know if I can give my baby of one month honey and lime water? She's having cough and catarrh.
Babies with cough and cattarh. Exclusive breastfeeding and keeping baby warm. Avoidance of smoke and people with cough and cattarh are what to do. No need for medications. If child should develop breathing difficulties kindly take to see a Paediatrician . DO NOT GIVE HONEY AND LIME WATER PLEASE
Pls do I need to give baby paracetamol immediately after 9months immunization?
Kindly note that administering paracetamol after an immunization shot has to do with reducing fever associated with some vaccines side effects especially the PENTA or DPT but we don't have to take paracetamol for every immunization but then many don't know which is why especially at our health centres their practice of giving paracetamol at all immunizations, not necessary. Observe baby, if she develops fever above 37.5, give paracetamol.
Please how long should the cord last for a new born and is it advisable to do circumcision with an unfallen cord?
Some babies cord take some time to fall, it may take up to 14 - 21 days in some cases, you need to be cleaning with methylated spirit every three to four hours every day ,if still worried or there is sign of infection, kindly see a doctor for further evaluation and treatment .

Unfallen cord has nothing to do with circumcision take your baby to be circumcised
At what point do you need to see a pediatrician when a child is experiencing rectal prolapse? My daughter is 5years old and it has...
Rectal prolapse happens as a result of weakness of the pelvic supporting muscles (muscles around the rectum) or loose attachment of the outer layer of the rectum to its inner muscular layer. Malnutrition or dehydration can contribute to the looseness in the rectal wall and the prolapse may improve with time when these issues are resolved.

Straining while stooling or prolonged sitting on the toilet while stooling either due to constipation or diarrhea respectively can also lead to rectal prolapse (these tend to weaken the pelvic floor muscles). Treating diarrhea and constipation is important. Use of stool softness and a change in stooling habits (not straining) should help.

A rectal prolapse may be partial or full thickness, so a paediatric surgeon should see the child, examine and prescribe the specific approach to treatment. While the child awaits review by the specialist, pushing the prolapse back into the anus (if it does not return on its own) should be gently done by the mum or dad. If it remains outside (cannot be pushed in) the child should be taken to the hospital as a matter of urgency.

Surgery may be required for rectal prolapse if it does not respond to regular treatment or if it gets complicated (remains outside, gets swollen.. etc).
Please how is canker sore on tongue treated?
Clean the mouth with cotton wool in mild antiseptics like TCP and you can apply bonjela cream for soothing effects as first aid on your way to the hospital for proper diagnosis and treatment
Is soya beans milk good for children less than a year?
Yes soya bean milk is good for children below 1 year and should be introduced after 6 months. Also ensure it's prepared appropriately.
Please I would like to know if oiling the anterior fontanelle is necessary in a newborn. In addition is using cap on the baby's he...
You don't need to apply oil several times a day. Just use a little after shampoo to prevent the scalp getting dry. Not the religious ones of always keeping oil on the fontanelle. Wearing cap is highly unnecessary most especially in a hot weather. Just ensure you always dress your baby according to the weather.Those living in cold temperate regions can wear caps more.
Please help me out my baby's urine really use to smell alot, please can use for him?
Stale urine should naturally smell. It depends on the Type of smell. There is nothing wrong with the urine smelling except it is a specific kind of smell that may suggest a disease. Sometimes the smell is a reflection of the child's intake. For example children on antibiotics may have the urine taking on the smell of the particular antibiotics the child is taking. If you think the smell is so bad you may take her to see a paediatrician
My six months old baby always cry when pooing and strains his anus to do this. The poo comes out hard and the anus cracks. This st...
Kindly give more water, fruits and vegetables and also more of natural foods.

If still no improvement, kindly take the child to see a paediatrician preferably a gastroenterologist paediatrician in a teaching hospital for further evaluation and management.
My 3months old baby has hernia, i want to know the cause and how it can be cured?
Ensure the diagnosis was made by a doctor if not see one for an appropriate evaluation
Long periodMy period came 4th of January 2022 and I had sex with my hubby today. I saw blood. What could be the cause?
There are a number of reasons why you could see blood after sex.
- If you weren’t well lubricated during sex
- If there is an infection in the vagina, it can cause an irritation and lead to bleeding.
- there’s also the chance that you’re spotting from your period.
It could be anything, just to be safe.. you can get yourself checked out by your gynecologist. All the best
My baby of 10 months and 3weeks has only 2 teeths is it normal?
Babies start cutting their first set of teeth averagely around age 5 - 7 months. However some babies can be earlier and some are even born with teeth
and rounds up at age 3 with the first set of teeth(milk teeth) which are 20 in number. You only have to worry if your child has not attained this at 3 years.