How can I massage my new born?

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Infant massage is a great way to bond with your baby. Massages may promote better sleeping, relieve colic, and even enhance your infant’s immune system, motor skills, and intellectual development. Here are some tips and techniques to help you along.

Items you need

  • Blanket or Towel
  • Massage oil

How to Massage your Toddler

Use a blanket or towel, and massage oil in a non-breakable container. Test the oil on a small spot of your baby’s skin and wait a day to be sure no irritation appears.¬†Undress your baby and start massaging section by section.


Massage your baby’s abdomen with your fingertips in a circular, clockwise motion.

Head and Face

Cradling your baby’s head in both hands, massage the scalp with your fingertips, as if you’re shampooing. Massage the ears too.


Place both hands on your baby’s chest and stroke outward from her sternum to her shoulders.


With one hand, hold baby’s wrist and stroke down from shoulder to wrist with both hands rotating in opposite directions, as if you were gently wringing a towel.


Place baby on tummy horizontally in front of you. Keep hands in front of and not sides.


Lift legs by the ankle and relax it by lightly tapping the upper thigh.

General Tips

Make strokes gentle but firm, and not ticklish.
Build massage into your baby’s daily schedule.
Follow baby’s signals about when to stop. A massage can last 10 minutes or 30 minutes, depending on her moods.

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