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Dear doctor, Please, what causes hair loss in babies?
Some babies have this as a result of underlying scalp conditions which must be treated. There is really no reason for the hair loss and it will just grow back on its own. You need to be careful not to use any products that will worsen the hair loss. It is better to see your Paediatrician or Dermatologist first"
Can i give my 8 months baby oats?He doesn't want to take any other things except breast milk and it's very frustrating
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Yes you can give your 8 months baby oats.
What is the remedies for K leg in a four years old child?
Dr. Dara Abiodun

Medical Doctor

There are a number of different causes of knock knee (genu valgus deformity) . One cause is physiological which means its a normal extreme variant which usually will correct as the child grows older usually seen from ages 2 to 5. This usually is symmetrical ( both sides affected and similar in curvature) it's not usually an extreme amount of bend. It tends to run in families also. Another common cause is rickets which results from bone weakness from calcium metabolism disorder. Other less common causes include bone growth disorders and injury and infections to growth areas of the bone. The treatment is directed to cause, physiological k leg deformity requires no real treatment, but monitoring, as it will resolve. The other causes have their own treatment criteria. In summary, knock knees can be a normal variant or from bone abnormalities. It is advisable to see a doctor who can recognise the specific cause and treat appropriately.
How and where can I get a Mantoux test done?
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Mantoux test is carried out to confirm whether the child has taken the BCG immunisations or not. Kindly visit any General hospital, Teaching hospital or any standard hospital near you to have the test done.
What's the remedy or treatment for Ella in babies (sorry Ella is the Yoruba name, I don't know the English name o)
Kola Yetunde

Mother of 2 boys, Expecting

You should see a paediatrician for an accurate diagnosis and treatment. Do not self-medicate.
Can my baby of a year and ten months take zobo that has garlic in it? Secondly, she has this yellowish thick mucus coming from her...
Not sure if Zobo contains anything in it that can affect the baby. Try and see. If you observed anything unusual stop immediately. Better to take more of water.
Is it okay to give my baby of 10 months beverages like Milo? I noticed he likes it when he first tasted it.
Please do not give milo to baby until at least a year.
What could be the cause of 2 years child in term had convulsion 3times? And is there any injection for such?
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Treatment or management of Convulsions is best done by a neurologist. You need to take the child to the hospital immediately after recovering from the convulsion for thorough examination and treatment. When you notice any form of Convulsion. The first thing to do is to bring your child's temperature down are by undressing your child so that they are just wearing a single layer (for example a singlet and pants). Also, make sure the room is not too hot or too cold. You can also administer paracetamol Ensure the child is treated early depending on the cause of the fever.
Please moms my baby of 3weeks has oka, please what can I use have tried silver bird oil but is still there..FTM
The soft hole or part of your baby's head which many think is abnormality is A NORMAL PART of the baby’s head. It is called the Anterior Fontanelle (AF). You can browse about it on google. Every baby has it. So it is not “OKA” or any other thing….It is a normal part of the baby’s head. Don't use anything for it. If your baby is having any other symptoms, you need to see your doctor.
Gud afternoon mums and docs in the house, pls help me cos I'm in sad mood and I'm even crying as I'm typing this. I went to hospit...
Diclofenac is a pain reliever basically. If you do a pregnancy test, it's most likely the result still shows even though if it's a miscarriage. Did the doctor tell you that your miscarriage?
Pls what could hv bitten my baby, I noticed it did morning, it was not der yesterday, and how do I treat it
You can try baby Tribotan or Cacatin, if it doesn't improve. Try to see your doctor.
Rashes due to diapersMy baby has rashes due to diapers pls what can I use for her she cries a lot ........Help a concern mum
Baby Tribotan and Cacatin work perfectly for my baby. You should try it
I need an advice. I keep having this feeling of being pregnantGood afternoon Dr. I keep having this feeling of being pregnant. I was feeling a vibrating sensation in my lower abdomen and I hav...
Just be patient and let God take charge. Since its just two weeks after you saw your period. Let's see till your next period if you miss it. Cause even if you are pregnant its too early to detect.
Hello house, pls my baby is 11months old and she doesn't crawl yet. Pls what do I do ?
Different mothers have different developmental growth milestone. Don't worry, your baby will be fine :)
My period hvnt return after given birth, how wil I knw my free period to avoid pregnant cos use of condom tried my husband
Since ur period hasn't returned, theres no way to track ur safe and unsafe periods. Go for a suitable family planning. Although lactational amenorrhoea is a natural firm of family planning but it has its failure rates too. Some women get pregnant even without seeing their period while breastfeeding. That's why it is advised to go for family planning 6 weeks post delivery. Visit any govt hospital in ur area. All d best!
How much does it cost to check baby's sex at echo scan abuja. Thanks
It depends on the diagnostic centre. It is about 4000 on average.
How many month is 28weeks
My baby of one year and three months is having running noise and cough, pls can I give her proton syrup , or any information, beca...
Please take your baby to the hospital.
I want to start given my baby of 3months plus pap, she is not gaining weight on exclusive breast feeding advice please moms and do...
Thats means you have not not been feeding ur baby adequately. A baby should be fed every 2 hours max 3 hours and u empty one breast before putting him to d other one. In addition, make sure u are eating healthy meals. Breastmilk is d best for ur baby in d first 6 months of life. After 6 months, u can introduce supplementary food. What's his/her birth weight and whats d weight now? All d best!
Good evening Everyone! Please a quick one here: What should I do regarding this strange looking rash spreading through my son's st...
Please, try Cacatin. You can see to buy in most primary health centres. It works really