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My baby had rashes on her face and neck before I took her to see a doc, was advised to mix white capsule wit baby Vaseline to rub...
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You will need to take your baby to the hospital as skin related issues can only be treated when seen by a dermatologist to ascertain cause and course of treatment.
is it okay to add palm oil directly on matched yam or potato for a 7months old baby?
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Good day ma, advisable it is cooked a little before giving your baby
My girl of 17 months has refuse to walk. Any cause for alarm?
Can your baby crawl? Can she stand while holding something? If she can stand and cruise around by moving around holding things to support, then don't worry as she will soon walk. But if by 18 months
I'm a breastfeeding mum and my baby is 3months old. She has not poo-pooed from Saturday. Does the food I eat have any effect on he...
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Good day ma,please be calm,Babies on exclusive breastfeeding may not pass stools every day even up to two weeks and there is no need to worry as long as the baby is otherwise fine if Eating well, No vomiting and no swollen tummy
Is rotavirus immunization compulsory for all babies, and what are the effects if not taking it?
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Rotavirus vaccine protects against rotavirus which is the leading cause of diarrhoea and vomiting in infants..
My 7 months old daughter has been having a series of cold and cough for some time now. Took her to the hospital and she was given...It's 2 weeks after that and it's back again with full force, she has not been sleeping well because of the cough, blocked nostrils...
Hello ma'am, please note that most cough and catarrh are usually due to viral infection which will normally run their course with or without any medication.
I have a preterm baby of 8 months and for some weeks I observed he's always having seizure/convulsion like 3-4 times a day and ha...
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Please take the child back to the hospital for proper medical care. Most children with medication will stop having the seizures and after two years of no seizures, the medications can be gradually tailed off.
Please I need help. Can a baby be immunized a week to the actual immunization date?e.g a baby will be 9month next week which is th...
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The baby should be immunized when he is 9months as indicated in the immunization card schedule but not before. Let the child go for the immunization the as scheduled
My baby of 6weeks navel has been like this for the past two weeks, what can I do? Pls, help a worried mum.
Just keep it dry and clean with spirit daily until it closes fully! There is no need to worry; it will eventually close on its own...Most likely your baby may end up having umbilical hernia or big navel.
Please, I need help with a drug can I give my 3 years old son that easily got angry and destroy things pls help me is getting out...
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Hello mom, temper tantrum is a prolonged anger reaction in an infant or child, characterised by screaming, kicking, noisy behaviour, or throwing him/her self on the ground to get his/her way from a parent. Some people see it as stubbornness. Temper tantrums needs a psychologist to access not drugs
My two years old daughter just left crèche.She used to take all sorts of meals- swallow included.Since she enrolled for s...She relies or takes food drinks, juice, junks and snacks. Meat, fish and pap lavished with milk are her desires. What's responsib...
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She might be bored with the Amala Try giving her a variety of swallow with different presentation using attractive plates and cutleries. Above all, you will need lots of patience . Persistence is key also.
My baby is six months old, Ebf baby, can I give cereal and milk together e.g Cerelac and Nan
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You can give if the child does not react to it ma,we also encourage giving age appropriate milk
My stomach is small and I'm 8months is it normal
Why do some babies crawl with their bellies rather than their knees, as usual, will they adjust later or continue that way. I am a...
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You have nothing to worry about because it is normal developmental milestone.
My baby will be a month in a few days and he's not pooping for days now, pls, what can I do or give him?
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Do not give anything but breastmilk. Kindly note that EBF baby can stay for 2 weeks without pooing because breast milk is easily absorbed in the body and they need to accumulate the waste before passing it out.
My boy is a year and 3months+. He doesn't eat whenever he sees the spoon and plate he runs and sometimes throws up when eating tho...
You have to be patient
My daughter of 5 years always complain of tiredness is it normal and pls home remedy for ringworm
Ringworm is a fungal infection and requires treatment with antifungal agents both oral and topical.Treatment may need to last up to 6 weeks" please see a doctor for treatment
What could be the cause of odour for a 15 months whose teeth are properly cleaned daily?
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"Bad breath or "Halitosis" in children can occur due to several reasons like poor oral hygiene, mouth breathing, tooth decay, gum disease, infections in the mouth, bacteria on the tongue, dry mouth, tonsil stones, foreign objects in the nose and some medical conditions.
What can l use for a boy of 1 month old that always poo poo like 4 to 5 times daily but not watery one though
Good day ma'am, please let the child be seen by a ENT doctor. The pus will be examined and the appropriate treatment can be given.
My friend baby of 3weeks her ear is bringing out pus what cause it and what can be the remedy. Thanks
Good day ma'am, please let the child be seen by a ENT doctor. The pus will be examined and the appropriate treatment can be given.