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Good evening doctors, nurses, midwives and mummies am 32 weeks pregnant n today after defeacating i wiped n saw blood on the tissu...
My 7 months old son stopped sucking not that he can eat other food well, I have tried forcing him to suck but he keeps bitting me,...
It is advisable you see a paediatrician to review your baby.
pls for three weeks my baby can't poop unless I enemas her with warm water, secondly she normally has dried throat which at times...
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Please stop the hot water process, your baby is fine. Also note that exclusive breast fed babies do not necessarily poo every day and can stay up to 2 weeks without passing stools as long as the stools come out normal when they finally come.
My baby boy clock 10months on Sunday. But his till trying to stand on his legs. But he moves his walker himself with reverse
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Babies walk at different times. Kindly see a Paediatrician only if he is not yet walking by 18months. However I am sure he will walk before then.
Pls, my little brother (5yrs) has dark marks from after-effects of chickenpox on his skin and it's been there for a long time now....
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Please, be patient most spots will clear on their own....You can try Bio oil or shea butter too if it may help
I dewormed my child last week but I didn't see any worm in his poo, does it imply that the drug isn't effective?
It is not compulsory for you to see worms.
Please is it advisable to cut this thing on the throat that is called belu belu? The English meaning of Belu Belu is tonsillitis
The management of adenoids depends on the severity and age of the child
Please my baby will be exactly nine months tomorrow. Is she supposed to take the nine months immunization or she can take it a wee...
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Hello ma'am, good evening. Kindly take your child for the immunisation tomorrow.
Can a one year old baby with special be corrected medically and he becomes well.
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The course of any child with special needs depends on the type of special needs the child has and the underlying cause of it. It is more informative to say what the child can or can not do and if you know the medical history so we can advise you further.
My baby is 2months old. Some days back I noticed she was hot then I exposed her to bring her temperature. She's not eating well an...the problem is that she's still not eating well although she's not hot and wen eating she's making attempt to throw up except if s...
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Please next time take such young babies to see a Paediatrician not the health centres. I will still ask you to take her to see a doctor preferably a Paediatrician at a Teaching Hospital or any standard hospital. In that age, not every fever is Malaria and we will not use intramuscular injections to treat malaria in such age groups
please between 123 peak milk, Cowbell Tina and My boy which one is the best. Thanks
How old is your baby Ma?
My baby of 11days do poo about 4times in the afternoon started three days ago just afternoons and once till the next day or none....
Is your baby exclusively breastfeeding?
My baby of about six weeks still has something coming out of the eyes. What is it and what can I do?
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Hello ma'am, It's Normal. If too much or always coming out even after bath and cleaning it up or gumming the eyes together then take to the hospital for evaluation by the doctor.
My 1 week old baby struggles with feeding like sucking since birth no other abnormalies just cries when feeding then stops what co...
Congratulations on your new baby dear mom. Your baby is probably not latching well am going to share some breastfeeding videos with you please watch them.
Pls i noticed this lump yesterday in my 2 month old baby..what is it?
It's normal for newborn babies (boys and girls) to have mild or even swollen, enlarged breasts and/or lumps under the nipple. They are almost always benign and due to exposure to maternal hormones in the womb. It will disappear with time
My little nephew has holes in his heart born in 3 different areas. Not seen him yet physically due to distance. Doctor recommended...
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I'm sure the parents are already seeing a Paediatric Cardiologist. The breathing will not be normal until surgery. Unfortunately we don't raise funds on ATP for individuals. Let the parents approach media houses and other foundations eg MTN foundation, Kanu Heart Foundation etc for financial support. All the best.
I am very stressed,my son is 13 months but he cant walk on his own. He only walk with a support...What could be the problem?pls he...
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Hello Mum,Babies walk at different times. Kindly see a Paediatrician only if he is not walking by 18months. However I am sure he will walk before then. Relax and don't worry!
My baby on EBF passing hard stool. Was ask to do X-ray, which came out ok and d doctor said baby is fine that I should continue br...
Dr Aina Johnson


X-rays only does not tell you a baby is fine depending on the condition.... This kind of cases are best managed by specialists at Teaching Hospitals. Kindly take the child back to the hospital preferably a Teaching Hospital to see a Paediatric Surgeon for further evaluation and management
Baby medicinePlease can my baby of 3yrs use (Biosea)cod liver oil
Cod liver oil has many health benefits for kids; however, you should only give this oil to your kid after it has been prescribed by your doctor. If your doctor feels the need, he may prescribe cod liver oil supplements to your child. Babies who are still on breast milk can derive its benefits if the mother takes cod liver oil.
What could be the cause of cough and watery stool in a 4months and 4weeks old babyI had running nose last week which led to symptoms of maleria , I treated it last weekend . My son developed catarrh. He’ was gi...
He is on exclusive breast feeding . But sometimes when the breast milk isn’t available I give him formula