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Feeding concernsMy baby will be 8 months in 3 days and the struggle to get her to eat has worsened. Before, if I'm able to put food in her mouth,s...
Baby's healthIs it wise to give my baby his remaining pap please
GenotypeIs it safe for AS couple to get married ? With this current unity test as a safe way to determining their baby's genotype before b...
MultivitaminsMy question is can I use pregnacare tablet alongside my other haematinics which I've been using before ( ferobin plus, folic acid...
Baby GrowthSometimes my 4moths baby looks bigger and smaller again...what could be d cause?is it worm that is disturbing him?
Bowel movementWhy does the stomach of my 4months baby makes sound whenever he is breastfeeding?
Can you describe this noise?. Noise is not necessarily an indication that something is wrong. The sound you may hear is like a puff of air coming from the back of the throat, or "kha, kha," the sound of the baby exhaling after a swallow. If you hear that noise, it is a reliable indicator that the baby is swallowing.

If this persist, you might consider seeing a doctor
Trying to conceiveNo idea
My baby is 5.3kg at 2 month and 3 weeks I feel she's I was advice to buy complan milk and administer a dose in he...
She's not underweight. My baby was 5.9kg at 3months 3weeks and few days.
Is it good to put glucose into pap of 5moths and 2 weeks baby?
No, do not add glucose to your baby's pap rather use only age (6 - 12 months) appropriate formular.
How safe is folic acid after delivery? Can one continue with folic acid and ferrous after putting to bed?
Yes. It is okay for a breasfeeding mum to continue with prenatal drugs: multivatamins and iron supplements..
My baby of 11months old does vomit up to 6 times a day and it started a few days ago. What is the cause of it?
There are many possible causes of vomiting even overeating or indigestion... Just watch for now and if the vomiting persists then see a doctor for further evaluation and management.
My 13 months old has not been deworm yet and has not also taken his Vitamin A! I hope is not too late?
It is not late. Kindly take your child to the health facility for them.
My baby of 6 weeks always stretch while sleeping. I want to know if it is normal. And also he doesn't poo regularly, he poo three...
Hello ma'am. The possible cause of your baby stretching is colic.

It is very normal and will stop on its own.
My 2-month-old son is not feeling too well, he has a stuffy nose, cough, and loos of apatite, he didn't sleep well last night. I n...
It is important to note that most cough and catarrh in children and adults are due to viral infection, which runs it's course and stops on its own. Therefore the use of medication is not necessary.

For babies having cough and catarrh you keep child warm by avoiding exposure to cold with frequent baths or cold baths or exposure to direct fan or too cold ac in the room. Avoid smoke and people with cough and catarrh. If baby should develop breathing difficulties kindly take to see a paediatrician.
My baby always feel uncomfortable without sucker but immediately you put sucker in his mouth he will be calm and before you know i...
The use of SUCKERS, PACIFIERS and BOTTLES for babies on exclusive breastfeedingg is not recommended....It can lead to what we call Nipple confusion and make some babies reject Breast Milk. It also tends to fill babies' tummies with unnecessary gas.... As they suck in air.
What can cause a child to bring out saliva at the age of two.
There is nothing to worry about... Some babies drool saliva as habit which they outgrow. However if there are other medical issues for example delayed developmental milestones... Kindly see a Paediatrician preferably a Paediatric Neurologist for further evaluation.
What is the cause and remedy of sore-like rashes in between a baby's toes? He is 29 months?
Fungal infection most likely usually called athletes foot. Kindly see a doctor for proper evaluation and treatment with antifungal medication if diagnosis confirmed.
Does your hospital accept egg donors
Babymigo is not a hospital. It's a community for pregnant mothers and parents
My baby always feels uncomfortable without a sucker but immediately you put the sucker in his mouth he will be calm and before you...
We do not recommend the use of SUCKERS, PACIFIERS, BOTTLES even ? and such for babies on exclusive breastfeeding. It can lead to what we call Nipple confusion and make some babies reject Breastmilk. It also tends to fill babies' tummies with unnecessary they suck in air
What's is the cause of dandruff in baby hair, My baby is a month and 2weeks I just noticed it, and what's the cure?
what your baby has is called a cradle cap, and yes it is normal.
Cradle Cap
Looks like: Waxy pink or orange scales on the scalp. They can be mild or can grow so thick it looks like your baby's wearing a cap. Cradle cap generally shows up in the first month or two but can pop up anytime within your baby's first two years.
What's going on: This is a form of seborrheic dermatitis, which is also responsible for dandruff in adolescents and adults. "The most common cause is a yeast that grows on everybody's skin but prefers to live in greasy areas like the scalp," says Dr. Siegfried. Babies are prone to cradle cap because Mom's hormones that are still circulating through their body send oil-producing glands into overdrive.
How to help: For mild cases, just use a gentle shampoo to wash your baby's hair. You can also try massaging mineral or olive oil into the scalp and then washing it out. It's okay to next use a soft-bristled brush or your fingertips to brush out flakes, but be gentle. "The more trauma you inflict to the skin, the more likely the scales are to reappear," cautions Dr. Siegfried. For a severe case of cradle cap, your pediatrician may recommend that you use a medicated anti-dandruff shampoo.
Cradle cap may look kind of funny, but it's not dangerous. "Transient things like little red spots, bumps and scaly areas probably happen on other organs too -- who knows? But we don't have fancy names for them because we can't see them," says Dr. Siegfried. "If your child is growing and seems comfortable and happy, you don't have to worry so much.

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