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Good evening docs nd mummies, my last LMP was October 29. I have confirm next appointment with doctor is Feb but now have...
Good afternoon mum's & DR's... Pls what can someone use to stop spitting during pregnancy... Thanks
Good morning and Happy new year every one.. Please I urgently need advice... My baby is 6 months old, I usually bring him to the o...
First of all talk to ur hubby if he agrees then leave him with d woman if u trust her every child cries wen there not with there mum but as time goes on he will learn to stay with her.
Pls what's the difference between ovulation day and fertile days
Ovulation happens about 14 days before your period starts. If your average menstrual cycle is 28 days, you ovulate around day 14, and your most fertile days are days 12, 13 and 14
Happy new year to everyone here, please docs and mom's which milk can I be adding to my baby food to give her more weight
Please is it advisable to have sex with one's partner at the first trimester? If no, when exactly is the most suitable time
If u don't have any complications and u are strong, you are free but he must do it gently
Happy New Year to our Docs and mums in the house. Welcome to our year of possibilities and dreams fulfilled in Jesus Name. Amen.
Happy New Year to our Docs and mums in the house. Welcome to our year of possibilities and dreams fulfilled in Jesus Name. Amen.
Same to you Esslyn :)
I gave birth last year Jan tru CS and am just seeing my period this year January do I need yo worry about anything
No, think it depends on your body and also when you stopped breastfeeding. Mine was over a year self cos I breastfeed for a yr plus, so about a month or so after, I saw my period
BreastfeedingGood day house. Pls my baby of 1yr can't crawl or walk yet.but she can stand and walk around when supported. Pls what can i do to...
Good evening Doc and mum, l gave birth through cs nine days ago my blood level is 22 place wat can I eat to boast blood pls
Please I need hospital list any idea ftm.
Hi , you can actually find it here
Good afternoon docs and mums in the house, please i saw my period on the 8th of this month till today being 10th, i have been feel...
Sorry about your experience, your moms experience certain symptoms during their menstrual period. Any other symptoms apart from fever?
Please wat can I use to make my 2weeks old baby's poo to be soft,he is always passing out hard pop nd is being fed with formula
Please my baby of 3years is having fever but she is under treatment, now I noticed that she is having bleeding gum, she can't eat...
For the interest of people, my baby has started eating cooked food bit by bits. I treated her with original honey I have at home as my spirit directs me, I rub the honey inside her mouth, tongue and gums. And she cries after that showing that she is pain. After two days she start eating . Please note that I still clean the mouth with salt warm water every morning even when the blood is gushing out . Thank you all.
Is it true using Rice water after parboiling to bath helps make skin glow and better?
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It's true some of my friends do use and it works for them but I don't know if it has a long time implication. This is how it works. When you drain your rice water after parboiling, don’t throw it away. When it cools pour in your hair after washing and rinse off after about 20mins. When you finish bathing, leave for about 10mins and rinse off. You can even soak up the rice, drain the water or blend it.... Smear on your body and leave for about 10mins... Add a little bit of honey if you can
Ante natal in general hospital, ughelli, Delta StateI am 10 weeks pregnant but have not registered for ante-natal because of the holidays since I discovered I was positive in late De...
I noticed my baby of One year+ had fever yesterday night and this morning his left eye is red and swollen. Please what can I admin...
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Please use a digital thermometer to check the temperature. If the temperature exceeds 37.5 persistently, that's fever. Please give paracetamol and take the child to the hospital for proper examination to know the cause of the fever. There are many causes of swelling especially involving the eyes. First, you need to rule out problems with the major organs like heart, kidney or liver... Also allergic reactions.... Kindly treat as urgent Kindly see a PAEDIATRICIAN for further evaluation and management
Good evening mummy's and doctors in the house. I want to introduce pap to my 4months old baby cos am starting work soon. Please I...
Try wait till the 6 months. You can express the milk in a bottle and keep in the refrigerator
Pls house,what will my child be eating as from 1 year old
You can start with Apple and carrot puree. They are also organic food especially made for babies.. check your nearest supermarket