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List of hospitals in surulere
During my first pregnancy, I was taking "Evergreen Natal Care" right from 3months till I gave birth. So I realized that the drugs...
Mum and doc am pregnant, I saw my last menses on the 20th of May 2020, please how many weeks am I?
Please Doc, what type of drip can someone with typhoid take
I need clarity on TT vaccine during pregnancy. How many dosages should a pregnant woman get before delivery and the intervals of t...
All women of child bearing age should have 5 doses of Tetanus Toxoids ... You can take before or during pregnancy.... It is important to prevent neonatal Tetanus in the newborn baby.
Please can my baby of 2 years plus start using sugar for his pap? I have been using glucose, don't know if I should still be using...
I recommend formula or milk, However, there is no law that says you can not just add sparingly just to give a taste for babies who will not take ordinary pap. MODERATION IS THE KEYWORD......
Please what's the correct dosage of erythromycin for a 4months old baby? Is it 2.5mls or 5mls? 5mls was prescribed though. Thanks....
Antibiotics are not to be used without a Doctor's prescription". And since it was prescribed by a doctor, He's in the best place to ascertain appropriate dosage after physically examining the Child.
My baby of 8months has been coughing since Friday and I have been giving her Broncholyte instead of the cough to subside it is of...
Kindly note that most cough and cattarh are usually due to viral infection which will normally run their course with or without any form of treatment
My Child Of 3 years old, some Rashes Is Coming Out Of Her Body And It Itching Her
Dr Aina Johnson


Ma'am, the treatment of rashes can only be determined by a doctor or dermatologist. Kindly see a Paediatric dermatologist for examination and proper treatment.
My lovely baby boy is 10 months but there is a sound I don't know understand. Whether it is in the heart or stomach the sound is l...
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Please take your child to see a doctor, preferably a paediatrician for proper evaluation and management. The doctor will see the child and probably conduct tests to determine what is wrong with him. Please treat as urgent especially as it makes child uncomfortable.
Is it compulsory to massage the private part (organ) of a baby girl in order to close up the vagina, I was told to be doing that s...
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I advise against massage of the vulva or vagina. You can only wash the external part of the vagina as part of daily bath routine and leave alone. No massage, no creams, no douching and no washing of the internal part of the vagina.
I need help. Please, I want to know how if I can prevent chickenpox from affecting my baby (1yr10mnths)? Her niece staying with me...
You have to try and separate her (your niece) to limit contact with other members of the family especially your baby.
Can my 14-month son take cornflakes and little sugar? Thanks
Yes, ma'am, he can take cornflakes
Can my six months old baby take watermelon and carrots juice? Do I need to boil the bottled water that he will drink?
Yes. You can give your baby fresh fruit juices and ensure it is diluted with clean water for the 1st time you are giving her.
Which formula can I start using for my 3-month-old baby am going back to work next week?
ma'am 3 months baby should still be on exclusive breastfeeding till 6months
The first immunization that was given to my daughter on the left shoulder is swollen, what should I apply? she is 4 months now. Pl...
Dear mom, NORMAL reaction it will eventually resolve to become a scar! No need to worry about it
Umbilical granola
An umbilical granuloma can be treated. Have you spoken to a doctor?
I want to wean my baby of 1yrs+,please what are the procedure (FTM).
The best time to wean a baby is when the baby is 2 years or 18 months
Can tribotan be used for one week old baby?
Do not use in children under 2 years of age unless directed by a doctor
Good evening mums and Doc in the house. My baby is one week old today but his naval has not fallen off and it still looks strong i...

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