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Home remedy for treating impetigo in children
EellaPlease what can I use to cure Ella ..just notice it on my baby body.
How do treat and give special care to a baby girl who is said to have ADHD?She is 5 years and says words, like orange, yellow, sings some songs, but can't make a sentence. She still poos on her self as she...
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Please what makes child cry at night for no reason?
Does he eat well at night? Have you ruled out hunger, thirst, wet diaper, insect sting, mosquitoes bites etc... COMMON THINGS OCCUR COMMONLY"
If after ruling out these the baby still cries please see a doctor.
My elder sis son, water is coming out of his eye please what can she use? Just a month old
Kindly take the baby to see a Paediatrician or Opthalmologist who will do an eye swab and culture.

My 5yrs old has mumps. She has seen a doctor and drugs has been prescribed. My question is doesn't she need antibiotics, consi...
Lymph nodes are normal structures or part of the body... They do not require any treatment except if infected. In which case they will be big and red… Warm and painful to touch.... Then the child may require antibiotics. Most times lymph nodes enlargement are signs of problems in other area of the body which the lymph nodes serve
Can a lactating mother take ginger and garlic every morning?
No, it is not advisable for breastfeeding mothers especially if it makes the child fuzzy
My son is 2years and a half he has a breathing problem they said it will outgrow but its getting worse while sleeping, even foam c...
You need to see a paediatrician for evaluation and management.
My son just started stuttering since last week. How do I correct it. He is 2years and 5months old
Possible cause in this case may be one of d followings
1. Fear and anxiety: if a child is always shouted down and scolded when s/he speaks this may lead to d child having a poor self image, loss of confidence in self they by affecting the child's normal speech pattern. As a result a child may begin to stutter or go mute.
2. Imitation: is there an adult or child they like so much who stutters? Parent should try and observe d child in order to address the reason for the stuttering.

What to do
1. Find out and address the cause of stuttering
2. Build on the child's self perception and confidence. Let him know they are cool the way they are without stuttering
3. Notice times d child didn't stutter and reinforce the child 4 d clear sentence or statement
4. When stuttering, touch ur child on his shoulder calmly n slightly and ask the child to speak slowly and calmly that you are listening.
5. Encourage ur location child speak slowly rather than rush through words

If stuttering persists after doing all you can pls see a speech pathologist/therapist
What can i do with swollen gums for a 11weeks baby, and he got some pimples with mucus, in his upper jaw and something that looks...
You ou need to take your baby to the hospital to see a dentist for evaluation to know what is causing the swollen gums.
Can I give my 6months baby butter and bread?
Your baby is too young and might choke on bread. Please soak the bread in water or any age appropriate beverage before giving your baby.
I weaned my baby on 21th of this month and since then my breasts has been strong. Is it normal?
It will resolve. You may want to take painkillers if painful and see your doctor. Wear firm bras as well.
Is it good to be using our mouth to blow children mouth when they have catarrh?
Its not advisable, if there is anything there it will come out as the child is breathing in and out, the mouth is full of bacteria ,you may end up doing the child more harm than good. You can do steam inhalation or use of saline nasal drop may just be okay
My baby has this transparent boils that burst with water and comes out from another spot around his neck.
The commonest cause/source of all these boils for babies is from HANDS OF ADULTS that carry babies. Especially in Nigeria, we do not wash our hands routinely and yet everyone will just carry babies with their unwashed hands full of staph!!! The bacteria in your hands will not hurt you but for a baby whose immunity is just maturing, it can cause all these soft tissue and skin infection. I used to tell my mums when going home, only mum and one other assistant who washes her hands frequently should be allowed to carry and touch babies!!! Every other person coming to visit should be requested to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer BEFORE touching babies before they transfer germs to the new baby. Since that may not be culturally correct, better to keep baby in cot zipped so they can just see than for every one carrying baby and introducing germs
Please is vaginal discharge normal in babies?
Vaginal discharge is a normal phenomenon in babies. It is due to the effect of the maternal hormones still circulating in the body of the baby.
Do not try to drop anything into the vagina, just wash the external surface (vulva) like the rest of the body. The discharge will wear off on it's own
My baby of 8 months woke up with a swollen eye like apollo. Is it normal? what should be done?
It is not normal. Your baby may be having Bacterial Conjunctivitis. Apply hygiene: clean the eye with soft tissue or wipes n discard; wash hands well with soap n clean water. Pls see an Optometrist near you for proper evaluation and treatment.
Can I use a mosquito repellant for my 2 months baby?
No you can't use it for your 2 months old baby. According to Dr Gbemi it is safe for babies from 3 months and above though it is best to use mosquito treated nets as the repellent cream might be harsh on your baby's skin.
Can a child of 11months take soya milk?
Yes you can as long as your child tolerates it.
However: It is best to prepare it yourself. Also watch out for any allergic reaction in the child.
Discontinue immediately if the child reacts to it.
Can a three months old baby still have fast breathing?
Take her to see a PAEDIATRICIAN for proper evaluation to TRULY CONFIRM if the breathing is really fast and the underlying cause of the fast breathing. Treat as urgent"