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Can one year old baby take Milo and peak milk, including bobo drink
Don't give adult milk, try Peak 123 milk, Danone or NAN 1 that's for children from 1year You can also be giving him with the pap.
Has any one ever experience vitamin C make's her baby to stool? My baby Almost 6months baby girl on EBF is having nose congestion....
My one year old son is getting slim everyday but he is eating well I don't know what to do. Please help he was not like this befor...
Dr Fabusuyi G.I

Medical Doctor at Ekiti Teaching Hospital

Please check his weight. If he is between 8-10kg. He is fine. If not, please see the pediatrician.
Pls my 3 months old baby has cough and catarrh dat he cannot breath very well,what can I use?
Good evening Dr. Pls can I give paracetamol to my baby of 10 months along with Zinnat, He has been running temperature for two wee...
Hello Adeola, I will advise you to strictly follow your doctor's instructions. Don't self medicate your baby
Gud day Dr please which multivitamin is good for newborn?
What can I use for my 10months old that is coughing
My baby of 9months is running temperature usually his head and is not up to 37.5 while I checked with thermometer, is there any th...
Please can I add a little sugar to my 7month old baby's pap?
Good evening, I took my baby for 14 weeks immunization and she weigh 4.9. Pls is the weight ok
Yes, your baby's weight is very fine. Weldone
What malaria drug is good for first trimester cos the one the doctor prescribed is scarce. So I need alternative
For Malaria Treatment in pregnancy. 1.If your pregnancy is less than 13 weeks (ie within the first trimester) and you've been diagnosed to have malaria, your doctor will prescribe Tab chloroquine 4-4-2 to be taken alongside Tab piriton to prevent body itching. 2.If your pregnancy is more than 13 weeks and you've been diagnosed to have malaria, your doctor will prescribe Tab lonart D/s for you. Reason is because tab lonart is not safe in the first trimester (ie first 13 weeks of pregnancy) as it will adversely affect the developing baby but it's safe afterwards.
My baby of 3weeks is pooing alot like 4 to 5 time in 24hours....i want to ask if it normal,i am a first time mom. The poo yellow i...
It is normal for the poo to occur up to 12 times a day as long as they are normal stools which in exclusively breastfed babies are semi-formed like melon soup. There should be no mucus or catarrh in the stools.
What's the dosage of Albendazole (400mg/10ml) for my 15months old baby , pls I should use for my 15 month babyAm I suppose to give him sugar before drinking the drugs?
Repeat every 6 months. For 2 years
My baby of 13 months is having serious cough, sneezing and catarrh only at night. Please what is the cause and how can I stop it.
Since your baby has taken drugs before now. Please take your baby back to the hospital for more detailed diagnosis and test
Mom and Docs in the house good morning..... Please my baby have rashes all over from waist down to the two legs and we have been t...
You can use Baby tribotan or Cacatin cream. Also, ensure that your environment is very clean
Pls when do I stop ma baby from wearing diaper?
It depends. Sometimes it's hard to predict exactly when that will happen. This is because potty training is only successful when your child is physically and emotionally ready to leave diapers behind. Some kids are ready to start at as young as 18 months old, while others aren't ready until they're 3 or 4 years
Good afternoon ma, my hubby bought sma pro 1, for my 10months old boy and I have open it pls can I still give him
Hello everyone good day please my son of 2+ has been having constipation since he was 1y+ n he is always in pain n he will pooing...
Two main factors can lead to constipation in children. These are early toilet training and changes in diet. Fortunately, most constipation in children is temporary. It can be resolved by plenty of intake of fluid, Diet and behavioural modification.
My baby of 8 months has rashes on her face and neck for two weeks now, I took her to hospital, a doctor prescribed cikamycin 5ml 3...
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Loratidine is usually not recommended in children below the age of 2 years. In situations like this, always CALL or discuss with the doctors. Doctors are sometimes allowed to use some medicines in a way different from the regular acceptable ways if there is STRONG JUSTIFICATION to do so. That being said, there are alternatives to Loratidine in an 8 month old with rashes
If a baby is given BCG at birth on the right arm instead of the left arm. Is there any adverse effect?
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Hello Ma'am, No. It does not have any adverse effect. No side effects, It is the place for easy identification of the scar.