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Silver birdI added silver bird to my baby’s oil and i apply it on he’s head morning and night didn’t know it was affecting him cause he...
I just round up baby-friendly, I need advice on which baby food will be ok to introduce to her.
Any baby food of your choice is ok.
Does abidec makes children eat?
Multivitamin does not make children to eat but applying patience and encouraging them to eat.

'You can give but not absolutely necessary. Their is nothing wrong in using them but don't rely only on supplements, the more natural the source the better'

If you feed baby/children well, you do not need to give regular multivitamins.
Can hyperactivity in babies cause them not to have excess weight?
My girl is 7 months, birth weight 2.7 now weighs 7.4. She ea...
There is a level of activity that is normal for a child.

However if you as a mother based on your intuition feel this is way above the normal activities, please see a Paediatrician preferably a Developmental Paediatrician.

Kindly click on the link below to read the response to a similar concern.
My 16 months old baby boy has speech delay, he started calling baba like a month ago. The
other two words he says occasionally...
If the baby has not started talking at 2 years please take him to the hospital to be assessed by a developmental paediatrician.
1. Is it good for a baby of almost 11 months to take fried egg?
2. Is it good for a breastfeeding mother to take lipton tea?
Yes you can give fried egg but in moderation.It is okay for your child to be on family meals.
You can take Lipton tea sparingly not always.
At what stage/age is it appropriate to know a child's blood group and genotype?
Haemoglobin Genotype can be checked from the age of 6 months and Blood group from Day 0 in most regular laboratories but can also be done in newborns in specialized laboratory.
How possible for is it for a child to develop cleft palate in a space of 3 days because he has been feeding well from the nipple b...
Cleft Palate does not just appear after a few days. It has been present since birth as it is usually a birth defect but can be missed if not searched for.
How long do I have to wait after 6 weeks immunization before administering pcm. And what is the quantity in ml for a 4.8kg baby?
Paracetamol dose is 15mg x weight of the baby. So your baby weight is 4.8kg that will be 72mg per dose. If you are using paracetamol drops which is 100mg in 1ml that will be 0.72ml....but if you are using the regular paracetamol syrup which is 120mg in 5ml, that will be 3ml
Our son of 3 weeks old stretch and sleepless at night and do more sleeping in the day time only when carried. My wife is worried a...
Sounds like colic.

Colic is common in babies . It usually starts a few weeks after birth and often improves by age 3 months.
Colic requires no medication, By ages 4 to 5 months, the majority of babies with colic have improved.

But if the pains becomes severe and baby cries continuously, kindly see a doctor.
What are the advantage and disadvantages of baby pacifiers?
At what month can a pacifier be introduced
Paediatricians DO NOT RECOMMEND PACIFIERS especially in babies on exclusive breastfeeding. It does not prevent digits sucking... The pacifier itself can be a source of introducing germs to the mouth... It usually drops on the floor and many mums don't sterilize it often enough. It does not curb hunger but tends to fill the baby's tummy with air. That's what they suck in while using the pacifiers. Generally the bad in using pacifiers outweigh the good." Hope this helps.
CoughingIs it advisable to give a 2 month old baby cough syrup?
no, you don't unless it is recommended by a doctor based on health history. Continue to exclusively breastfeed your baby, the cough will stop on its own
My 4 months daughter has been sneezing often today. Is it normal?
Sneezing is the body trying to get rid of something irritating the is a protective reflex especially when the baby is exposed to those irritating substances or germs. There is no need to stop a baby from sneezing.....It is protective; however, you need to monitor the baby to watch out for respiratory infections which can happen when these protective influences are overwhelmed.
I just stopped exclusive breastfeeding, Can I introduce tiger nut milk to my baby?
Your baby still need MILK, so you need to give age-appropriate formula and also continue to breastfeed. Tiger nuts milk will not supply some of the other essential nutrients for brain growth like DHA and so on.
Can a 11 months old eat quaker oatmeal?
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Yes, your baby can take quaker oat. Quaker oat can be introduced from 6 months.
Am in my first trimester and I usually vomit yellowish green in the mornings. Could it be malaria?
But when you vomit and have no food in your stomach, you can bring up some of it. It makes your vomit a yellow or greenish-yellow colour. It may also be clear if you've just drunk water, or frothy or phlegmy. During pregnancy, vomiting can be a normal symptom of morning sickness or reflux.
Can one year old baby take Milo and peak milk, including bobo drink
Don't give adult milk, try Peak 123 milk, Danone or NAN 1 that's for children from 1year You can also be giving him with the pap.
Has any one ever experience vitamin C make's her baby to stool? My baby Almost 6months baby girl on EBF is having nose congestion....
My one year old son is getting slim everyday but he is eating well I don't know what to do. Please help he was not like this befor...
Dr Fabusuyi G.I

Medical Doctor at Ekiti Teaching Hospital

Please check his weight. If he is between 8-10kg. He is fine. If not, please see the pediatrician.
Pls my 3 months old baby has cough and catarrh dat he cannot breath very well,what can I use?