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My daughter of 3 years use to feel hot nearly every month, please what can i do about that?
Kindly confirm fever with a digital thermomether. If temperature is higher that 37.5°c, give age appropriate dosage of paracetamol, tepid sponge and present your baby for proper review by a paediatrician for proper management.
My daughter is 1 year and 2months old i want to wean her but I don’t know how to go about it, please note she does not sleep wit...
When weaning off, kindly start gradually but be firm and determined.
Can a breastfeeding mum take ginger and garlic juice for flat tummy?
Ginger and garlic are spices that can make some babies fussy or show some allergic reactions, so it's okay to take if your baby tolerates it.
Is it safe to take cod liver oil during pregnancy and also can someone give cod liver oil to a nine months old baby?
You can but it’s not necessary
I learnt coconut water is good for babies for 6 months up. How true is this?
Yes you can give coconut water to your baby from 6months.
My daughter of 1year 5months old, have been itching her back seriously, the only thing I saw is little heat rash. Please what can...
Treatment of rashes can only be determined by a doctor or dermatologist. Kindly see one so your child can be properly reviewed.
SnuffleWhen will infant outgrow snuffles?
Snuffles in baby will resolve by itself.
Please is it advisable to put warm water in the private part of a baby? This has been a quarrel between me and my mom in-law. Usin...
It is not a good practice to use hot water on your baby's private part and head. It is a DANGEROUS practice. Please put a stop to it.
Does wearing of firm brazier helps you to produce more breast milk?
No, please note that breastmilk is produced based on demand. That is, the more your baby sucks, the more the breastmilk will flow. Eat well, drink lots of water and fluid generally but most importantly relax
My baby of ten months urine is too yellow in colour. He takes enough water and currently not on any medication and I have not trea...
How yellow? Light yellow is normal. Deep yellow is dark-coloured urine needs to be reviewed by a doctor.
When a two weeks old baby vomits through the nose and mouth and after which tries to catch breath, is there a problem?
Your baby is experiencing what is called Reflux. To reduce reflux try and keep the baby upright for 15 - 30 minutes after feeds before putting the baby down flat
Please can I use dudu osun soap for my baby
Use a softer mild soap for babies
My child is complaining of burning sensation on urination. Which antibiotics is the best?
We do not prescribe drugs online. Your child may be having Urinary Tract Infection. Take to the hospital for evaluation and management.
Please I'd like to know if it is advisable to give 'agbodo Jedi' (local bitters) to children to neutralize the sugar in their syst...
NO It's not advisable! Please do not give agbo or any other concoction .Beware of Kidney and liver damage from unknown herbal remedies.
My 6 month old's voice has become hoarse and someone told me it's a sign of teething. Should i be worried please? Everything else...
Teething doesn't cause hoarse voice. The voice will resolve naturally
My one year old daughter has been stooling and vomiting severely, please what can I give her?
Please kindly give your baby ORS and take to the nearest hospital.
Please can a breastfeeding mother take water mixed with lemon, ginger and cucumber?
It is not Advisable, especially if it makes your baby fussy. It took the tummy 9 months to get to that size. So you will need to be patient as well for it to go down. Incorporate more healthy meals in your diet. Moreover, if your tummy wasn't flat pre pregnancy, don't expect so much then. You can also incorporate some exercise into your routine and be patient as well. Their is no fast way to it really.
How can malaria be gone permanently in kids?
Avoid mosquito bites. Mosquitoes also bite during the day so maintain good environmental hygiene and avoid stagnant water.
What is the cause of bad breath in a child?
Bad breath or "Halitosis" in children can occur due to several reasons like poor oral hygiene, mouth breathing, tooth decay, gum disease, infections in the mouth, bacteria on the tongue, dry mouth, tonsil stones, foreign objects in the nose and some medical conditions. Start with improving her oral hygiene by ensuring you brush her teeth for her twice a day and making sure you brush her tongue as well. Take her to see a dentist to exclude oral infections, decay, gum disease etc. If it's still persistent you may need to see a paediatrician as well to exclude other causes.
What's ur take about breastfeeding and alcohol intake?
A breastfeeding mum cannot take alcohol.