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What can make a child of 7 years be complaining of abdominal pain making him vomit nonstop, unable to stand well, as well as shrin...
This is most likely a surgical emergency! Kindly take the child to the hospital preferably the Children's Emergency room of the closest Teaching Hospital NOW
Good evening everyone, please I need some recommendations of good preschools in jilwoyi phase 2 Abuja. Thanks
Trinity Alive jikwoyi phase 3 Amazing spring Academy jikwoyi phase 3
My daughter of 4yrs walks on her toes like tiptoeing I've done all I could but is not working. Her leg is normal I've given Done X...
Dr. Dara Abiodun

Medical Doctor

Walking on tiptoes can be normal variation especially if other members of the family also walk on tip toes growing up. It can also be a sign of neurological disorders.... If you are really worried kindly see a Paediatrician for thorough evaluation first
My daughter is 7yrs and she is having itching over her body with some small rashes: what could it be and what can I use for her
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It is most likely an allergy...there are many things that anyone can be allergic to even food, water, cream, soap etc...It is better to see a Paediatrician or Dermatologist or Allergist if available where you are for a thorough evaluation to figure out which it is...the solution is usually avoiding the trigger for the allergies if possible. There are also some antihistamine and other allergy drugs that can help reduce the itching and symptoms
Wat shud my my son of 2yrs 10mths b doin now even in school?
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Can you rephrase your question. It's hard to understand it as it is
Please moms, Like in Port Harcourt. Can parents negotiate the monthly fee for a day centre or creche in Lagos? How much after all...
Is there any particular school for advanced 2 year old toddlers who is a very smart child? Do all childcare/schools in Lagos apply...