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Phantom Pregnancy In Nigeria: Is It Real?

Some women are sure they’re pregnant even before carrying out a standard pregnancy test. In a country like Nigeria, where the burden of getting...


How Soon Can I Detect Pregnancy?

Have you ever heard that no two pregnancy is the same? Well, it’s true. Early detection of pregnancy differs for everyone. If you’ve had...


Are You Pregnant? 10 Tips You Should Know

You just found out you’re pregnant. Welcome to the fantastic journey of pregnancy! You might receive a lot of advice from friends and family. It&r...


Can You Get Pregnant With An IUD In Nigeria?

  An intrauterine device (IUD) is one of the most popular and effective forms of birth control. It is rare to become pregnant, but it is still...


 Cost Of Treating Fibroid In Nigeria

  Fibroid affects the quality of life of several women. In Nigeria, the number of fibroid cases is drastically escalating. However, diagnosis...


Is Ugba Safe For A Pregnant Woman?

Pregnancy is always an exciting experience. It is filled with apprehension to get things right. You are more susceptible to illnesses now, so you should...


Is Nestle Lactogen Safe For Babies?

  Baby foods in Nigeria refer to a range of food products that are specifically formulated and designed to meet the nutritional needs of infants...


Health Benefits Of Uziza Soup In Pregnancy

Piper guineense is the botanical name of the plant uziza. It is referred to as Ata iyere by the Yoruba and Ikong Adusa by the Ibibio-Efik. It is also...


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