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Common Pelvic Inflammatory Diseases in Nigerian Women (PIDs)

  Too many infections or diseases affecting the female reproductive organs are thrown into the toilet infection box in Nigeria. But pelvic inflamm...


Should You Eat Okpa During Pregnancy?

Widespread in eastern Nigeria, okpa is a fan-favourite delicacy. It is well known as "Okpa" in Igbo, "Epa-Roro" in Yoruba, and "Kwaruru" or "Gurjiya" in...


Is Kunun Kanwa Safe For Breastfeeding Mothers?

  Proper nutrition is essential to maintain both the mother's and the developing fetus's health during and after pregnancy. Meal monitoring is...


Should you take palm wine during pregnancy?

  Palm wine is a sweet, effervescent alcoholic beverage. The Igbo community refers to it as Nkwu ocha or Nkwu elu. The Hausas call it Bammi, known...


Is Bush Meat Safe During Pregnancy?

  The word "bush meat" comes from parts of Africa where hunting wild animals for food in the bush or wilderness is usual.    The term...


Aju Mbaise For Weight Loss During Postpartum: Does It Work? 

  This coiled leaf wrap from mbaise community in Imo state has become quite popular.   This herb's leaves are commonly brewed into tea or...


Should You Drink Lipton Yellow-label Tea in Pregnancy?

  Nothing beats a warm cup of tea on a cold morning or in the middle of a dull day. Tea is considered harmless and natural, so what could go wrong?


Taking Pregnacare in Nigeria: Will My Baby Be Big?

  Popular prenatal vitamin supplement Pregnacare is available in many shops around Nigeria and other countries. Many pregnant women are familiar...


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