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Should You Drink Lipton Yellow-label Tea in Pregnancy?

  Nothing beats a warm cup of tea on a cold morning or in the middle of a dull day. Tea is considered harmless and natural, so what could go wrong?


A step-by-step Guide On How To Pierce Your Baby’s Ears In Nigeria

  Watching a baby in pain can be difficult for most mothers to handle. Ear piercing is painful and is one of those situations you can’t...


Taking Pregnacare in Nigeria: Will My Baby Be Big?

  Popular prenatal vitamin supplement Pregnacare is available in many shops around Nigeria and other countries. Many pregnant women are familiar...


Why Your Breast Milk Isn’t Flowing Properly

  Breastfeeding is a unique bonding experience between a mother and her newborn. It provides the necessary nutrients for the baby to grow and...


Myth or Fact: Sugar Cane Juice Increases Breast Milk Flow

  Sugar cane juice is a popular drink consumed for centuries in many parts of the world, mainly tropical regions. It is extracted from the sugar...


Jaundice in Babies: Everything you Need to Know as a Nigerian Mom

  Jaundice is a common condition that affects many babies in Nigeria. It occurs when the liver cannot break down a substance called bilirubin...



  Are you a pregnant mama in your first and second trimesters?    We have exciting news!!!!    Babymigo and Beacon Health...


3D or 4D Ultrasound in Nigeria: Which is Safe For You?

  A pregnancy ultrasound uses sound waves to capture images of your growing child through different angles. These waves bounce back and thus...


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