5 Reasons You Should Never Miss Antenatal Classes


Antenatal care is important for all pregnant women. These include attending regular antenatal classes to help pregnant women understand and monitor their health and the growth of their babies.


Sometimes, experienced mothers who have given birth before sideline antenatal care because they feel they know all there is about pregnancy and antenatal care. Mamas, no two pregnancies are the same. You need expert care and an eagle's eye to always watch you and the growth of your pregnancy.


In this article, you'll learn more about why skipping antenatal care and classes isn't advised for pregnant women. 


Reasons you should never miss antenatal classes:


  1. Nutritional guidance: Sure pregnant women should avoid foods like unpasteurised milk, raw foods, and uncooked meals. However, different women react to safe meals uniquely. As such, antenatal care is an opportunity for pregnant women to relay their complaints and seek nutritional guidance from their midwife or obstetrician. These medical professionals will also place pregnant women on prescribed supplements and vitamins to help them have a successful pregnancy and delivery.


  1. Tracking development: Tracking both the foetal and the mum's development is important. You wouldn't be able to determine the cause of body weakness, increased blood pressure, or even regular spotting in pregnancy. Receiving antenatal care and attending antenatal care is crucial to ensure your baby is growing properly and healthy. 


  1. Antenatal classes: Many pregnant women skip this because all information is online. Antenatal classes are important because they provide pregnant women with newborn care, breastfeeding, and pregnancy care. It’ll also help partners of pregnant women stay informed on ways to better help them.


  1. Screening: Antenatal care helps screen pregnant women and their growing babies for potential medical conditions or congenital anomalies. Pregnant women will constantly undergo blood pressure screening and high blood pressure will predispose them to preeclampsia which may endanger the life of both mother and child.


  1. Appropriate immunisation: The immune system of pregnant women become vulnerable and susceptible to infections and diseases. Appropriate medication and immunisations help pregnant women pass on these antibodies to their children to protect and strengthen their immune systems. 



Antenatal care is paramount for both new mums and experienced mums. Seeking appropriate care from your healthcare provider is important for a healthy pregnancy and successful delivery. Pregnant women are advised not to skip antenatal care and attend promptly to monitor their development and progress.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  1. Can I reschedule my antenatal classes?

You can discuss this with your healthcare provider for viable options.


  1. Are antenatal classes compulsory in Nigeria?

Antenatal classes are compulsory to better monitor your pregnancy.


  1. Is antenatal care free?

It may be free in some facilities but generally, antenatal care isn't free in Nigerian private and government health facilities. 


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