5 Reasons You Should Drink Beetroot Juice In Pregnancy


Beetroots are not a popular vegetable in Nigeria, yet they contain incredible nutritional benefits for pregnant women. They are an excellent substitute for several types of juice and beverages. Here are various reasons why you should include beets in your diet as a pregnant woman and how they can benefit your diet greatly.



What is beetroot?


Beetroot (Beta vulgaris) is a root vegetable with many names, such as garden beet, red beet, table beet, and beet. The British may refer to its vegetable portions as beetroot. Beetroot is high in nutritional value and comes in various colours, including pink, red, white, and dark purple



Beetroot can be used as medication and consumed as a vegetable. It can be served as a side dish or in salad dressings or juice. It is also frequently canned, whole or sliced, pickled, seasoned, or served in a sweet-and-sour sauce.




Nutritional component of beetroot


Beetroot leaves and roots are high in nutrients. They contain folate, a vitamin that helps keep blood vessels healthy, and potassium, which helps protect the heart. Beets contain beta-carotene and antioxidants, essential for lowering the risk of certain diseases.



A single serving of beets also contains a small amount of polyunsaturated fat, considered healthy. Beets are low-calorie, high-fiber, and rich in natural sugars. They are also a good source of manganese.



Health benefits of beetroot


 Here are 5 reasons why you should include beetroot in your diet as a pregnant woman: 


  1. Beetroot aids with blood pressure reduction

Research has shown that beetroot can lower high blood pressure, a crucial risk factor for heart disease and other chronic illnesses. This ability is most likely related to the nitrates in this root vegetable. 



  1. Beetroot aids in the reduction of inflammation

Beetroot contains betaine, an anti-inflammatory substance that helps to prevent joint inflammation, discomfort, and swelling during pregnancy.



  1. Beetroot can aid in the prevention of birth abnormalities

Beetroot consumption may aid in developing your baby’s neurological systems and reduce the chance of congenital disabilities such as spina bifida.



According to research, beets are a good source of folic acid. This vital component prevents some forms of birth abnormalities and cancer and protects against heart attacks.



  1. Beetroot is beneficial to metabolism and bone strength

Beetroots are also high in potassium, magnesium, and fiber. Magnesium aids in the formation and maintenance of strong bones, and fiber helps control cholesterol and maintain regularity. The potassium in beetroots aids in electrolyte balance and is beneficial to metabolism.



  1. Beetroot helps to increase the immunity of the mother during pregnancy

The antioxidants present in beetroot may help improve your immunity and protect against infections during pregnancy.



How to make beetroot juice 


There are various recipes on how to make beetroot juice, but here is a simple and fantastic beetroot juice recipe for you to try:


  • Before peeling beets, wash thoroughly and remove every dirt. You can wash them under running water.
  • Peel the beets with a vegetable peeler.
  • Cut the beets into little chunks and put them into a juicer to help extract the juice.
  • Strain the blended beets to remove the trash and get your quality juice.
  • You may add other fruits, such as oranges, apples and lime, to get a zesty taste and eliminate the earthiness you may feel when taking beets. 
  • You can also blend in ginger for taste.
  • Add the various juices together and mix. 
  • Your sweet, healthy beetroot juice is ready. 



Beetroot juice is safe in pregnancy, especially in food portions. Its numerous nutritional components and health benefits are great for you and your baby.



Frequently Asked Questions  (FAQs)


  1. Can I add other fruits to my beetroot juice?

You can add other fruits to your beetroot juice to give it a sweeter and zestier taste.



  1. Can a pregnant woman drink beetroot juice? 

Pregnant women can drink beetroot juice, as no scientific evidence suggests they should avoid beetroot.



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