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TeethingCan I use multivitamin for my teething baby for the loss of appetite
My baby is emaciatedMy baby stopped sucking and always fussing. I was told to give him supplements. He doesn't like to eat anything. Now he's loosing...
If you're breastfeeding, your pediatrician may advise you to nurse your baby more often or take other measures to boost your supply. They may also instruct you to supplement with formula or begin (or increase) solid foods. Parents of formula-fed babies may also be instructed to add more feedings or finger foods.
A newborn's head is very large in proportion to the body, and the cranium is enormous relative to his or her faceA newborn's head is very large in proportion to the body, and the cranium is enormous relative to his or her face. While the adult...
A newborn's head is very large in proportion to the body, and the cranium is enormous relative to his or her face.A newborn's head is very large in proportion to the body, and the cranium is enormous relative to his or her face. While the adult...
Macrocephaly is the term for an unusually large head. An infant with macrocephaly will have a larger head than most other infants of the same age and sex. In many cases, this condition is benign or harmless. In other cases, it may indicate an underlying medical condition, such as a genetic syndrome or a brain tumor.
Oka OriMy baby of 2months+ is feeding well and not adding weight, and I was told it's oka Ori, does oka Ori reduces baby in weight?
AbortionPls do you do abortion in ur hospital
Please what and what should I avoid as a new mum
Avoid taking alcohol and self-medication. Also make sure to visit the hospital for antenatal care regularly .
Pls my 6years old son has been having this issue of his anus coming out whenever he poop, this started when he was around 2 years,...
Your child may be having a rectal prolapse or haemorroids. You should see a Paediatric Surgeon for expert advise.
What’s the remedy for sore throat?
It depends on the germs or microorganisms that is suspected to be the cause.

The sore throat could be a symptom of an infected tonsils( tonsils are structures in the mouth/area around the throat).

If a virus has been suspected to be the cause of this infected tonsils, no antibiotics will be given. Drugs to relieve the pain will be given
Antibiotics are prescribed when bacterial causes are suspected.

You need to go to the hospital for a proper diagnosis.
Black knuckles on babyPls mommies ad doctors in the huz, pls I need a solution on this
I started noticing dat my 3months old fair baby’s knuckles ar...
The dark knuckles could be as a result of various factors. Hereditary, change of products (in this case the body cream).

Closely observe if it could be hereditary, if not, you might have to change your baby body soap and cream to a more baby friendly product.

If there is no changes after doing above, please visit the Hospital to see the doctor
What’s the function of ceftriaxone?
Was that drug prescribed by a doctor?, if yes the use/function if it, ought to be explained by the Doctor. If no, then please do not self medicate. If your child is ill, please go to the hospital
Can yellow fever and measle vaccine cure malaria?
No none of the vaccine cure Malaria, if you notice any sign of malaria kindly take the child to nearest hospital to see a paediatrician
How long can a opened drugs stay?
Between 7days to two weeks. It is usually written in the leaflet of drugs.
Is there an app that tells me how long my baby cried throughout the day? Any app? Curious!I am a new mum curious about why my baby cries especially at the oddest times. Is there an app that can help me know the time and...
Yes. I actually started using my Baby Cry tracker app. I got early access through a friend. It's currently invite-only.
It gives me daily reports showing trends of how much my baby cried, and what at the time of the day she cries most of the time, and I also get to see week-to-week comparisons as my baby grows.

You can request invites here
Is it ok for baby to poo more than 5 times till the next morning?
What formula is the baby taking?
What do you ask a mother eat too?
Is him/here exclusively breastfed?
Because with the questions above I can be able to assist you.
Hierarchy of OJO PHC center
My enquiryPlease where can someone do prenatal screening test in South East Region. thanks
Where in South East region,your city in particular.
OvulationIf I start my period on the 29 April to and finish on the 3 of may when I am like to see the next period
28days cycle should be 26th May
29=27th May
30days=28th May
For accurate check use FLO APP
Can I get pregnantCan I get pregnant while diagnosed with uterine fibroids
Depending on the size of the myomas(Fibroid)
Position too.
Lots of women take in with fibroid but remember it grows as the baby grows but nevertheless prayer does magic
Fibroid solutionHow can I treat intrauterine myomas
Myomas can only be resolved with surgery if it has grown out of proportion.A doctor (O