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Please what drugs can I take for headaches. Am just 8weeks gone and am always having this constant headache.Pregnant
Baby cerealPlease, my baby is 5 months +...... can I give him nutribom multigrain cereal
Hi mama, please hold on till baby is at least 6 months and start with the single ones before going for multi. Because they can be allergic to certain food components, so you need to test each food components for allergies before trying the multi grain. In the mean time, please still continue with breastmilk and/or formula. All the best
How many weeks after birth I take my new born outside?
Contrary to popular myths and believes, you don't have to wait 1-2 months before you can take your newborn outside. You can take your newborn outside when you are ready, just make sure you follow all the necessary precaution from clothing to carriage.
Ensure the baby is dressed according to weather, pack all essentials and always use a carseat, stroller or back the baby safely.
Please can a year old child use this deworm syrup pyearantrin?
It is okay, any of the common worm expellers for children are fine. Just ask at the Pharmacy. They are OTC. Over the Counter drugs that require no prescription
My baby of 1 week old forehead, the fontanelle is not breathing like the way baby's head use to move up and down, please what’s...
Try to place your finger tip on it. Check if it swollen, deepened and pulsating.
Stomach painMy baby of a week and 6days is always crying,we don't sleep at night, I guess stomach pain and also the stomach always make noise
It’s probably colic and it’s fairly common, there isn’t really much of a treatment but you need to always ensure you burp the baby properly in between and after feeds and ensure they don’t take in too much air when they feed.
Unable to conceiveIrregular menstruation coming twins a month without flowing well just brownish spotting still four days after 15 days it came agai...
Please stop diagnosing and treating yourself, see a gynecologist immediately. It could be an hormonal imbalance or a cysts or anything really, they have to do a scan and a hormonal profiling to be able to tell you for sure. All the best.
GenotypeIs it safe for AS couple to get married ? With this current unity test as a safe way to determining their baby's genotype before b...
I still don’t support it. So when you eventually do get pregnant and realize your baby’s genotype is SS, you have an abortion? It’ll take a serious toll on the mental health of someone who isn’t finding conceiving so easy
Trying to conceiveNo idea
My baby is 5.3kg at 2 month and 3 weeks I feel she's I was advice to buy complan milk and administer a dose in he...
She's not underweight. My baby was 5.9kg at 3months 3weeks and few days.
Is it true that the potency of medications is reduced if I allow my baby to drink water or milk shortly after taking medications?
It depends on the SPECIFIC MEDICATION and usually the pharmacist would have given you such explicit instructions and information. You can also read the DRUG LEAFLET in the package to know if milk or juice should or should not be taken with the specific medicines. It is NOT A ONCE SIZE FITS ALL!!
Business listingHow do I list my business on babymigo
What is allergic rhinitis?
My daughter was given six weeks vaccine today and my question Is that can i use hot or cold water to massage the place the injecti...
If swollen, you should apply ICE PACKS (you can wrap ice blocks in handkerchief) and put on the area intermittently and give Paracetamol.
What is dyslexia?
It is a learning disability.
What is the meaning of warts and how can it be cured?
Warts are viral infections,
Having discrete skin coloured growth with a rough surface, usually painless and can occur on any part of the body. It is difficult to treat, may resolve without treatment.
In the process of weaning how long does it take engorged breast to return to normal Thanks.
It is expected to resolve within some days. In other to relieve the engorgement, you can use pain killers, you can also apply some hot compress which can let out some milk for relief if it's too engorged but avoid squeezing. You can also wear firm bras
Is there any medication for what they call Alefo and ela in Yoruba, cause I've used so many things
This terms more commonly refers to a skin disorder called Infantile seborrheic dermatitis (henceforth referred to as ISD). The cause of this disorder is unknown. This rash may be due to child’s response to some organisms in the oily areas of the body namely the scalp, eyebrows behind the ears, or on the neck, cheeks, chest skin folds and diaper area. It's most common in babies under 6 months.
What are the causes and remedy for snoring?
Snoring could be as a result of positioning during sleep, habit especially if familiar or adenoids enlargement. You can also see a pediatrician for thorough evaluation
My two weeks old baby has neonatal sepsis and I wish to know how long it takes before it clears after giving him antibiotics.
Sepsis is treated with antibiotics given into the vein for some days or in severe ones for 3 weeks..

Sepsis can be caused by any organism - bacteria, virus, parasites etc. Blood test usually shows high white cell count. The baby must be treated in a hospital. Prevention centres around good hygiene. The importance of hand washing cannot be over emphasized. Malaria prevention and control is key. Washing babies utensil separate from other utensils is a must. Proper hygiene while making food should be an uncompromising standard. Source of water for babies food must be clean, odorless, colorless and tasteless.