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What is allergic rhinitis?
My daughter was given six weeks vaccine today and my question Is that can i use hot or cold water to massage the place the injecti...
If swollen, you should apply ICE PACKS (you can wrap ice blocks in handkerchief) and put on the area intermittently and give Paracetamol.
What is dyslexia?
It is a learning disability.
What is the meaning of warts and how can it be cured?
Warts are viral infections,
Having discrete skin coloured growth with a rough surface, usually painless and can occur on any part of the body. It is difficult to treat, may resolve without treatment.
In the process of weaning how long does it take engorged breast to return to normal Thanks.
It is expected to resolve within some days. In other to relieve the engorgement, you can use pain killers, you can also apply some hot compress which can let out some milk for relief if it's too engorged but avoid squeezing. You can also wear firm bras
Is there any medication for what they call Alefo and ela in Yoruba, cause I've used so many things
This terms more commonly refers to a skin disorder called Infantile seborrheic dermatitis (henceforth referred to as ISD). The cause of this disorder is unknown. This rash may be due to child’s response to some organisms in the oily areas of the body namely the scalp, eyebrows behind the ears, or on the neck, cheeks, chest skin folds and diaper area. It's most common in babies under 6 months.
What are the causes and remedy for snoring?
Snoring could be as a result of positioning during sleep, habit especially if familiar or adenoids enlargement. You can also see a pediatrician for thorough evaluation
My two weeks old baby has neonatal sepsis and I wish to know how long it takes before it clears after giving him antibiotics.
Sepsis is treated with antibiotics given into the vein for some days or in severe ones for 3 weeks..

Sepsis can be caused by any organism - bacteria, virus, parasites etc. Blood test usually shows high white cell count. The baby must be treated in a hospital. Prevention centres around good hygiene. The importance of hand washing cannot be over emphasized. Malaria prevention and control is key. Washing babies utensil separate from other utensils is a must. Proper hygiene while making food should be an uncompromising standard. Source of water for babies food must be clean, odorless, colorless and tasteless.
My two weeks old baby has neonatal sepsis I wish to know how long it takes before it clears after giving him antibiotics.
Please, your doctor might be the best to answer this question because has a better access to the baby's medical history.

I really wish your baby a sound recovery. Love you ma
Is Lipton good for lactating mothers?
You can take Lipton tea sparingly not always.
Hi , I love babymigo. Nice to be here
Here is My experience Moms,
I noticed I was pregnant, by my calculations it was about 8 weeks when I went to the hospital. I wa...
Dr Fabusuyi G.I

Medical Doctor at Ekiti Teaching Hospital

Big Congratulations to you because a lot of people have died in this fashion.
Can someone get pregnant if breastfeeding and not menstruating my baby is 3month and I have sex yesterday and my husband realise...
Yes, you can get pregnant but the possibilities are slim. Check the article here
Gudevening mummy's and doctors in d huz....plz i want to knw if it is true dat a child gets dis thing called 'Eela' frm d mum?
good day mummy's and doctors, please i need help, i noticed something like eczema in the face. of my 9months old baby i used ori b...
If you are sure is eczema try sudo-cream.
If u wnt to no when u are prangnant, hw would u knw
You go for a pregnancy test. You can be done by your health practitioners using your urine sample or Blood
Hello my menses started on 6th of April, old how can I know my fertile day, because I want to get pregnant.
Dr Fabusuyi G.I

Medical Doctor at Ekiti Teaching Hospital

It's your fertile day because it coincide with your ovulation (I.e when the egg is released from your ovary).
Please how many weeks pregnancy is 5 months
When was your last menstrual period? That will help determine your week precisely
am pregnant sometimes my stomach is hard is good or bad
Good evening experienced mothers. I am 8 weeks pregnant and have been having serious cramps like the one you get when you are abou...
It is not normal... As u said is serious. But since no bleeding u wil be fyn ok.