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My 7 months old son stopped sucking not that he can eat other food well, I have tried forcing him to suck but he keeps bitting me,...
It is advisable you see a paediatrician to review your baby.
My baby boy clock 10months on Sunday. But his till trying to stand on his legs. But he moves his walker himself with reverse
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Babies walk at different times. Kindly see a Paediatrician only if he is not yet walking by 18months. However I am sure he will walk before then.
I dewormed my child last week but I didn't see any worm in his poo, does it imply that the drug isn't effective?
It is not compulsory for you to see worms.
Please my baby will be exactly nine months tomorrow. Is she supposed to take the nine months immunization or she can take it a wee...
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Hello ma'am, good evening. Kindly take your child for the immunisation tomorrow.
Can a one year old baby with special be corrected medically and he becomes well.
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The course of any child with special needs depends on the type of special needs the child has and the underlying cause of it. It is more informative to say what the child can or can not do and if you know the medical history so we can advise you further.
please between 123 peak milk, Cowbell Tina and My boy which one is the best. Thanks
How old is your baby Ma?
My baby of 11days do poo about 4times in the afternoon started three days ago just afternoons and once till the next day or none....
Is your baby exclusively breastfeeding?
My baby of about six weeks still has something coming out of the eyes. What is it and what can I do?
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Hello ma'am, It's Normal. If too much or always coming out even after bath and cleaning it up or gumming the eyes together then take to the hospital for evaluation by the doctor.
My little nephew has holes in his heart born in 3 different areas. Not seen him yet physically due to distance. Doctor recommended...
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I'm sure the parents are already seeing a Paediatric Cardiologist. The breathing will not be normal until surgery. Unfortunately we don't raise funds on ATP for individuals. Let the parents approach media houses and other foundations eg MTN foundation, Kanu Heart Foundation etc for financial support. All the best.
What could be the cause of cough and watery stool in a 4months and 4weeks old babyI had running nose last week which led to symptoms of maleria , I treated it last weekend . My son developed catarrh. He’ was gi...
He is on exclusive breast feeding . But sometimes when the breast milk isn’t available I give him formula
What could be the cause of cough and watery stool in my 4months and 4weeks old babyI had a running nose last week which led to symptoms of maleria , which I treated during the weekend. My son developed catarrh as...
Teething has nothing to do with cough. Continue to breastfeeding your baby. The cough will definitely stop.
My baby of 11 months has refused to take baby food, ( pap, cereal, custard, Friso gold) , he only wants to eat what I eat, but I f...
Ma'am, the most important thing is to ensure that your child is fed with balanced meals.
I'm a nursing mother of 5month baby am having cough what can I do to cure because I don't want her to get infected. Thanks
Ma'am, you should seek your Doctor's help for medication and wear a face mask or cover your mouth away from the baby to avoid infecting him.
My baby has been stooling since Sunday afternoon. I couldn't get ORS around so I used Garri water and Sprite(added a pinch of salt...
Your child is dehydrated.This is one of the times not to ask the Paediatrician. Kindly take him back to the hospital. PLEASE TREAT AS URGENT.
My baby is one year, four months. The odour from her month is sometimes offensive. I know I didn't start brushing early enough. Bu...
Bad breath or "Halitosis" in children can occur due to several reasons like poor oral hygiene, mouth breathing, tooth decay, gum disease, infections in the mouth, bacteria on the tongue, dry mouth, tonsil stones, foreign objects in the nose and some medical conditions.
My baby is 7 weeks and his poo since yesterday is now greenish and little yellowish spot. Pls is this normal?
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Greenish stools suggests inadequate feeding or starvation. Kindly continue to breast feed exclusively.. Make sure that the breast is emptied before switching to the next during feeding
What food can someone introduce from 6months apart from pap?
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Hello ma'am, you can give age appropriate cereals.
Is it normal for an 8 months baby girl to have light vaginal bleeding
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No it's not Normal. Please take your child to a teaching hospital nearest to you to been seen by a Paediatric Endocrinologist. Treat as urgent.All the best.
Twice I saw the paediatricians, they said nothing is wrong with my baby after feeling his stomach but I know vomiting isn't normal...
Dr Aina Johnson


Are you sure it's not reflux? If it's vomiting, you may need to visit a teaching hospital for assessment. There are many causes of vomiting and since it is persistent kindly see a Paediatrician for thorough evaluation. Causes range from minor irritations to severe and emergency situations
Can i feed my 8 months old with food that the rest of the family is eating?she dislike marshed food so how do i feed her
es Ma you can offer your baby family meals, but make sure the fool is well cooked and soft, the bone fish before giving her, introduce one male at a time and watch out for allergies.