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My 7 month old baby woke up with lots of rashes all over her body this morning, what could it mean? I'm so terrified, she's just r...
Treatment of rashes depends on the type of rash on the child after a physical examination is carried out
My baby of 10 months is having a runny nose with no cough and no fever. Today made it 10 days of a runny nose. How many days shoul...Secondly. Pls Ma, can I demand malaria treatment for the baby from the doctor. I have not treated baby malaria since birth.
Dr Aina Johnson


Note that if there is no need for malaria treatment, he won't treat your baby for malaria. The doctor will know what's best for your baby from his evaluations and the test result.
Can I give my baby Bournvita his a year old
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For bournvita, you can start at one year old. But it is advisable to start from 2 years. These health drinks are not safe to be given to kids before 2 years of age, as your little one’s kidneys are not ready to take the heavy load of these foods. As babies surpass the weaning stage, their digestive system starts to accept new foods. In 2 years your breastmilk helps them grow a strong enough digestive system to take on these complex foods. As baby graduates from infant to toddler, she needs the right nutrients to grow. As per the nutritional recommendations of WHO for children, for healthy growth a baby needs a variety of proteins and micronutrients including Iron, Zinc, Calcium, Riboflavin(Vit. B2), Vitamin B12 etc. Milk along with Bournvita, Complan or Horlicks can act as a great source of these while also making milk flavourful.
I have a 10 weeks old daughter, she recently passed watery. I gave her a zinc sulphate pill and gave an oral rehydration solution....Yesterday she passed another stool but it wasn't watery like the one she passed on last week. I still continued on ORS and gave he...
Please stop the ORS and oral is not for newborns or 2 months old!!! For infants, always see a paediatrician first before starting first aid
I will like to know what an ideal weight for a nine-month baby should be like.
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Hello ma, the average weight is 9kg.
Is baby formula for is a 0-12months baby the same with 6-12 months?
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You can continue breastfeeding and any of the formula of your choice in the market is fine.....use Formula labelled from 6 months
Can a 1 year-old take cornflakes with and without milk?
Yes ma'am he can take cornflakes. As for the milk you can give regular family milk or toddler milk.
My baby is 8 months and two weeks but has not sat well without support. she sits for some minutes the falls off like 30 minutes n...
I think different babies have different developmental milestones. I don't think you should worry yet. You can also see a doctor, you can never be too careful
What can be given to a baby when having navel discomfort and for how long will this discomfort lasts
INFACOL can be used but at times it may not work or give permanent solution - for which there is none- but temporary relief.....but it is one of measures that can be used
My baby of 11months still drools is it something to be worried about?
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Drooling in children normally resolves with time. Sometimes it can be a sign that baby want to erupt new tooth. In an otherwise healthy baby, there is nothing to worry about.... Some babies drool saliva as habit which they outgrow. However if there are other medical issues for example delayed developmental milestones... Kindly see a Paediatrician preferably a Paediatric Neurologist for further evaluation
Just want to ask if its a must to give a newborn baby Ampiclox, Nospamin and other newborn drugs to prevent infection. Thank you
The use of these drugs are highly unnecessary
My baby 6 months plus had a fever, the temperature was 39.5-degreeCelcius.The hospital injected him PCM and imal/emal i don't know the correct spelling, its anti-malaria for three days and also ibuprofen...
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Hello ma'am, please take the child back to the hospital, let the rashes be assessed. It could be a drug reaction and it could be something else. The cause can only be determined after examination. Please treat as urgent. Best wishes
My baby will be 10 months by 24th of this month, but she is yet to stand. Her growth is too slow.She is not meeting up with her mates in size, height and other developments. We did exclusive for her and gives her different kind...
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Hello mum, your baby should walk without support latest by 18 months and if not, you should then be concerned.
What are the symptoms of teething in a baby?
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One of the few signs include itchy gum but not fever or diarrhoea.
What can I use for my 11 months old baby, she's passing whitish and a times yellowish stool like 5 times daily
As regards the whitish poo, You should see a Paediatrician if that colour persists
My 2 months old baby had a cough, I took her to to the hospital where I delivered her and injections were given to her on her laps...
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What your child is experiencing is called traumatic neuritis..... It could be the injection damage the nerve or she could have polio. Kindly take her to see a Paediatrician preferably a Paediatric Neurologist and Physiotherapist for further evaluation and management
Can I add the only flavour to baby cereal without adding age formula milk
You can introduce age appropriate formula milk labelled between 6-12months
Can I give him Quaker oat to my 8 months son? I use to prepare his pap by my self and the pap is the mixture of millet, Dawa and c...Then in preparing it, I do add red oil and after making it, I now add crayfish and his formula but my neighbour told me to be putt...
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You are doing great already. There is nothing wrong with what you are doing. You can also add soya bean to the pap if you wish to. But give the soya bean separately if introducing for the first time in case of allergy.
What is d best infant baby milk to introduces to 6 months baby to add into cereal?
Any age appropriate milk labelled 6-12 months is suitable for your baby.
What should I do when a 3-month baby is constipated?
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There is no need to worry mummy. Exclusive Breastfeeding babies can go on for 2weeks without pooing.