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My 3 months old baby have rashes in her back areaPlease, I saw this on my baby's back and neck area two days ago. Kindly help me, what can I apply? She's just 3months old. Thank y...
Treatment of rashes can only be determined by a doctor or dermatologist. Kindly see one so your baby can be properly reviewed. In the meantime, you can apply Tribotan for babies, if things don't improve after 1 week. Try see your health professional
Feeding concernsMy baby will be 8 months in 3 days and the struggle to get her to eat has worsened. Before, if I'm able to put food in her mouth,s...
Hi mama, first of all.. I’d like to let you know that you’re doing really great.
What you’re experiencing is very normal for babies and it’s just a phase and it would soon pass . I’ve experienced it 4 times. I just kept breastfeeding a lot, it wasn’t filling her but at least she wasn’t starving. Don’t worry about her weight gain, she’ll definitely pick up when she starts eating again. What matters is that she’s healthy and from the playing and being active, it’s safe to assume that. You can have pediatrician check her and confirm she’s okay just to put your mind at ease. I hope this helps, all the best.
Is it good to put glucose into pap of 5moths and 2 weeks baby?
No, do not add glucose to your baby's pap rather use only age (6 - 12 months) appropriate formular.
My baby of 11months old does vomit up to 6 times a day and it started a few days ago. What is the cause of it?
There are many possible causes of vomiting even overeating or indigestion... Just watch for now and if the vomiting persists then see a doctor for further evaluation and management.
My baby of 6 weeks always stretch while sleeping. I want to know if it is normal. And also he doesn't poo regularly, he poo three...
Hello ma'am. The possible cause of your baby stretching is colic.

It is very normal and will stop on its own.
My 2-month-old son is not feeling too well, he has a stuffy nose, cough, and loos of apatite, he didn't sleep well last night. I n...
It is important to note that most cough and catarrh in children and adults are due to viral infection, which runs it's course and stops on its own. Therefore the use of medication is not necessary.

For babies having cough and catarrh you keep child warm by avoiding exposure to cold with frequent baths or cold baths or exposure to direct fan or too cold ac in the room. Avoid smoke and people with cough and catarrh. If baby should develop breathing difficulties kindly take to see a paediatrician.
My baby always feel uncomfortable without sucker but immediately you put sucker in his mouth he will be calm and before you know i...
The use of SUCKERS, PACIFIERS and BOTTLES for babies on exclusive breastfeedingg is not recommended....It can lead to what we call Nipple confusion and make some babies reject Breast Milk. It also tends to fill babies' tummies with unnecessary gas.... As they suck in air.
At what weeks will colic stop in newborn?
Colic has no drug and resolves on its own usually at 3months.
Can I give my 6-month-old baby wheat cereal?
Wheat needs only to be avoided in children if allergic to gluten. However, it is better to start with smoother cereals like rice, maize when starting at 6 months then you can add Wheat when the baby’s tolerating that better and you need something a little coarser
What drug can 2 months plus baby use for serious cough and catarrh?
None ma, just keep your baby warm and continue exclusive breastfeeding.
There is no sign of bcg on my 3 month old baby arm. Do I need to take him back for another one?
Sometimes the BCG is given too deep instead of into the skin and at times it might not show for whatever reason. Usually to confirm in case of no BCG scar, we will do a mantoux test to see if there is a reaction expected for someone who has had BCG. If there is none after 72 hours, we will give the BCG again as long as child is healthy(a normal Chest X ray may be needed at times)
My 7 weeks old baby always get chocked whenever am breastfeeding him and at the end he ends up crying and won't eat again. Please...
Sorry about this mom,

It may likely be your breastfeeding position. Please, type "WHO recommended breastfeeding positions" on youtube.

If this continues after implementing the teachings in the youtube videos, please see a doctor
What can cause a baby of 5 months hair to always break. Each day I combs her hair I always see at least 6 or 10 strands of hair on...
Kindly see a doctor preferably a Paediatrician or Dermatologist to rule out scalp infections or disorders that can cause hair loss like cradle cap, seborrheic dermatitis etc
I noticed my 8 months old son prefers to take pap without milk and has refused to eat. what do I do?
Kindly use your expressed Breast milk with the pap and breastfeed regularly too.
Is it possible for a 9-month-old child to get typhoid bcoz my daughter was typhoid positive today?
Yes babies can have typhoid...
I have breast engorgement! Also, my 14weeks old baby's mouth is hot. He is on EBF
If you think a baby has temperature, you must measure FIRST with a thermometer...NORMAL TEMP IS 36.5 - 37.4......NO MATTER WHAT YOU FEEL. If your thermometer reads above 37.5 then give paracetamol and see a doctor for a proper evaluation to know the cause of the fever. There are so many causes of fever.
My daughter of 3 weeks frequently poo and doesn't often burps after been breastfed, what could be the cause, she is on EBF.
Frequent poo is normal in EBF babies.
If the stool is not watery then there's nothing to worry about. Babies on EBF may not poo daily, they can stay up to 2weeks without having to poo. Sometimes, they can poo up to 12 times in a day.
As long as the stools are normal. There's nothing to worry about.
I have a girl that clocked 1 year yesterday whose birth weight was 4.4kg
Now she is 10kg pls is the weight ok?
Though she h...
Your baby's weight is still within range.
My baby of 6 months poo is black in colour, apart from what I eat what else can cause this?
If your child is not using blood tonic or taking any iron supplement or taking a formula that contains iron and the stool is black, that is worrisome. IT MAY BE A SIGN OF BLEEDING FROM THE UPPER PART OF THE INTESTINES. Kindly see a pediatrician urgently for further evaluation and management in other to rule out bleeding along the gastrointestinal tract.
My neighbors baby is 3 months and 3 days old, his neck is yet to be stable, his nose is flat. Is it normal for a child of that age...
Kindly note that neck control is achieved by 3-4 months while sitting milestone is achieved by 5-6 months.