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Is it ok to give baby malaria drugs when there is no sign of the illness yet? Let's say for prevention..My baby is almost 10 month...
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You are not to be randomly treating malaria in children mums....pls wait till the child actually have malaria confirmed with a blood test and then you can treat the malaria which the doctor will prescribe the anti-malariadrug .
My baby has rashes for some time now and we worried. The rashes are only around her face and neck and lightly on her head. It keep...
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Treatment of rashes can only be determined by a doctor or dermatologist. Treatment of rashes depends on the type of rash on the child after a physical examination is carried out. Kindly see a Paediatric dermatologist for examination and proper treatment.
I just read that rotavirus vaccine immunisation should not be given at 15th week and my baby 's 10 weeks was delayed because I mov...
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Please take your child to be immunized once the baby is 14 weeks (Penta and OPV under the Nigerian National Program on Immunization- NPI). Rotavirus vaccine is Non-NPI and it's not free. It is usually also given at 6 and 10 weeks; some give the second dose at 14 weeks
I checked my baby weight yesterday and he Weighing 7.5kg at 6months while at birth he weaned 2.9kg, I Hope is not bad.
The weight is okay. Baby's weight is supposed to double the birth weight by 6months on the average, continue breastfeeding your child on demand. Keep up the good work!!
My baby has wound in the mouth( ugam, laso) the colour white in his tongue and gums?
Kindly see a doctor to know why the baby has the sores in the mouth in the first place. The most important thing to do is to treat the underlying cause of the sores itself and not just focusing on the sores.
I was advised back to the hospital after I complained that my 3months old suddenly stopped eating even after malaria was diagnosed...
On loss of appetite , Loss of appetite may be the first symptom of sickness in the young infants....So if it persists kindly see a doctor preferably a Paediatrician for thorough evaluation and treatment
VomitingMy two weeks baby is throwing up..whenever hes done feeding.pls I need help, what might be the remedy to reduce this
my daughter of 9+ month blow catarrh with blood this morning, I try looking through her nostrils no wound found please is there an...
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Please, see an Ear Nose Throat (ENT) specialist if the bleeding continues
I got this Drug Amoxicillin for my baby but I forgot to ask how many mls to give him. 10 months old. Pls help
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Your paediatrician should have given you the prescription. Hope the drug was prescribed by your Doctor?. Kindly see your paediatrician to prescribe the appropriate dosage to the antibiotic.
My baby is 9 months I would like to know the physical growth she is supposed to have attained as at now.
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Using our rapid screen assessment, by 9 months your baby is expected to; * Be babbling e.g. tata, dadada, yayaya. * Reach for an object and takes it to the mouth. * Should be able to sit without support. * Should demonstrate a parachute reflex (flying out both hands when when the child is held upright and the baby’s body is rotated quickly to face forward (as in falling) with nice open hands.
What's the best worm medicine to deworm a 1year old baby
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Their are different types of deworming drugs and they can be bought without a doctors prescription. Albendazole is a good choice. The dosage should be given to you by the pharmacist based on your child's age (200mg /400mg)
My baby boy of 12months who just started walking is having a knock knee. Both d legs are not straight. Pls, what can I do to strai...
Another common cause is rickets which results from bone weakness from calcium metabolism disorder. Other less common causes include bone growth disorders and injury and infections to growth areas of the bone. The treatment is directed to cause physiological requires no real treatment but monitoring as it will resolve. The other causes have their own treatment criteria. In summary knock knees can be caused by normal variants to bone abnormalities. It is advisable to see a doctor who can recognise the specific cause and treat appropriately.
My boy of ten months started vomiting yesterday, I rushed him to the hospital they ran a test and confirmed that he had malaria. T...Whenever he sucks or takes his pap he vomits everything out. And I noticed that he belches a lot from yesterday like after every...
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Kindly take the baby back to the hospital immediately and treat this as urgent ...the baby should be on drip if still vomiting until now ..... Please demand to see a paediatrician if possible preferably in a teaching hospital.
My 10month son has cross eyes if he is looking at you it will look as if he is looking somewhere else please what can I do?
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There are many causes of cross eyes in children from nothing to brain problem or issues with the muscles controlling the eyeballs to issues with the eyes itself. Best thing to do is to see an eye doctor... Ophthalmologist once you noticed the cross eyes immediately. If the eyes doctor didn't deserve anything wrong, you will be referred to a brain doctor.
Please doc, can 1 blend groundnut, soya beans and crayfish together and add it to pap for a six months old baby
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No.... Don't start all at once incase the child reacts to one of the ingredients... You will not know which it is ... Start with pap and milk.... Then you can start adding the other ingredients one at a time say one new addition per week
Is good to add grind crayfish to pap for a baby of 6 months?
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Of course, you can
Pls, Can enlarged adenoid affect a babies growth?
Dr Aina Johnson


Yes, it can affect growth. Enlarged adenoids that is symptomatic
My baby of one month has 2 large boils on her body (back and thigh). It's obvious to see something like a worm on the tip. pls, ho...
Do not force pressed ..the most important thing now is to see a paediatrician ...they will do the needful when you get to the hospital. As regards the boils most boils are due to staphylococcus bacteria infections from the hands of those touching the child..... Kindly see a doctor for proper evaluation and prescription of antibiotic ....
My baby of 11 months is weighing 5.8 kg, pls should I be worried. Thanks
Your baby's weight is very okay.
Pls doctors and mummies, my 1 month has cattarh but it doesn't flow, it keeps making sound whenever it seems like he's trying to b...