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My 7-month-old stools watery poo with the bloodstain, and she's been running temperature on and off, what does this mean?
Dr Aina Johnson


Blood in the stools is not normal. It could be due to Dysentery or bleeding along the gastrointestinal tract. See a doctor
Apart from baby not eating an adequate diet, can teeth make baby poo greenish in colour?
NO, teething has nothing to do with greenish stools.
Is it good to use a drug for a baby of 8 months to prevent much sickness when is about to grow teeth e.g bonababe
Please do not use any drugs or medications. No teething drugs should be administered. Don't do self medication. Just do proper hygiene to prevent child from having diarrhea or infection.
My almost 9months old baby has been coughing for some days now. She also won’t eat and has a fever.I have taken her to the clinic and she was said to have tonsillitis and was given ceftriaxone injection and phenoxymethylpenicilli...
Dr. Dara Abiodun

Medical Doctor

Tonsillitis is bacteria infection of the tonsils. It is caused by bacteria usually present in the mouth or from the nostrils and airway
Can a year and few months Old babies take Ovaltine tea?
Yes, your baby can take Ovaltine tea.
When is the right month to start teaching a baby how to sit?
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You do not need to teach children to sit or attain any milestones. Please, don't put them on sit. They will sit spontaneously when they are ready, thank you
My baby has been running temperature and I took her to the hospital they carried out a test and confirm malaria and infection. And...
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Ma'am, kindly take your child back to the same hospital for follow up
Can a 7 months old baby take white oats with SMA
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Yes, it can be taken by a seven-month-old baby.
When is the appropriate age to start using a toothbrush for a baby?How best can I clean the babies mouth cos he always cries every morning when I use a soft towel with warm water and a pinch of sal...
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You can use toothbrush as soon as the first tooth is cut. Use just a smear of toothpaste suitable for a one year old. The age range is normally written on the pack of the toothpaste and the brush.
Can I give a biscuit to my 8 months child and can well-prepared noodles be given to him as well?. Thanks and God bless.
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yes you can give your child Indomie, but it shouldn't be on a daily basis, you should mix with other good balanced diet
My baby was tested positive for malaria but negative for hepatitis Yesterday. And was given a vaccine for Hbs and injection for th...But since yesterday his temperature is high. I went back today to collect gentamycin injection I complained and I was told not to...
The keyword mummy is PATIENCE, just continue to give what he likes best and makes him eat healthy no matter how little. All the Best Ma'am
My boy of 3 years has cough also having high temperature.A nurse prescribe erythromycin but as he was taking it no improvement started vomiting then i stop it i bought cough syrup still n...
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Kindly take your baby back to the paediatrician that prescribed the initial medications for proper assessment and treatment.
My Child has diarrhoea, he cannot eat but drinks little pap, and weak what must be done to increase his strength and eat.
Give Oral suspension and Zinc. If stooling persists kindly take the child to the hospital.
What can I use to clean my two weeks old baby tongue? Thanks
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Clean the tongue and gum with just cottonwool /washcloth (preferably the latter) dipped in water and used to clean the tongue
My baby of three weeks old does not sleep both night and day. What could be the cause? I'm worried.
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Congratulations on my your new born. Babies have dynamic sleep patterns, however what you have described sounds like colic.
Can I start introducing soft drinks to my 8 months baby girl?
Dr Aina Johnson


No other beverages except water and milk till age 1 year....even then soft drink not healthy choice
My son of 1year is running high vomiting, stooling, weakness, nothing at all..he is just running high fever..I have give...
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Ensure the temperature is checked with a digital thermometer. A temperature between 36.5- 37.5 is normal. Any reading above this is termed fever. Visit the hospital to see a Paediatrician rule out the cause of fever.
My 3 weeks old baby weighed 3.4kg at birth, He weighed 4.9kg today. Is his weight on point?
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Yes, you baby's weight is on point. At birth, the weight normally ranges from 2.5kg to 4.0kg.
My baby of 12 days has rashes on his bum and all over his chest and back of his ears. pls what can I use I need ur advice?
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The treatment of rashes depends on what is causing it. Kindly take your child to see a paediatrician or dermatologist for proper evaluation and management.
What type of gel is applied on baby's navel after the cord has fallen off and please is it compulsory?
Once the cord has fallen, just clean with moko methylated spirit or Chlorxy -G gel if still raw or yet to heal completely or become like normal skin.No need for any special care once it has healed fully and become like normal skin.