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My 7 years boy poo and fart always stink is it normal or something wrong, the boy is healthy and active
You have no need to worry.
What other food can I introduce to my 14months baby. She takes oatmeal, noodles, rice and custard.
You can get creative by giving your baby Eba and ewedu (draw soup)without paper. Fruits like oranges, apple, pineapple, biscuits etc also come handy. You can give vegetables too
After I had CS last month, all of my body have been inching me uncontrollably , everywhere oooo. Please help me, what will I do oo...
Please, Can anyone share with me how to brush teeth with paste for my 2 year old baby? I am still using my finger brush and refer...
Buy toothpaste for kids, it is in d market
How do stop my child from sucking her thumb? My girl sucks her thumb too hard that a callus is forming on her thumb. Help!
Wear her mitten (hand glove)
Please, What is the best way to teach my 10-month-old son how to crawl and sit. Any tips??
@10 months he shld b able to sit already but if not sit d baby down n use pillows 2 support him. N 4 crawling put colourful n musical toyz or movable toys d baby wld b attracted 2 go n get it. So it wld enable him 2 move
I wonder if my baby is teething again! He woke up from his afternoon nap with a fever, has been drooling loads and strangely poopi...
How old is he?
What is the ideal weight for a 9 month old baby? My baby presently weights on 7. 5 kg
@DrDayo, but Dr, what If I have to calculate the expected weight of 2, 3 or 5 month old baby, will it be constant (n + 9) / 2 or ( n + 3) /2 for 3 months old.?