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Baby GrowthSometimes my 4moths baby looks bigger and smaller again...what could be d cause?is it worm that is disturbing him?
Trying to conceiveNo idea
Business listingHow do I list my business on babymigo
Trying to conceive
GenotypePlease I want to ask how much does it cost for the unity test am from ABUJA
Baby not urinating often, like the diapers doesn’t soak well.My baby doesn’t urinate often and is getting me worried, please what could be the reason?,
Please Doc I need treatment for rashes on my baby skin. They look like mosquito bite and some like bruises. They are stubborn and...
How to heal ela
Flat tummyDear mummies in the house. Pls how do I get back my tummy after cs. When I had my other baby my tummy refused to go down. I will n...
Trying To ConvinceConvince
Family planningHow much can I do my family planning in Lakowe health center
BabyPlease my 30 days old baby nsara please kilo fa, and what can I do to stop it Oman fun mi so much consern. Thank you
What can someone use for indigestion and heartburn in pregnancy
My baby stopped breastfeeding at 3months
Though she's 4months now.. Tried expressing but she
Don't take it. She weighs 6.7...
Pls doctors, Is it advisable for a person to use a drug called (mawu mawu and yodi) ?
Am I pregnant?Good Evening, am a bit worried. Am supposed to start my period yesterday which was 20th but unfortunately I didn't but I have been...
Please Doc, what type of drip can someone with typhoid take
Good evening mums and Doc in the house. My baby is one week old today but his naval has not fallen off and it still looks strong i...
How can u know weather a newborn baby of 3days old has cerebral palsey. Can u know by the nature of their face?