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Please is it good to start take green tea if my baby start taking solid food and cereals? My baby will be 6months soon.
No, taking green tea is not recommended for a nursing mother.
4 months old baby PooingMy baby of 4 months is pooing for over two weeks now not stopping what should I do.
Babies on EBF can poo several times daily and sometimes not poo for days. Stool with Semi formed solids like melon is normal for EBF babies as long as the stools is not watery. That does not sink into the diaper like urine. Then it's normal
Can I give Soya beans to my 5 months old baby?Can I put soya beans powder in my 5 months baby pap
Hello ma'am, do not give anything yet. Exclusive breastfeeding means breastmilk only. Kindly wait till the baby is 6months old before starting complementary feeding. Read more on complementary feeding on the group wall and also on our website.
Please what can one use for lumps in the right armpit?
Lump has to be physically examined to determine cause and treatment. It could be something to be worried about or not.
BreastmilkMy baby of 7months stop taking breast milk but she takes every other food.... What should I give her to compensate for the breast...
Tips to introducing complementary feeding. Is your baby 6 months old? Is your baby able to sit up properly? Have adequate neck and head control. Shows interest in your food. If you answered yes to all this, then he/she is ready to start food. Start with single-ingredient infant foods. There's no particular order or food. Foods should be smooth and porridge inconsistent. Not too watery so as to meet the energy needs of the baby. E.g of foods is rice, oat cereal, yellow
What is the quantity of breast milk that can be express for a 13 weeks plus baby, minimum he can take per day as I'm starting work...
The quantity of milk to be expressed depends on the babies weight. Babies require approximately 100ml per kg per day. So check your babies weight, then express about 100ml for each kg everyday. Then divide the total quantity expressed into portions to be fed every 3hours.
Is it safe for a lactating mom to take Albendazole for worms and lonart tabs for malaria?
Were these drugs prescribed by a doctor?
Its been 3 days since my 13 months baby girl pooed what can I give her to relieve her, she is on breastfeeding?
Various factors can lead to constipation in children. Common causes include early toilet training and changes in diet. Fortunately, most cases of constipation in children are temporary.
I want to know if I can start breastfeeding my baby again after 3 months of not breastfeeding as I was away for work but am now ba...
You can always restart breastfeeding no matter how long the gap is as long as the milk is still flowing. The milk is always fine. Also note that you can breastfeed exclusively for 6 months
Taking cold water while breastfeeding, does it affect babies?
Pure myth, a nursing mother can drink cold water, it does not affect the baby.
My 15weeks old baby started crying at intervals yesterday. When am breastfeeding her she will cry, if I put her down she will cry....
A baby who is crying and not eating needs to see a doctor preferably a Paediatrician
Is it normal for a 13weeks baby to sweat off the forehead or face generally when sucking?
Yes, it is normal for babies to sweat while sucking. Sucking itself is work, so do not worry.
Cod liver oil to an exclusively breastfed baby necessary?
Can a breastfeeding mother use coartem and amoxillin to treat malaria and typhoid?
Please see a doctor first to confirm before using any medications. Do not self medicate.
Is it normal to have continuous tingling pains like pins and needles while breast feeding?
The sharp pains
For three weeks my baby can't poop unless I enemas her with warm water, secondly she normally has dried throat which at times make...
Your baby's throat is not dry you just feel that way. He is getting enough water from breast milk. 80% of breast milk is water and should be on exclusive breastfeeding till 6 months.
I had c-section to deliver my baby about a week ago, and am also on BP drug, can I supplement sma gold with breast milk?
Since it is possible that anti-hypertensive medications can affect breast milk production, flow and some drugs may not be compatible with breastfeeding if that's your case. You can introduce any age appropriate formula of your choice.
What kind of fruit can I eat as my baby is just 2 weeks and few days?
Its okay to eat the type of fruit you want. However, take one at a time so as to look out for any allergies (reactions) in your baby. If your baby doesn't react negatively its okay, but if you notice any reaction please discontinue immediately.
I'm on EBF, can I give my 2 months old baby water?
No. Do not give your baby water. Exclusive Breastfeeding means no water whatsoever till you introduce complementary feeding at 6 months. Breast milk already has water which is enough.
Can I deworm while breastfeeding?
Yes you can deworm.