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My baby is six months old, Ebf baby, can I give cereal and milk together e.g Cerelac and Nan
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You can give if the child does not react to it ma,we also encourage giving age appropriate milk
My boy is a year and 3months+. He doesn't eat whenever he sees the spoon and plate he runs and sometimes throws up when eating tho...
You have to be patient
My boy of just six months always restless, he plays and laughs a lot. The only time he relaxes is when he's asleep or when is abou...He drags everything within/around him to his mouth. Though he has been on exclusive breastfeeding since birth. Am beginning to wor...
There is a level of activity that is still within normal in children depending on their chronological age .....though some mums may look at it as hyperactivity. If however, you think you are not comfortable with your child's level of activity, kindly see a developmental paediatrician.
Why should I do Exclusive breastfeeding?
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Breastfeeding also benefits mothers too not only your baby Exclusive breastfeeding is associated with a natural (though not fail-safe) method of birth control (98% protection in the first six months after birth). It reduces risks of breast and ovarian cancer, type II diabetes, and postpartum depression
pls, I want to know if a breastfeeding mother can deworm?
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Yes a Breastfeeding mother can deworm herself with ALBENDAZOLE 400mg taken once.. It's an over the counter (OTC) drug hence we can prescribe it here online. Once again we are sorry for the delay
I just completed Exclusive breastfeeding for my baby, so I started introducing other food to her, whenever I feed her with milk, p...
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It is adviced that your baby's first meal be as close to nature as possible, this means no processed, tasteless bland cereal. Day 1, ONE SPOON (15mls) Day 2, TWO SPOONS (30mls) Day 3, THREE SPOONS (45mls)
I'm an exclusive breastfeeding mum my 2month 2weeks old baby. Have been sick for 2days now down with malaria, coartem, Amoxil and...
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Hello ma'am, if the drugs were prescribed by your doctor and he/she is aware you are breastfeeding then there is nothing wrong with taking the drugs. Kindly avoid self medications but follow your doctor's instructions. If you have any doubts or complaints please let the Doctor know. Kind regards.
How do I know if my exclusively breastfed baby is given water in the crèche? Are there signs I can use to tell?
There are no physical signs, kindly ensure you provide enough breast milk for your Baby and informed them he or she is on EBF hence no need for water
I'm a nursing mother, am having whitlow, can I take Lincomycin or any other antibiotics .thanks
Self medication is discouraged especially as a nursing mother. There are some antibiotics that are safe for breastfeeding mums. However, do not self medicate please see a doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment
Can warm water be given to a newborn baby since the breast milk is not flowing well
it is wrong to give water to a newborn. She advises that if the mother is not lactating yet, breast milk substitute should be given (i.e formula aged 0 - 6 months). Also ensure baby is still put to breast frequently to kick start lactation as breast milk is the best food for any baby in the first 6 months of life (no water, agbo, e.t.c)
My baby will be four months old in 2days and she has been on EBF, and I would resume work on Monday, I still wish to continue with...
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Breast milk if not stored in the freezer or fridge can only last for 6 hours at normal room temperature
can I give my daughter of 4months old golden morn? I went to the creche to make enquiry concerning her registration, the owner tol...
Dear mum, do not give your child any of the foods for now. All she needs for now is exclusive breastfeeding. You can express and preserve it well for her to take at the Creche. We at ATP are advocates of exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months after birth and WHO also recommends the same. If that isn't convenient for you, then you can get an age-appropriate formula for her.
I just notice ear pus and, my 3months baby. I didn't put anything in the ear, though I lie down the breastfeed most times, especia...
please let the child be seen by an ENT doctor. The pus will be examined and the appropriate treatment can be given.
Can a breastfeeding mother of 10months embark on a detox and weight loss process?
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Dieting and weight loss therapies are not recommended for breastfeeding mums.
I'm weaning my son of a year and 3 month. My breast is full and painful. Being taking paracetamol and I think it's not working wha...
I suspect you aren't latching him well. Always ensure that your nipple is directly into your baby's mouth.
My 9month old baby just stopped breastfeeding, though I tried forcing her to, she won't still yield, should I keep trying or I sho...
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You may need to see a Paediatrician for further evaluation to know why the baby is refusing to suck and how to help you further
Is it safe for a mother to deworm while breastfeeding her one-month-old baby?
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Hello ma'am,Yes, you can.
My baby of 5months that is on EBF is losing his hair and so many people are telling me that it is eela/nla that I should go to Yor...
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Babies often lose their hair during the first six months. This kind of hair loss is called telogen effluvium. ... About 5 to 15 percent of hair on the scalp is usually in the resting phase at any one time, but stress, fever, or a hormonal change can cause a large number of hairs to stop growing all at once.
Good morning docs, I just finish breasting my baby without given her water for 3 month and I don't want to do that for 6 month. Pl...
All your baby needs for the first 6 months is breastmilk. Your breastmilk contains everything your baby needs. Continue to breastfeed exclusively, at 6 months you can add complimentary feeding like papa, match crayfish etc
My daughter of 2 months today have this sticky milk fluid inside her ear, after bath it usually comes out but not pox and I have n...
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please go back to the hospital or let the child be seen by a ENT doctor. The pus will be examined and the appropriate treatment can be given.