Please can a breastfeeding mother resume breastfeeding the following day after treating malaria with Lonart-ds?
I hope the malaria that was treated was diagnosed by a doctor after a proper malaria parasite test was carried out? Because
- Engorgement (swollen , firm and painful breast) share a lot of symptoms with malaria and a lot of mothers are not aware. The solution is just to breastfeed or pump out the breastmilk and all the fever, headache and other malaria-like symptoms would go away themselves.
- You cannot breastfeed while taking Lonart-ds, you have to wait for about a week post medication to resume breastfeeding and because of that, i doubt if any medical practitioner would prescribe it to a breastfeeding mother.
- Also, please stop self medicating, it is very dangerous. Always see a medical professional first.
Ensure you're not selfmedicating, meanwhile lonart is safe during breastfeeding.