This is what your Ideal Baby Shopping List should look like

Like many mothers, you sure are excited about shopping for your little one, those cute little socks and cute body suits. You’ll find out quickly there’s a lot to buy especially if you’re a first-time mother, be open to receive used items from others. Don’t get tempted to buy too many of those cute outfits as they will outgrow them quickly. Also buy things across. Here’s a list to guide you through your shopping;



  •         6 – 8 Long sleeved onesies/sleepsuits – (look for ones that zip or snap down all the way so you don’t pull over babies head)
  •         Shirt and bodysuits (5-7)
  •         Leggings (5-7)
  •         6 – 8 Short sleeve bodysuits
  •         1 – 2 sweaters
  •         3 Fancy going out Outfit
  •         3 – 6 pairs of socks
  •         Cap/booties/mittens
  •         Blankets
  •         Several burp cloths
  •         Washcloth/towels
  •         Pyjamas


     First Aid/Grooming

  •         Soft hairbrush and comb
  •         Thermostat
  •         Nail cutter/baby scissors/soft nail enamel file
  •         Baby changing mat
  •         Cotton wool
  •         Baby moisturizer
  •         Baby wipes
  •         Nappies (they grow out of the newborn sizes quickly so don’t stock too many)
  •         Diaper cream
  •         Baby bath soap/shampoo
  •         Baby bath
  •         Diapers



  •         Feeding bottles, extra teats
  •         Steriliser
  •         Lots of bibs (the wipeable ones are better)
  •         Cleaner for bottle
  •         Cup and spoon


  •         Crib/cot/mattress
  •         Fitted sheets (pillows are dangerous for babies)
  •         Changing table
  •         Mosquito net
  •         Crib mobile
  •         Pram/pushchair
  •         Baby wallpaper


  •         Breast pump and storage bags (ice packs to store milk)
  •         Nursing bra
  •         Nursing pads
  •         Nipple cream (for breastfeeding)
  •         Loose shirts/button down for easy feeding


  •         Car seat
  •         Bouncer
  •         Playpen
  •         Bassinet/Moses basket
  •         Teething rings
  •         Playmat
  •         Baby Bag and portable changing mat
  •         Food/Bottle warmer
  •         Flask
  •         Baby carrier/sling
  •         Nursing cover
  •         Non-bio washing soap for laundry
  •         Wash hanger

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