How To Care For Your Baby Boy After A Circumcision


Caring for your baby boy after circumcision is a phase that you'll need to carefully go through as your baby will depend on you and will need your attention so much. Being circumcised is like having a minor surgery and your baby will have to go through a process of healing. In this article, we'll be sharing tips on how to care for your baby afterward.



What is a circumcision? 

A circumcision is a way of removing the foreskin of the penis. This is due to some cultural, religious, and medical reasons and this happens after a few days or weeks of birth.



Benefits of circumcision in baby boys

Reduced risk of infection: Circumcision helps to reduce the likelihood of having urinary tract infections, sexually transmitted infections, and penile infections.


Easy to clean: Circumcision makes it easy to clean the penis after the foreskin must have been cut off and this helps to reduce irritations and infections.


It prevents phimosis: This is a condition when the foreskin becomes excessively tight and cannot be removed; circumcision can prevent this from happening. 


It prevents penile cancer: Although penile cancer is an uncommon illness generally, research suggests that those who have had their penile cut off have a decreased incidence of the disease.


It prevents balanitis: Glans irritation and infection (balanitis) may be less common after circumcision.


Other related issues: The risk of developing adhesions or infections associated with the foreskin is removed by circumcision.



How to care for baby boys after a circumcision

Caring for your baby after circumcision will take another one to two weeks where you have to nurse the area until it has healed properly. Below are ways to care for your baby after a circumcision:


Be careful: You need to be careful when handling your baby mostly when he needs a diaper change. Change the diaper carefully and make sure you are not touching the healing area. Also, use ordinary water or water-based wipes.


Use petroleum jelly/olive oil: Apply petroleum jelly or olive oil consistently to that area to avoid it sticking to the diaper. This has to be done at intervals to hasten the healing process too. When the area is healing up, make use of antibiotic ointment like penicillin.


Avoid tight clothes: Make sure that your baby puts on comfortable and loose clothing through this period. Avoid tight clothing which can cause irritation in that area and also watch out for any form of discomfort.


Be sensitive to infections: You have to watch closely to see if there is any sign of infection like redness soreness or pores within that area, if you notice that, consult your health provider immediately.


Keep the area clean: Always make sure that the area is clean and patted dry whenever you are changing your baby's diaper. 


Pain relief: As recommended by your doctor, give pain relief to soothe the baby's pain and normalise his temperature.


Follow instructions: Follow all instructions by your healthcare provider and do not leave anyone out. Avoid self-medication.


No tight diaper: You need to make sure that the diaper is not right and fitted. Always make it loose for that period.


Don't immerse your baby in water: Stick to a sponge bath until the area is healed. Do not dip the baby's body inside the water for too long.



The period of circumcision and the process of healing is a very crucial one. As a mom, you have to be there for the baby because he would be feeling pain during the period. It's always a time to bond. Do not forget to follow all the instructions of your healthcare provider.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Should I wait for the circumcision ring to fall off?

Do not force the removal of the circumcision ring. It should naturally fall off by itself within one or two weeks.


Can I massage my baby's circumcision?

It is not advisable to massage the area unless specifically instructed by your healthcare provider.


Can I rub vaseline on my baby's circumcision?

Yes, you can. Make sure it's a light one and not too thick.


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