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How do I know If my daughter of 20months is growing in terms of Heights not weights? Thanks.
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An average newborn has a height of 50cm and it becomes 75cm at one year and about 77cm at age 2 years. Your baby's height may also a reflection of the height of your husband and you. Tall parents have tall children and vice versa.
please help!!! My 7 months old baby fontanelles not pulsating. What do I do
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Dear Mum, it's a normal phenomenon. It doesn't have to pulsate and you you don't have to see pulsations.
Please how do I confirm measles in an 18-month-old who was immunized at 9months? He has a fever and some rashes on his face with c...
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You have to take your baby to the hospital to confirm if it is measles or not. They are different kind of rash and it takes a doctor to physically examine to determine which kind is.
My baby is 2months old. Some days back I noticed she was hot then I exposed her to bring her temperature. She's not eating well an...the problem is that she's still not eating well although she's not hot and wen eating she's making attempt to throw up except if s...
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Please next time take such young babies to see a Paediatrician not the health centres. I will still ask you to take her to see a doctor preferably a Paediatrician at a Teaching Hospital or any standard hospital. In that age, not every fever is Malaria and we will not use intramuscular injections to treat malaria in such age groups
I am very stressed,my son is 13 months but he cant walk on his own. He only walk with a support...What could be the problem?pls he...
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Hello Mum,Babies walk at different times. Kindly see a Paediatrician only if he is not walking by 18months. However I am sure he will walk before then. Relax and don't worry!
Baby medicinePlease can my baby of 3yrs use (Biosea)cod liver oil
Cod liver oil has many health benefits for kids; however, you should only give this oil to your kid after it has been prescribed by your doctor. If your doctor feels the need, he may prescribe cod liver oil supplements to your child. Babies who are still on breast milk can derive its benefits if the mother takes cod liver oil.
HelpMy son of 1+ is always keeping his mouth open, and I don't like it. How do I stop it?
Pls, what could be the cause of not having enough/good sleep in infants?
Kindly see a Paediatrician first for thorough evaluation. How long does the baby sleep for at night? How often do you feed the baby? What quantity of food does the baby finish? What is her birth weight and current weight?
Please, can I give my One year and 10months boy tea? (Milo and peak milk)
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Yes ma'am, you can.
My son is 1year 9months has Cough. I have used Tri-dex PE Oral, Tricohist and it seems not to stop.Taken him to hospital but i...
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Dear mom, usually coughs doesn't need medication, it is a viral infection that should be left to run its course it will resolve on its own with or without medication except if it comes with other symptoms like fever or vomiting. If it lasts too long or is recurrent please take your child to see a Paediatrician for proper evaluation and management preferably in a teaching hospital.
My 1year 8month old son has a high body temperature. He just finished malaria treatment last week, but what I observe is that his...
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Hello ma'am, good afternoon. No ma, we do not prescribe drugs online, you can give paracetamol for the temperature and see a Doctor for proper evaluation and management.
Is white oat good for a baby of 14months?
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Yes Ma'am but ensure you give with milk and give all classes of food in the right proportion.
Please can my baby of 2 years + take custard?
Yes you can give your baby custard.
Pls doc, my two year old daughter has been running temperature for 2 days now. I have administered ibuprofen but still, notice tha...
Hello sir,how did you ascertain the degree of the fever? Did you check using a thermometer?
Which worm medicine is recommended for kids of 3years, 6months and also 1year 6months
Hello ma, good afternoon. Children should be dewormed starting from age one and at 6months interval. So you should not deworm your six month old child please.
My 2 years baby doesn't chew but swallow all her food though she has complete teeth. Should I worry?
Dr Aina Johnson


Most children are not yet chewing at this age; not to worry just mash his food...the yam and potato...make very soft and mash.
I want to ask is it necessary that when you are bathing a baby you have to turn the baby hands to his/her back so that when baby...
No, it's not necessary. Just bath the baby normal and also there's no need for twice a day bath.
Great work babymigo has been doing...My daughter of 19 months..has a temperature I can't describe....sometimes her stomach will be...
Hello Ma, Did you check with a thermometer?
pls, what can I apply to my child of two years mouth? He had a fever while treating it notice sore in his mouth
please take the child to the hospital. The cause of sores need to be ascertained before treatment
My 22months old daughter always gets this slight abdominal pain especially after eating, pls what can be the problem and what can...
There are many causes of abdominal pain so you may want to see a doctor first preferably a Paediatrician for a full evaluation to know the specific cause in your own child. You will be advised on the appropriate treatment depending on the specific cause of the abdominal pain