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My son of a year and eight months has to stop urinating at night. Throughout the night my boy will not wet his diaper. I have stop...
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There is absolutely nothing wrong with the baby sleeping through the night without passing urine.... Thats one of the criteria for toilet training.... Ability to control the bladder
I noticed my baby's testicles swelling and going down again....pls what can be done?
This has to be examined by a Paediatric Surgeon ,because a swollen scrotum may be a hernia or a hydrocele.Treatment(surgery) is similar but the timing is different. A hernia may need to be repaired earlier to prevent complications. There is really no way to prevent it occurring again. Hydroceles are not hereditary but a small percentage occur in some families, especially among male siblings and twins.
What is the cause of stammering in a child and what are the remedies
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Possible cause of stuttering may be one of the following; 1. Fear and anxiety: If a child is always shouted down and scolded when s/he speaks. This may lead to the child having a poor self image, loss of confidence in self there by affecting the child's normal speech pattern. As a result a child may begin to stutter or go mute. 2. Imitation: Is their an adult or child they like so much who stutters?
I need to know can tie tongue affect a child in future even when the child has no challenge in speaking or eating? Can it be relea...
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Tongue tie doesn't cause dumbness or affect speech except exceptionally thick one which doesn't allow the baby's tongue to lift which may rarely affect speech, in such cases qualified paediatric surgeons can do a simple surgery to free fact this is done around age 1 to 2 years
My baby is a year and six months. He poo a lot this made him be very slim. He can poo 4 to 5times daily (he's not purging) as long...
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Your baby weight is quite small for the age as he should be weighing more than that. You might want to increase feed and if the weight isn't better see a doctor for further investigation on the weight loss.
My 2-year old tested positive to malaria and I asked to buy Lonart syrup. I was suppose to reconstitute the powder to 60ml but rat...I just want to know ma if the drug will still be effective or should I increase the dosage from 5ml to 7.5ml. Thank you
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You can give like that or you can get a new one. Please make sure you constitute drugs according to instructions.
My baby of 2 years has mouth sore since 6 days ago and she has been using Ampicillin, Oral Nystatin, Vitamin b2 and Vitamin C with...
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Who made the prescriptions? Hope you are not self medicating. Kindly see a doctor for further evaluation and management. The underlying cause of the sores itself must be addressed. Clean the mouth with cotton wool in mild antiseptics like TCP and you can apply bonjela cream for soothing effects as first aid on your way to the hospital for a proper diagnosis and treatment. Treat as urgent.
My boy of 2years and four months, mistakenly match nail, should I give him an injection
Yes you should give him tetanus injection immediately. According to Dr Gbemisola pls take the Tetanus Toxoids at a Government hospital.... at a Health Center or Teaching Hospitals..... All these roadside chemists do not keep the vaccines properly.
Please, the drug prescribed for my baby, She threw up within 10mins I administered the drug. Should I repeat the dosage?
Wait for another 30minutes before repeating the drugs...
I noticed fever from my baby's body yesterday, and when I removed his clothes around 1 am, I noticed that his body is reddish in c...
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Kindly see a doctor preferably a paediatrician or dermatologist for appropriate treatment. Their are different types of rashes with different causes which also may require different treatment. Most have to be seen before the right diagnosis can be made and treatment commenced.
My 1year old child has been coughing for a month now. The first time we saw a doctor they gave us vitamin C syrup, Tuxil and one t...
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Bronchial asthma or tuberculosis can cause persistent/prolonged cough. Any child coughing for more than 2 weeks should be seen by a paediatrician for further evaluation and management.
At what age can i introduce golden morn and quaker oat to my child?
On the Golden Morn package the Manufacturers have clearly stated not for infants below age 3 years....any other age appropriate cereal will be okay.
My nephew of 4years is growing white hair on his head. Pls, what could be the cause?
Some people have genetic tendency to have grey hairs. You may have to see a doctor(dermatologist) for proper examination.
Am I doing it right by cooking noodles for by baby of a year plus, instead of the season I added blended crayfish and I given othe...
My baby boy tummy is giving me concern, whenever eats or drinks small food or water it bulges out like that of a pregnant woman bu...
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If he passes stools regularly, has a good appetite and is not vomiting or complaining of any abdominal symptoms (pain, discomfort..) ,there may be nothing to worry about .
Place what can one give a three year old child who has diarrhoea and refused to take ORS?No matter how u pet him to take the ORS, he refused to drink it. Maybe he doesn't like the taste. What can be given the child?
If he's refusing ORS... Try other home-based fluids like coconut water, rice water even garri water. If not tolerating any of the fluids you have to take him to the hospital for intravenous Rehydration.
Right Ear issue.Good day Dictors and Mother in the house. I just noticed a sticky, creamy discharge in my baby right ear. By the time I check well...
If you mean PUS or PURULENT EAR DISCHARGE, Purulent ear discharge suggests infection of the middle ear usually caused by bacteria. Pls take him to the hospital for proper evaluation, diagnosis and treatment
Please doctor, what is Blake's pouch cyst and how it affects the baby
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In layman language, jt js one abnormal malformations in the brain. Kindly see a PAEDIATRICIAN or Neurosurgeon for further evaluation and management
Can I ask if worms can cause constipation in children?
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No, it doesn't. Common causes include early toilet training and changes in diet.
I do add red oil while making my baby's pap is it health-wise?
Dr Aina Johnson


Adding palm oil is a way of fortifying the pap. Add just a table spoon