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I want to ask is it necessary that when you are bathing a baby you have to turn the baby hands to his/her back so that when baby...
No, it's not necessary. Just bath the baby normal and also there's no need for twice a day bath.
Great work babymigo has been doing...My daughter of 19 months..has a temperature I can't describe....sometimes her stomach will be...
Hello Ma, Did you check with a thermometer?
pls, what can I apply to my child of two years mouth? He had a fever while treating it notice sore in his mouth
please take the child to the hospital. The cause of sores need to be ascertained before treatment
My 22months old daughter always gets this slight abdominal pain especially after eating, pls what can be the problem and what can...
There are many causes of abdominal pain so you may want to see a doctor first preferably a Paediatrician for a full evaluation to know the specific cause in your own child. You will be advised on the appropriate treatment depending on the specific cause of the abdominal pain
Can a 3 year old that has been having respiratory allergies be termed asthmatic?
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No ma'am, Not so fast.. Asthma needs to be diagnosed by a doctor
Pls, my 2years old daughter uses the same Toothpaste with us but little quantity is it safe?
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Hello ma'am, it is advisable to get age appropriate tooth paste, there are less expensive ones. You can click the link below to the webinar on dental hygiene for children under 5 years of age.
Well-done on a good job babymigo. I had my almost 2 years old son vaccinated during graduation the last measles vaccination exerci...
Should it even be Measles, there are possible explanations for a child previously immunized still having measles infection.
My 1year and 2months baby is having diarrhoea, I gave her oral water and zinc but did not stop, for 3weeks now, pls what can I use...
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Hello babymigo mom, please take your baby to the hospital for proper evaluation and management immediately.
I've been wondering how my almost 2years old son came down with measles even after making sure he got immunised during the last na...
Also note that this infection the child has now may not be measles. Yes, there are other skin infections that may look like measles but are not measles. The only way to confirm measles is not just by the rashes but by a test as recommended by your doctor....then you are 100% sure it is measles.....there are many other viral infections that can mimic measles even drug reactions
It's been war brushing my 2year olds teeth that i practically have to hold him down to force him and he refuses to open his moth f...
Children at this age are motivated by fun and reward so you can incorporate this into tooth-brushing time.Make it fun, play music or sing a song like "This is the way we brush our teeth, incorporate your child's name. Give praises at the end of the activity. You can create a tooth-brushing chart where you put a smiley face, a tick or a sticker when you finish brushing your child's teeth.
My 3 years old daughter was given injection cos she had an infection but has been complaining of pains on her thigh. Is it somethi...
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Kindly take her back to the hospital but the first aid is that you should apply ice packs, use pain killers like paracetamol.
Please, can I really deworm for my 15months old baby n which deworming drugs can I use? Thanks.
Yes You can start deworming at 1 year and repeat at every 6months There are different types of deworming drugs and they can be bought without a doctors prescription. Albendazole is a good choice. The dosage should be given to you by the pharmacist based on your child's age (200mg /400mg; 200mg for children below 2 years
A boy used a nail to tear my son's leg and I showed the wound to a nurse she said it does really need Tetanus (TT) that it did not...
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Puncture from rusty nails and the traditional dirty wounds are not the only portals for tetanus. A suppurative ear infection, a poorly treated ear infection, a botched abortion done with dirty instruments, can all lead to tetanus. So could dressing of the umbilical stump of newborns with cow dung, or any wound [including circumcision wounds, or even piercings for ear rings] with herbal concoctions. All the deadly organism needs is a contaminated wound, a suppurative infection, a devitalised area of tissue, or just an anaerobic environment! The key to prevention thus is keeping of wounds clean and prompt treatment of suppurative infections. Also timely immunisation against tetanus, and prompt reinforcements with booster doses.
my daughter of 20months prefers fried potato to boiled, and she wants it every day, hope no negative effects?.
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Good day ma,in as much as it isn't on a daily bases. You can to experiment with different foods because you baby need balanced diet
At what months can I start introducing my male baby to sitting???
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you don't need to make a Baby sit ,he will sit when his ready to do so
Can I give a baby of 2 months Neonatal Ampiclox to treat a cough?
Most cold and cough both in children
Can I give my one year old and three months old baby butter?
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Yes, you can give butter. Butter can be used to fortify baby meals
Itching bodyMy baby of 1year 7months itches her body and that has caused spots on her skin meanwhile the itching hasn't stopped,pls what can I...
At first, you have to be mindful of the environment where your baby sleeps. Consider washing the baby's clothes and beddings with antiseptics like Dettol or salon. Heat could also be a reason. On the temporary, you can use Dusting powder and make sure you take his bath at least twice daily
My daughter has a cough, she is two years. have given her Coflin Syrup and Emzolyn syrup but she still cough and vomit pls tell me...
Kindly note that cough syrup is not recommended for infants especially below the age of 1 year. The most important thing to do is to treat the cause of the cough
Please can a lactating mother take CIPRO-500? Baby is 22 months old.
Dr Aina Johnson


Was it prescribed by a doctor? Please avoid self medication and only use if prescribed by a doctor.