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Please can a child of two years plus take golden morn and quacker oat?
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I normally recommend that potty training should start at 2 years of age, when the child is ready. So please your child is still young. In some climes, potty training a child less than two years old is termed child abuse. Please don't let people's claim of potty training as early as 6 months deceive you.You have not done anything wrong. Wait till he/she is older. All the best.
Does Cipri Gold Make child eat?Good day parents and doctors. Please my baby is 1year old, but does not eat except breast. Can I use Cipri Gold for him to make hi...
My friend's child is Down syndrome,she is a year and 6 months,no teeth and her weight is below 7kg. pls, is the weight range for s...
Hi, she's underweight. Is she being followed up by any Paediatrician? Kindly see one as soon as possible. There are specific Down Syndrome Chart. You can check online for them to plot the chart.
Pls, what is the dosage of worm medicine for Albendazole 400mg/10ml? The similar question I saw was for 200mg/ 10ml. My baby is 18...
It is usually 400mg in 20ml if using syrup for children 2-year-old and above. If your baby is less than 2 years old, give 200mg ie 10ml and it is every 6 months
Please, What can give my baby of two months having catarrh?
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Most cough and cattarh are usually due to viral infection which will normally run their course with or without any form of treatment hence we discourage abuse of antibiotics in that regard. Keep breastfeeding exclusively
Good evening doctors. Pls, my baby of a year and eight months has sores all over his mouth. He has refused to eat anything since y...
Dear mum, the sore in your baby's mouth could be as a result of the illness. However, kindly take the baby back to the hospital for treatment of sore development.
My 15months old has her lower gums swollen. I gave her paracetamol. Will that reduce d pains and the swollen gums. someone said I...
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You need to take your child to the Paediatric Dentist for proper check and treatment. There are many things that can cause swollen or bleeding gums. Either the child's teeth are not properly cleaned or the child has a bacterial or viral infection e.g Herpetic stomatogingivitis, don't mind the grammar. Whatever the case may be he needs to have a proper check and treated accordingly
What can one use to treat hard cough and chest pain whenever she cough d breathing looks like middle asthma. She has been taking d...
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Kindly see a Paediatrician... Child may require a Chest Xray to rule out pneumonia or other chest problems. PLS TREAT AS URGENT
My baby of two is growing her premolars, her gums are swollen, she has a terrible breath now, and also bleeding gum.pls help mi fo...
There are a few reasons why bleeding can occur in a child's mouth at this age, it could simply be a new tooth growing (erupting) or it could be inflammation of the gum (this can happen if his teeth are not brushed daily) or it could be a herpes simplex virus infection among other things.
What can I give to my son of 1year 3months(weight 11kg) who has bow leg? Thanks in anticipation.
You cannot give him anything ma, there are different causes and only proper evaluation by a Paediatrician and/or an Orthopaedic Surgeon can determine the exact cause and the appropriate treatment.
My baby of 2year's Six months old have been pooping for three days now. I gave him Flagyl with ORS. But not Stopped. The poo is wa...
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Flagyl is a form of antibiotics which is meant to be used only on prescription by a Doctor. There is nothing like Jedi Jedi in medicine so please stop all self-medication.
Any home remedies for croup cough for a 2year old?
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It is important to note that most cough
My baby's stool has been watery since Thursday and I noticed some traces of blood in it today twice she is 1year 27days .what shou...
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Blood in the stools is NOT NORMAL. It could be due to Dysentery or bleeding along the gastrointestinal tract. Blood like substance does not necessarily mean that there is blood in the stools. Kindly see a doctor and let the stools be analysed in the laboratory. If confirmed to be blood the underlying cause of the bloody stools will be further investigated and treated.
Please can my baby of 2 years plus start using sugar for his pap? I have been using glucose, don't know if I should still be using...
I recommend formula or milk, However, there is no law that says you can not just add sparingly just to give a taste for babies who will not take ordinary pap. MODERATION IS THE KEYWORD......
My Child Of 3 years old, some Rashes Is Coming Out Of Her Body And It Itching Her
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Ma'am, the treatment of rashes can only be determined by a doctor or dermatologist. Kindly see a Paediatric dermatologist for examination and proper treatment.
I need help. Please, I want to know how if I can prevent chickenpox from affecting my baby (1yr10mnths)? Her niece staying with me...
You have to try and separate her (your niece) to limit contact with other members of the family especially your baby.
Can my 14-month son take cornflakes and little sugar? Thanks
Yes, ma'am, he can take cornflakes
Pls, state the uses of palm kernel oil(that is when palm kernel is broken, dried and cook to extract the oil. It's usually black i...
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Please, do not give anything ....BLACK, YELLOW, RED, GREEN OR PINK OIL to a new born apart from BREASTMILK. Thank you
My son penis do go inside and look very invisible but it does come out and look straight, but most times it's always inside and lo...
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It is probably the circumcision was poorly done and there are still excess foreskin. She should see a Paediatric Surgeon or Urologist at the closest Teaching Hospital for further evaluation and management.

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