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My 2 years and four months baby doesn't eat any thing cooked food only cereals.
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Some children are picky eaters and require more patience than any other.
My friend's daughter of 2 years+ has got an itching vagina without rashes or redness. Could it be a vagina infection (I never knew...
Please, also rule out any case of sexual assault or abuse from peers /school etc. Just to be sure
My baby of 1year and 2 months normally has this rash that looks like a mosquito bite. It itches her severely and when you help her...
Good day ma'am, the treatment of rashes depends on the type and causes and can only be determined by a doctor. Please take the child to the hospital for thorough evaluation and treatment.
My 2 years old baby's one leg is bowed, at first, I was believing it will straighten as how time goes on but it getting more bowed...
Kola Yetunde

Mother of 2 boys, Expecting

It's best to see a paediatrician and orthopaedic surgeon. All issues will be clarified while ensuring that nutrition is improved.... milk, egg, oily fish, cereals that have been fortified with vitamin D. Finally, playing under the sun is helpful
A boy of 1 year and 5 months is yet to stand on his own nor walk. what could be the cause and how can we help the child.
Can your baby crawl? Can the he stand while holding something? If he can stand and cruise around. Moving around holding to support, then don't worry as he will soon walk But if by 18 months
My daughter of 2 years temperature is 38.6 degree Celsius, is this okay?
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The temperature is high. Normal body temperature ranges between 36.5°c to 37.5°c. Anything higher is fever which will require paracetamol and tepid sponge as first aid. Still take your child to the hospital for a proper diagnosis
My daughter of two years has been complaining of stomach ache since last week but I thought he was saying so as not to eat only fo...
Who prescribed the drugs you gave? Hope it's not self-medication? For the stooling, mix ORS and be giving him and watch. If the stool becomes too frequent, bloody or any fever, please take him to the hospital. And if he is also not tolerating the ORS, take him to hospital
My son is 16 months and he just doesn't eat much he eats such a little everything I offer him he just don't want to eat he maybe h...
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1 Year .....Average Weight Is 10kg 2 Years..... Average Weight Is 12 Kg 3 Years..... Average Weight Is 14 Kg 4 Years..... Average Weight Is 16kg 5 Years..... Average Weight Is 18kg 6 Years .....Average Weight Is 20kg
If I give my 1year and a month old daughter anything sugary, she poos immediately. Even multivitamin drugs and fruits especially o...
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Avoid anything sugary. Give your children less of sugary Things and more of fresh fruits and drinks
Good day, pls how do u treat boils on a toddlers face ?
Make a compress. To help the boil open up and drain, try applying a warm compress. Practice good hygiene to stop the boil spreading. Boils can spread very easily. Don't squeeze the boil. Keep an eye on the boil. Give pain relief if necessary. See your doctor if your toddlers are having some pain
My child of 2 years +, her right ear is paining her seriously, she has been crying.what will do?
The cause of the ear pain needs to be evaluated by a doctor. Kindly take your child to see an ENT doctor for management.
Pls my daughter of 2 years have something like a blister on her body especially the leg and back and when it dried, it will leave...
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There are different types of rashes and their causes also varies. Therefore treatment can only be determined by the cause. Please take the child to see a paediatric dermatologist for proper evaluation and treatment.
My 3year 8months boy started having this fever feeling with a cough which has been consistent. I believe it could be malaria so I...
Dr. Dara Abiodun

Medical Doctor

Most cold and cough both in children
My 2years and 9months old baby have a persistent cough that has been on and off since Feb. We have given her different cough syrup...
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You need to identify the underlying cause of recurrent cough. These are some of the questions you should ask 1.Anyone with cough and catarrh round baby? 2. Are you exclusively breastfeeding? 3. Are you keeping baby warm or exposing to cold with frequent baths or cold baths or direct fan or too cold AC (Air Conditioning) in the room? 4. Are you exposing your baby to smoke - kitchen, cigarette, firewood, palm oil frying etc? 5. Do you have catarrh or cough yourself? 6. Is your baby attending creche? 7. Is your baby well-immunized or age?
My 1year 6months baby has been down with malaria according to the test result. I was given anti-malaria and paracetamol syrup,ther...
Try see a paediatrician for proper examination and treatment
My 15 months old boy picks up anything he sees and keeps them in his nose, like paper, dirt and even food. I hope this is not a he...
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Please endeavour to keep a close watch on him and keep things. He can easily put into the nose, mouth or ear away from him.
My son of 2years and 6month has been down wit malaria, the test result shows scanty malaria, so I took him to the hospital and the...
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To stop you child from vomiting after taking drugs,You can give drugs on empty or partially empty tummy unless advised otherwise by the doctor to reduce the risk of vomiting. Taking the drugs in little bits at a time as opposed to all at once may also help. She advised against force feeding the child with medications especially the ones that are not sweet. If all else fails, please take child back for drugs to be administered intravenously.
I need information about the healthiest beverage for 3 year old. Thank you
You can choose from brands of beverages in the market to feed your baby with.
How can I treat Convulsion in a 3yrs old boy?
Dr. Dara Abiodun

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Treatment or management of Convulsions is best done by a neurologist. According to Dr Gbemisola Boyede, take the child to the hospital immediately after recovering from the convulsion for thorough examination and treatment. How can I Prevent my child having a febrile Convulsion? Unfortunately, There is no way to prevent febrile convulsions. Keep your child cool and comfortable when they have a fever may help. The best ways to bring your child's temperature down are by: undressing your child so that they are just wearing a single layer (for example a singlet and pants) making sure the room is not too hot or too cold, give paracetamol Ensure the child is treated early depending on the cause of the fever.
Please how can I get my breast back in shap Nd from falling after hv stop breastfeeding
Wear firm bra, eat balance diet, exercise, and sleep at the ryt time