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My baby boy tummy is giving me concern, whenever eats or drinks small food or water it bulges out like that of a pregnant woman bu...
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If he passes stools regularly, has a good appetite and is not vomiting or complaining of any abdominal symptoms (pain, discomfort..) ,there may be nothing to worry about .
Place what can one give a three year old child who has diarrhoea and refused to take ORS?No matter how u pet him to take the ORS, he refused to drink it. Maybe he doesn't like the taste. What can be given the child?
If he's refusing ORS... Try other home-based fluids like coconut water, rice water even garri water. If not tolerating any of the fluids you have to take him to the hospital for intravenous Rehydration.
Right Ear issue.Good day Dictors and Mother in the house. I just noticed a sticky, creamy discharge in my baby right ear. By the time I check well...
If you mean PUS or PURULENT EAR DISCHARGE, Purulent ear discharge suggests infection of the middle ear usually caused by bacteria. Pls take him to the hospital for proper evaluation, diagnosis and treatment
Please doctor, what is Blake's pouch cyst and how it affects the baby
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In layman language, jt js one abnormal malformations in the brain. Kindly see a PAEDIATRICIAN or Neurosurgeon for further evaluation and management
Can I ask if worms can cause constipation in children?
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No, it doesn't. Common causes include early toilet training and changes in diet.
I do add red oil while making my baby's pap is it health-wise?
Dr Aina Johnson


Adding palm oil is a way of fortifying the pap. Add just a table spoon
Can a 15 months old toddler take oats with her milk?
Oats can be introduced from 6 months.
Swallowing is a problemHi,my son is one year and one month but he can't take solids.he finds it difficult to swallow anything that isnt in liquid form.he...
If your child's swallowing issues start suddenly and your child is normally healthy, your child may have something stuck in the oesophagus. If your child has trouble swallowing and a fever, it may be because of an infection. Chronic swallowing problems are often caused by another health problem. Try see a doctor
My baby weight 12.6kg at 2years, At birth, she was 3kg, Is she ok.
Dear mum, yes it is. Welldone
Can I give golden morn to my baby of 13months?
On the Golden Morn package, the Manufacturers have clearly stated not for infants below age 3 years.
My daughter is 3 years but I have observed that her speech is not clear.When she talks, its usually long sentences of incohere...
it's impossible for us to conclude if something is wrong or not without seeing the child, it is advisable that you take the child to a speech therapist at any teaching hospital near you.
What drug can I use to deworm my baby? She is 1 and 6 months.
You can deworm from 1 year and intervals of every 6 months. You can get Albendazole over the counter.
My 3yrs old baby complains of itching of the vulva every day, which started like 8weeks ago, so I decided to check out the area an...
Hello Madam! Your best bet is to go to a paediatrician to properly examine and give accurate diagnosis and treatment. Please, also rule out any case of sexual assault or abuse from peers /school etc.
I'm having pains in one part of my belly am suppose to see means on the 6 of Sept but haven't seen it what could be the problem
It's advisable to see a doctor asap.
My 3years old son always itches his penis and there is rashes coming out there what can be d cause and what can be done ma
Try Tribotan or Cacatin
My baby of 1year and 3 months have not started walking pls is there any cause of alarm l see most of his mate walk even before one...
No need to worry yet. Infants have different developmental growths trajectory
My family have been using Shea butter for the past two years and it has been maintaining our skin. But recently, the whole family...
The shea butter is not responsible for getting darker, as natural products like shea butter are the best.
Will a baby with hypotonic CP ever walk, what's is d outcome like?
I use shea butter for my children of 2 &4 they became dark & later change it to familiar , can I continue or stop pls?
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Kindly use regular baby body cream or HYPOALLERGENIC PRODUCTS like Sebamed, Blue seal vaseline, olive oil, shea butter, coconut oil etc.
Please, can I use oral baclofen for a boy of 22mths with CP? It was prescribed by the Dr at his last appointment? Also, he was on...
Kindly use medications as prescribed by your doctor. If you have any doubts please raise them directly with the doctors who recommended the medication. babymigo does not comment on prescriptions by other medical professionals for ethical reasons as we haven't seen the child! If not sure see another Paediatrician for a second opinion