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Kilishi in PregnancyI'm 7months +. Today I ate a bite of kilishi and I've been worried since. Please is it safe to eat kilishi in Pregnancy?
It is, but you have to make sure the production process is hygenic and like everything in life. Too much of everything is bad
I wanted to remove dirt from my baby's eye some days ago and my hand mistakenly touched the eye itself. Since then tears have been...
my baby is 7 months, is it true that its not advisable to give porridge mixed with pounded groundnuts if the baby has a cough?
It’s a pure myth
It’s not true
How many scoops of milk should I mix with Pap... I'm Confused ???I'm currently feeding my baby with pap, but I'm really confuse about the number of scoops of milk I'm supposed to mix the pap with...
I normally add two and a half scoops to pap of 150ml
Pls can I give my 6months premies baby oat cereal?
Oatmeal is a great way to introduce textures because the oats are soft, but still retain their structure. Oatmeal's strong nutritional profile will aid in baby's growth and development. It is recommended for babies to start solid foods when they reach six months of age.
Pls can I add brown sugar to my 9 months old baby's pap , if not pls what can I use as sweetener because he refuse to take any foo...
No, ma'am, it is not advisable to use synthetic sweetener or sugar. Use age-appropriate milk to sweeten your baby's food.
Please ma, what supplement can I give my baby of 9months that will makes him to eat and gives him strength or makes him gain more...
Can a six month old baby eat fry egg and yam?
At 6 months, you can give your baby one mashed hard-boiled or scrambled egg.
Apart from pap, what type of food can I give my six(6) month old baby?
you can get an age appropriate formula milk to complement your breastmilk
Pls mothers, what's the difference between SMA pro and SMA gold ?
I know many moms are confused and will love to know the difference between SMA pro and SMA gold. They are actually the same. Not long ago, Nestle rebranded SMA gold to SMA pro.
when can I start giving my baby cereal?
Dr Aina Johnson


Your baby cannot digest cereal efficiently:Let’s get this straight— in order to digest a grain like corn our body needs an enzyme named amylase which is responsible for splitting starch.But guess what! Your little one is incapable of producing amylase in large quantities as it takes about 1-2 years for it to come into play. There might be some salivary amylase production during the first 6 months, but pancreatic amylase, which is required for digesting a grain, is not produced until molar teeth appear.
Pls can I give my one year old Indomie ?
Yes they can. Please can you add some veggies like carrots, peas. Don't forget to spice up the indomine with crayfish.
Happy new month to u all, pls which milk can we move to? We are 1year now. All milk am seeing is 0-12months
Peak 123
Can I give my 6 months baby maize pap ( Just want to introduce complementarily)
Yes, provided the child is not reacting to it.
Is complan good for an 11 months plus baby?
Dr Aina Johnson


Complan is not an infant formula. Your baby should be on formula for babies aged
6 - 12 months
Can I give my 9 months baby Bournvita tea or Milo ? She is refusing breast milk both day and night
As products mentioned already that it is for 3 years old kid. Bournvita and other similar supplements contain more energy, proteins, and nutrients which babies can’t digest. Wait till your baby is 3 years old
Can I give my 7months old baby soft unripe plantain to eat?
Unripe plantain? Why do you want to give? What is the mode of preparation? It may be too hard for infants to be able to eat and can lead to choking. Ripe plantain is fine
Mummy in d house, pls wat baby cereals is okay, don't know why my baby always vomit Cerelac, grubz na by force, SMA gold do make h...
Dr. Dara Abiodun

Medical Doctor

How Old is your baby?
Pls how is pap for 1 year and 4 month been prepare for a child?
There are different ways. Buy corn either white or yellow. Soak for 3days after picking out the dirt. Watch and grind. It has to be very smooth. Buy filter with tiny holes. Like scarf. Tie the scarf to a bucket. Pour the ground corn on it and pour water. You filter gradually till it's finished. After few hours change the water every morning and evening. You can also grind guinea corn, yellow corn and millet. The guinea and yellow corn should be of same measurements while millet should be half of both.
Is Tom Brown good for babies? How to make turn brown for children?
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Tom brown is a perfect food to wean your baby with, tom brown is nutritious and filling. The cereals and legumes add a variety of nutrients beneficial to baby's good health to the meal. To make it better , you can mix some cereals like (yellow corn, guinea corn and millet) and legumes (soybeans and groundnuts). etc Check youtube for more tutorials