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Pls mummy's and Doc, my friend lost her 5month baby ,the baby was on breastfeeding ,her circle has not return yet ,is there possibility of her taking in. Or there anything she will do for her circle to return,
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Good evening great mummy's in house pls a friend of mine needs help,she is sick ,meet Doc.today but the drugs that will use for her treatment will affect her baby and she on EBF,the baby is 5 months,Doc told her to stop breastfeeding the baby for 5days ,after that she can continue,but can it work that way and also what formula can she give the baby, pls urgent suggestions,
Breast Feeding
Good evening mummy's and Doc in the house, pls am having feelings of carrtar ,even my baby of three month what drugs should I take to prevent it ,urgent answer needed pls.
Happy Sunday Doc mummy in the house pls I need reply, this rashes on my baby neck reddish in colour and increases, it appears last week I use baby tribotan it clear but it reappears again times three of the last week ,and it makes her uncomfortable,wat can I use
Baby Care
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Good morning mummy and doc's in the house pls I need help,my baby have rashes on her neck but is reddish in colour it comes out every day, pls want do I use to clear it,
Baby Care
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Goodevening mummy's ,pls where can I get baby things both clothing less expensive, in PH, not leaving in PH before
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Good day mummy and Doc in the house, pls my baby of 12weeks don't sleep again, if I put her to the bed,5min she is awake on like before she sleeps longer.she poo frequently and the poo is watery mix like catarrh. Pls I need advice
Baby Care
Good day docs and mummy in the house pls anything am breastfeeding my baby her Tommy makes noises,what may be the cause and remedy for that,also her poo is watery mix with something like catarrh
Baby Care
Good morning doc and mummy in the house, pls I need yours advice, what will I use to clear pimples and scars on my face,it all started two week after delivery, we are 8week + now pls someone should help me,
Good evening doc and mummy in the house, pls what can I use for pimples and black spots that apply on face two week after delivered
Mom's Health
Hello doc and mummy in the house, my baby of two months poo is watering and draw also mix little greenish in colour,,pls what drugs should I use
Baby Care
Hello doc and mummy in the house ,I have typhoid and malaria, and lonart and ciprofloxacin is been given to, but I don't no if it will affect my baby
Breast Feeding
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