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Mummies gud morning to you all..Pls help me out my baby refuse sucking breast,Even when i force him he only take little...He's just 3months n we on EBF..
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Gud day mummies n drs in the house pls my son is 3months old n since last nyt he's has been suffering from high fever n we're on EBF,I even gave him panda but it's not working out..Pls wat should I do?? He don't play d way he use to anymore,
Baby Care
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Helo mummy's n docs in d house pls help me in thanking God for a successful delivery although it was through cs but all glory to God cos i n my baby was safe...
Breast Feeding
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Gud evening mothers n dr, Pls I have a problem, I'm nine month now but my baby water is leaking but my cervix is close,I even went to the hospital bcos is my first issueAnd the Dr said i can't go home till birth, he has been inserting drugs for past three days but my cervix is still close, he even gave me injection but no way.. My baby is still 2cm high... Pls in the name of God what do i do pls...I'm so confused now..Help me pls
Good morning mums n Drs in d house....Pls mums in d house I'm 25weeks n it's my first,Sometimes d my baby's moves makes me scared most especially wen m alone at home, Watching my tommy move up n down makes me so scared, sometimes i scream.....Pls is it normal...
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Good morning wonderful mums in the house, pls am new here n am 25weeks, pls i want to know if there Is any natural cream that can b used on stretch marks, I just want a cream that will clear d marks without bleaching....Tnx n God bless
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