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Can a breast feeding mother who has a 7 weeks old baby take postinor because she doesn't want to be pregnant again after having 4...
It is better to use a more reliable and consistent form of family planning while breastfeeding instead of emergency contraception like Postinor
What is the best contraception pills that will not affect my baby?
There are many types of family planning and the type best for one may not be appropriate for another. Kindly discuss with your doctor for a suitable one for you
Please can a breastfeeding mother take postinor 2?
Postinor-2 is only intended as an emergency measure. If you have not already done so you should discuss with your doctor other methods of long term contraception.
You should not breast feed within three days after taking Postinor-2.
How should a baby poo look like?
A baby poo should look like egusi, melon, yellow and seedy....
Is antibiotic used in treating typhoid harmful to foetus?
A pregnant woman should not use some drugs in pregnancy. So please beware of all these malaria-typhoid diagnosis doctors. Kindly see a gynecologist preferably in the teaching hospitals closest to you
I've noticed a drop in my appetite. And I have been having funny symptoms. Help!I can't eat, I have pain over my body, and chills. I have in my lower tummy. Please help me
Go see a doctor but if you are married(woman) I would advise you to for pregnancy test.
You have obvious signs of pregnancy
Iis it normal for breast feeding mum to have a lump in her breast even though it doesn't hurt and is not swollen too?
Its difficult to say it is normal or not without examination. Please have it checked by a doctor so as to verify if its normal or not
Can a pregnant and nursing mother take cold water?
Yes she can drink cold water if she wants to but in moderation. Please let the pregnant woman drink the cold water if she wants.
The baby is inside the womb
I need to knw how long does it take a breastfeeding mother to see her period again after 7 months, and if she can get pregnant wit...
You can see it anytime. It varies from one person to another.
How long those it take for someone that put to bed through CS to take in again?
It depends but, Gynaecologist advised at least waiting for 6 months to 1 year.
Virginal tearI’m a first time mom,I had my baby on 8th of this month through virginal delivery but I had tear..sitting on warm water,I discov...
I doubt if it was warm water,I usually advise mothers who sustained tear to avoid sitz bathe,hot water application to the site too.
Ma u will have to go back to the hospital,it has to be sutured and please avoid trauma to the site(Penetration)
But from what u checked if it is not big and healing is taken place kindly use ampiclox 500mg twice daily for effective healing.
As for the waist pain use pain relieves,normally mother experience waist pain after child birth.
Is it normal for one breast to be bigger than the other? Because it is so obvious when I dress that I always feel uncomfortable.
Yes, it is normal. One breast is always slightly bigger than the other.
Please I delivered through CS but my breast can't be heavy and I can't produce enough breastmilk, please what should I do?
You need to relax and you can also breastfeed your baby CS or no CS.
When you relax, eat and drink lots of fluid and keep putting your baby to the breast on demand, the milk will flow. Your worries is contributing to the problem, so relax.
Unfortunately, if you are quick to use formula, it will reduce the demand placed on the breasts for milk supply.
Can a nursing mother of one month take nitrofuration?
Please for your safety and that of your baby, avoid self medications. See your doctor before taking any drug and let your doctor know you are breastfeeding.
Worried mumGood evening Doctor. Please I got punched by nail on one of my leg. Do I need to take tetanus shot after gotten 2 shots of it 10 m...
Yes u need too,it acts as a booster
Please can fibroid cause abnormality in a child?
Fibroid can only affect a child depending on the location of the fibroid. Please see your doctor for proper evaluation and management
DewormingPlease, is it advisable for a breastfeeding mum to deworm?
Yes a breastfeeding mother can deworm herself
I do eat roasted corn and pears very well. Does it have any effect on my baby? I’m on EBFI do eat roasted corn and pears very well. Does it have any effect on my baby? I’m on EBF
No it can't, it is not true, it's MYTH. Disregard such
information. Don't listen to such. As a breastfeeding mother please eat well and breast feed well too.
How safe is folic acid after delivery? Can one continue with folic acid and ferrous after putting to bed?
Yes. It is okay for a breasfeeding mum to continue with prenatal drugs: multivatamins and iron supplements..
Malaria in PregnancyHello, I'm almost 19weeks pregnant, was feeling sick few days back and I ran a culture test and it showed I have malaria. My docto...
Lonart DS 80mg/480mg Tablet is considered to be harmful for women in their first trimester of pregnancy. The reason being, it increases the chances of fetal loss.