Virginal tear I’m a first time mom,I had my baby on 8th of this month through virginal delivery but I had tear..sitting on warm water,I discovered that the (thread) has loosened,checking in the mirror,the wound is still opened tho it’s not painful and noticed it’s healing up,is there a cause for concern?

Another question,since I gave birth,I’ve been having crazy waist pain,is there something I can use to relieve the pain?
I doubt if it was warm water,I usually advise mothers who sustained tear to avoid sitz bathe,hot water application to the site too.
Ma u will have to go back to the hospital,it has to be sutured and please avoid trauma to the site(Penetration)
But from what u checked if it is not big and healing is taken place kindly use ampiclox 500mg twice daily for effective healing.
As for the waist pain use pain relieves,normally mother experience waist pain after child birth.