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Kilishi in PregnancyI'm 7months +. Today I ate a bite of kilishi and I've been worried since. Please is it safe to eat kilishi in Pregnancy?
It is, but you have to make sure the production process is hygenic and like everything in life. Too much of everything is bad
Hospital in Abuja to deliverPls I need help with hospitals in Abuja preferably around Mpape/Maitama to give birth/antenatal.

I don't want government hospit...
Black knuckles on babyPls mommies ad doctors in the huz, pls I need a solution on this
I started noticing dat my 3months old fair baby’s knuckles ar...
The dark knuckles could be as a result of various factors. Hereditary, change of products (in this case the body cream).

Closely observe if it could be hereditary, if not, you might have to change your baby body soap and cream to a more baby friendly product.

If there is no changes after doing above, please visit the Hospital to see the doctor
My baby is 4 months + but her stomach disturbs her. What will I do...Baby care
What do you feed your baby with?is she on exclusive breastfeeding? Is it colic pain?
Pls my baby is 4 months + but she her stomach is still disturbing her..what should I do
At 4 months the baby intestinal walls should have slightly untwisted.
My best advise is to take this baby to see a pediatrician.
Distress at night for my infantMy baby of 2weeks always stretch and doesn’t sleep well,my mother in law said it’s stomach ache which I think is true..she wan...
After all u have said lie the baby on her tummy and tilt her head one side.
The intestine are untwisting,it will definitely stop.
LabourCan I deliver baby weighing 3.79 normal?
What can cause contraction come and go?
Have u had vaginal delivery before?
If yes u can deliver,the midwife needs to guard your perineum well.

Contractions are natural physiological process but it can be facilitated,if ur physician/midwife assement are adequate.
Virginal tearI’m a first time mom,I had my baby on 8th of this month through virginal delivery but I had tear..sitting on warm water,I discov...
I doubt if it was warm water,I usually advise mothers who sustained tear to avoid sitz bathe,hot water application to the site too.
Ma u will have to go back to the hospital,it has to be sutured and please avoid trauma to the site(Penetration)
But from what u checked if it is not big and healing is taken place kindly use ampiclox 500mg twice daily for effective healing.
As for the waist pain use pain relieves,normally mother experience waist pain after child birth.
MultivitaminsMy question is can I use pregnacare tablet alongside my other haematinics which I've been using before ( ferobin plus, folic acid...
I don’t think you need pregnacare with those drugs as long as they’re prescribed and you’re taking the right dosage, you should also consult with your gyne just to be sure.
Pls can I give my 6months premies baby oat cereal?
Oatmeal is a great way to introduce textures because the oats are soft, but still retain their structure. Oatmeal's strong nutritional profile will aid in baby's growth and development. It is recommended for babies to start solid foods when they reach six months of age.
Malaria in PregnancyHello, I'm almost 19weeks pregnant, was feeling sick few days back and I ran a culture test and it showed I have malaria. My docto...
Lonart DS 80mg/480mg Tablet is considered to be harmful for women in their first trimester of pregnancy. The reason being, it increases the chances of fetal loss.
Low lactatingPlease today is 15days after I delivered and my breast is not bringing milk I have tried everything (pap, palmwine, tea, kunu, coc...
Dr Aina Johnson


A small number of new mums have difficulty producing enough breast milk due to medical reasons, which include:

Excessive blood loss (more than 500 ml) during the birth or retained fragments of the placenta can delay your milk coming in (which usually happens around three days after the birth).

A history of polycystic ovarian syndrome, diabetes, thyroid or other hormonal disorders. Mums with these conditions sometimes experience a low milk supply. The rare medical condition mammary hypoplasia, in which there isn’t enough milk-producing glandular tissue within the breast.

Previous breast surgeries or breast trauma – although many mums who have had surgery go on to breastfeed successfully. If any of these conditions applies to you, see a lactation consultant or breastfeeding specialist.
Eating habitGood day, I need help my baby of 1year 2 months doesn't like eating, it all started from six month till now . She eats little like...
Remember: Meals are about more than food. They are a time to connect with your child and to support her overall development. Talk with your child during meals and don’t let her eat alone. This helps build strong family relationships. Create routines around mealtime, routines make children feel loved and secure. Establish regular meal and snack times beginning when your child is 9-12 months old. Routines help children look forward to each meal. Also, offer 3 to 4 healthy food choices (that your child likes) at each meal. Research shows that children will choose a healthy diet when they are offered a selection of different healthy foods.
I am a first time mom, I will like to ask if Peak 123 is good for my 16months+1week daughter. I asked because I use it to prepare...
Any age appropriate Milk is fine. Since you said your
daughter is 16 months old, then this milk is OK for her.
But you can not use it for babies below 1year. So for your
6months old baby, kindly use only age appropriate
I'm a first time Mum, I have a 5 months baby of which I notice recently that she use to turn her neck to one side,
pls how can...
Babies neck should be firm between 3-4 months. kindly take the baby to a paediatric hospital
for proper evaluation and management.
Dear ma, am 12weeks pregnant, and I have been talking mist mag for heartburn to get relief. Please is it safe.. Thank you.
For many women, heartburn starts in the first trimester, beginning around month two, and is a pregnancy symptom that lasts throughout the nine months. Try to Avoid food and drinks that upset your stomach, Eat small meals, Drink water in between meals and
Eat two or three hours before bedtime. If this doesn't improve over time,
Ask your provider about heartburn medicines
BabyI have been breastfeeding and given my two months old baby formula, but I noticed her Tommy is making noise.. Pls what's the cause...
This is not uncommon. It is normally used by air passing through normal saliva or refluxed milk. These gurgling noises are likely to build up during sleep. Slowly, the newborn learns to swallow more often.
Body rachesPlease my baby is having alefo on his body and head please what can I use ?
I use cacatin cream for my baby and it worked.Try it
My baby of 11days do poo about 4times in the afternoon started three days ago just afternoons and once till the next day or none....
Is your baby exclusively breastfeeding?
What could be the cause of cough and watery stool in a 4months and 4weeks old babyI had running nose last week which led to symptoms of maleria , I treated it last weekend . My son developed catarrh. He’ was gi...
He is on exclusive breast feeding . But sometimes when the breast milk isn’t available I give him formula