Black knuckles on baby Pls mommies ad doctors in the huz, pls I need a solution on this
I started noticing dat my 3months old fair baby’s knuckles are getting darker Since I started using Johnson’s baby lotion on her since childbirth ad it’s really disturbing me cos my baby is fair ad d black knuckles are nt helping matters at all, if u look at her fingers dey will look like she is bleaching ad am nt happy abt dat .
Please help a first time mom .
Will be expecting answers thank you
The dark knuckles could be as a result of various factors. Hereditary, change of products (in this case the body cream).

Closely observe if it could be hereditary, if not, you might have to change your baby body soap and cream to a more baby friendly product.

If there is no changes after doing above, please visit the Hospital to see the doctor