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The cereal I give my baby is Gerber product and it specified that it contain Iron, but my baby poo is black since I started giving...
Blood tonic, iron supplements and some iron rich foods causes black stool, but there is a need to see a doctor to rule out upper gastrointestinal bleeding.
Hello mom, What's Dettol soap price in Nigeria?
And how do I know the original one
As of now, Dettol antibacterial bar soap of 6 pieces pack 70 grams each cost about N1000 while 6 pieces pack 110 grams each cost about N1600. Prices may vary from state to state or location
Where can I buy US Huggies in Nigeria?
You can order from and ship via MallforAfrica. I also learnt that some distributor sells them in Lagos Island
What is huggies diapers price in NigeriaEspecially the Huggies Size 1, Size 2, Size 3 and dry comfort. Thanks
I depend on ooo, A box of Huggies is about 23000 for Size 3
What's The Best baby Diapers in Nigeria?
It depends. I've used Pampers, Molfix and Huggies and all my kids. All were good
Moms, can you suggest the bank with the best kid account in Nigeria. I will really appreciate all your suggestions
Please, which health insurance is the best for baby?
Good afternoon, please what kind of tin milk is recommended for a 2 months old baby??
You can also try cow and gate or aptamil
Which is the best oil for my baby's message? I'm presently using olive oil right now but it's making my baby skin getting darker....
Coconut oil
Please, where can I buy breast pump in Lagos apart from ordering on Jumia and Konga online?
Dr. Dara Abiodun

Medical Doctor

You can try offline stores like shoprite, spar etc