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Iya ni wura iyebiye,Ti a ko le fowo ra,O loyun mi f'osu mesan,O pon mi f'odun meta,Iya ni wura iyebiye;Ti a ko le f'owo ra.........As we celebrate mothers today, it is our prayer that we'll not labour in vain over our children, we'll not encounter sorrow nor mourn over them by the grace of God Almighty. Our children shall be for signs and wonders on the land of the living. Happy Mothering Sunday Celebrations.
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Hello beautiful moms in the house, pls anyone heard or use Pureen baby product range before? Please where can I get it in lagos. I just tried the small baby bath in tge travel pack given to us and I loved it, the saint and sweet effect on my baby skin and we are out of it now. Was using sebamed before but the Pureen effect wow me. Thank you mums
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For the moms asking for the pix of my gint flask, here is it.
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Hello wonderful moms, pls I need your candid opinion on formula. My baby has been on thrive signature from birth and he is doing fine on it. But the problem is the formula is currently scarce in my environ in lagos which warrant switching to another very good formula. Pls I need your suggestions with price indicated. Am not a fan of Nan a d the almighty enfamil is too expensive for my capacity. Suggestions pls house
Hello moms and mum to be, Pls new mom and mum to be should do proper research on their baby products before purchase. News have it that some Johnson&Johnson baby contain carcinogenic chemicals. May we not use our hand purchase deadly stuff ooo. http://diply.com/cancer-causing-baby-products-formaldehyde?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=omg-facts
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Johnson & Johnson Finally Admits: Their Baby Products Contain Cancer-Causing Chemicals
I literally feel sick about this. OMG!
Hello everyone, I notice tonight while cleaning my 2 month baby with small towel (instead of night bath cause of cold weather) a mucus-like discharge from her vagina not anus ooo. Am seriously worried much more because she hasn't poo in a week now and she is EBF-baby, I intend going to hospital for complain, but wanna know your thoughts my adorable moms, any1 with such experience or know the cause of such?
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