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Hello wonderful moms, pls I need your candid opinion on formula. My baby has been on thrive signature from birth and he is doing fine on it. But the problem is the formula is currently scarce in my environ in lagos which warrant switching to another very good formula. Pls I need your suggestions with price indicated. Am not a fan of Nan a d the almighty enfamil is too expensive for my capacity. Suggestions pls house
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Tayo Movinwealth Olowolagba
@Osezele, that true I brought atpamil (900g) for 5750 @ isolo in lagos.
Tayo Movinwealth Olowolagba
@Omokeni28489, thanks ma. I give 3scoops with 100ml of water twice a day. Morning n night is it ok
Omokeni Racheal
Yes but instructions is in d can
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