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Hello Drs and mummy, I have resume work two weeks ago, my baby wasn't sucking hand before but now, she can suck for Africa, if u remove right , she uses left and she now over quite. Am worry bcos she prefer to suck d hand than breast. What should I do?
Good day mummy and Drs in d house, something happened yesterday, my baby is 16weeks(3mth +) she started smiling at 6 weeks but yesterday,I was laughing with d daddy, she started laughing (not smile) so hard, in short we have to hold her. Is this normal?
Good morning doc and sweet mum, am happy house is picking up now. Pls help me solve ds issue, both are educated (husband is a pharmacist) mother inlaw live in Europe (just arrived on Sunday) my baby weight 2.3kg at birth and she is now 4.1kg at 8weeks (we were happy) but immediately mother in law came, she started complaining of weight dt am not feeling her well, she will use very hot water to be pressing her body and belly, bending her hand and leg in a strong well, throwing baby up, I told husband to talk to mother, he said his mum is doing d right thing , since two days now, her temperature hv increase, can't sleep at night (she sleeping with me in my room, she will never wake up to help) what should I do?
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Good morning Dr and mummy in d house, I went for immunization of 6 weeks on Monday 27/11 since then, baby hv be crying and just saw d right leg dt it swell up, what should I do?
Good evening Dr and mummy, my baby is 4weeks and 3 days, recently I started having big pimples(face) and is very painful, I don't have pimples before, what is the cause and solutions
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Thanks doc and mummy in d house, I was named yesterday and my names are Daniella Izotsena Oghenedoro Doda but please am not having enough milk in my mummy breast, please enough her what to do to lactate very well, I don't want formula now, I couldn't poo three days bcos of formula, thanks
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I want to appreciate the Drs and mummy in house, for their encouragement and teaching, my princess arrived 15/10/2017 at 39weeks and 6days weight is 2.5kg
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Does it mean my baby left my belly and he went to sit in my waist? Is hot me like fire, is almost a week now, went to the hospital yesterday they said is not labor, am 38weeks gone, pls I need help
Good evening mummy and Dr, I am 34 and 3days gone, since yesterday, I have been having dizziness, it was very difficult for me to drive back from work this evening, what is wrong with me? Is there anything I can take?
Good morning doc and mummy in d house, I am 29 weeks and 3 days done, I find out that my breast is not heavy as like when I was 0-20 weeks again, a friend told me to start taking motilium tablet so that my breast can be producing milk if not, when I give birth my baby won't see milk, am very worried. Any help or have anyone hv that experience before? Can I take the motilium?