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Good morning doc and mummy in d house, I am 29 weeks and 3 days done, I find out that my breast is not heavy as like when I was 0-20 weeks again, a friend told me to start taking motilium tablet so that my breast can be producing milk if not, when I give birth my baby won't see milk, am very worried. Any help or have anyone hv that experience before? Can I take the motilium?
Juliet jlove
My dear.. Not because ur friend suggested that means it will work for u. Our body is programmed in a way that immediately the baby comes out milk will be produced . it might not be much but ur baby will surly see milk. Massage ur breast time to time and clean ur nipples , it will help. I suggest u speak to your doctor because in ur stage u should be careful what u take .
Fisayo Adedayo
No pls
My sister is like that cos it also happened to me now am in my 34week and my breast is heavy again
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