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PregnancyAm pregnant and still seeing blood
This 4 month now
Have tried use some drugs to stop it but no way
Drugs like duphaston tablet...
Please i need an advise ?
Can a pregnant woman start taking her routine drug's from the first month of pregnancy?
For your safety and that of your unborn child, you need to see your doctor before taking any medication.
Trying to vonceive
I have followed my ovulation calenders but no fertilization
PregnancyCan you detect a week pregnancy with urine test?
Blood test is sure because HCG hormone will be present to detect than urine
What are the characteristics of a pregnant girl
I started having white discharge when I young till now what could it be
I us...
Nyasha, if I get this question right, you want to know what the symptoms of pregnancy are and specifically if whitish discharge is part of the symptoms.

There are lots of signs and symptoms associated with pregnancy and these varies with individuals.
The common and general ones are nausea and vomiting, breast tenderness, increased frequency of urination, fatigue, food cravings and aversions , heartburn, bloatedness et al.

Among the symptoms is the vaginal discharge which could range from white to milky and slightly yellowish in color. They are as a result of the pregnancy hormones circulating your body.

If uou don't feel comfortable with it (there's actually nothing you can do ?) you can regularly wash up and or use a light sanitary pad to help absorb the discharges.

Be fine, I wish you a safe pregnancy and delivery.
Can a pregnant woman still continue with breastfeeding? if yes then for how long?
Yes ma’am. As long as you are up to it and able to keep up with the caloric requirement/demand of the new pregnancy and breastfeeding.
Is it possible for a foetus to eat hair while in the womb?
Pure myth.
Babies can not eat hair while in the womb.
Please can a nursing mom get pregnant with EBF?
Yes, you can
FansidarI’m 33 weeks 5 days and doctor recommended fansidar to prevent malaria.. please is it safe ?
Yes, it is safe
Please how do I conceive a baby boy.
A skillful chart with your calendar,and experienced personnel will guide u
Please what are the causes of swollen leg in pregnancy for someone in the last trimester?
It should be discussed with the obstetrician at antenatal care.
I took nsala and there uda,utazi, pizza inside and am 11 weeks pregnant. Although I didnt drink it much
Some moms have expressed concern about eating Nsala while pregnant. My advice is to take any food in moderation. Too much of anything is bad.

Wishing you a stress free pregnancy
When am I supposed to get pregnantI had sex two days after my period and I had sex on my ovulation day with two different men is it possible to get pregnant two day...
Yes but it might take up to 4-5 weeks from the first day of your last menstrual period to determine. I suggest you do a blood test to be sure as the hcg level needs to be high enough for a urine test.
MultivitaminsMy question is can I use pregnacare tablet alongside my other haematinics which I've been using before ( ferobin plus, folic acid...
I don’t think you need pregnacare with those drugs as long as they’re prescribed and you’re taking the right dosage, you should also consult with your gyne just to be sure.
Does your hospital accept egg donors
Babymigo is not a hospital. It's a community for pregnant mothers and parents
WorriedMy pregnancy is 37 weeks old. And yet my baby is in the transverse position. Can miracle still happen before delivery?
Transverse lie means that your baby is lying sideways across your tummy, rather than in a head-down position. It's a common position for your baby to take in early pregnancy. Most babies will get themselves into a head-down position by the end of the final trimester, if not before.
MrsAm 30wks+ and I want to ultrasound it showed that my baby is in breech position please what will I do that Will help my baby to tu...
Most of the time, there is no clear reason why the baby did not turn head-down. In some cases, breech position may be linked to early labor, twins or more, problems with the uterus, or problems with the baby.
PregnancyI saw my flow last August 6, is it possible am pregnant?
It depends on the history of your menstrual cycle. August 6 is a long time ago. There's a chance you might be pregnant but you will need a test to confirm.
Don’t want to have babies againPlease I am scared of family planning and I don’t know if there’s any advice on what to do to prevent pregnancy cos I have bee...
Why are you scared of family planning since they are several options?

For the meantime, I won't advise you stay away from your husband unless they are other personal or medical reasons. You may consider trying Condom till you figure things out
If you are planning to get pregnant 14 months after your previous child, when are you likely to stop breastfeeding that child? Is...
We encourage you to space the children by 2 you can completely recover before embarking on another journey of pregnancy and breastfeeding