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Can a 2year old child get Stomach ulcer?
No ma'am. There are many causes of ulcers... Therefore it is better to see a doctor for proper evaluation and treatment
I've been seeing an orange stain on my baby diaper should i be worried?
The staining of the diaper depends on how soon after the baby passes the urine you look.....most urine change colour after sometime". You may have to see a paediatrician to confirm if the stain is something to be worried about.
I gave birth three months ago to a 3.4kg baby, and she is weighing 4.5kg. She is on EBF. Please advise me on what to do?
The weight is fair enough. But you have to put more effort. Breastfeed on demand
My baby is 4months plus l was told to be cleaning his mouth with cotton wool. Please is it with ordinary cotton wool damped with w...
A clean wash cloth with warm water will be just fine. Do not do anything else. You should start using age appropriate tooth paste and brush when your child cuts his first tooth
gudeve my humble paedia how can I curb acid reflux for my baby it started when he was born now he is 4months old it still disturbi...
gastroesophageal reflux it’s just a jargon that says food return from the stomach to the oesophagus after feed instead of staying down. For such babies, you need to keep them upright for up to 30 minutes or more after each feed so it stays down. You can keep them in the car seat put in upright position if you are too tired or busy to carry them that long others can help too sometimes that may not work and some babies need to have their feeds thickened and so on but we will do that only if it so bad and not allowing baby to gain weight. Please see your paediatricians for further management at that point
Lymph node appeared on my baby's neck when he was 3-4months old. Took him to a paediatrician and he said its nothing to worry abou...
Lymph nodes are normal part of the body structures that hep produce and at times store some of the white blood cells (lymphocytes) and antibodies that help the body fight against infections and foreign bodies it is exposed to. When there is infection in the body, they work harder to produce more of these foot soldiers so they may increase in size, feel hot and/or painful to touch.....As soon as the infection is treated, they go back to normal size. They can also increase in some cases of cancers
What what can be use to control vomiting in a year old child before going to the hospital?
What's important is treating the cause of vommiting. So please see a Paediatrician.
For 2 days now my 5years old son wakes up with parts of his face swollen but subsides in the day time though he is active and does...
Please ensure your child is examined by a paediatrician immediately to rule out PeriobiralEdema.
My six month old baby boy started having discharge in his ears with pain over a month now. I took him to hospital and some drugs w...
Please take the child to see an ENT specialist in any of the teaching hospital nearest to you. for that the ears can be checked properly and the cause of the pain will be known and treated.
My son’s nose is blocked and he’s having catarrh. Please what should I do?
Most catarrh are viral infections which will resolve on their own spontaneously without medication most times.

You only need to avoid factors that can trigger catarrh by keeping your child warm and avoid contact with persons that have cough and catarrh, avoid frequent baths to prevent the child being cold, avoid smokes from kitchen or frying and also breastfeed exclusively.

You can also do steam inhalation with the child if nose are blocked or use saline drops.

If symptoms worsen or their is difficulty in breathing, kindly see a paediatrician for evaluation.
What can be d cause of body scratching, and after u scratch it it get swelling and fold, what can be the cause, and what can someo...
My friend baby of 3 days old, she is not lactating and the baby is not tolerating formula. Please help with suggestions on how to...
Exclusive breastfeeding is recommended for the first six months of life. Please, encourage yourself to complete it as it has many benefits for the baby. Please, also note that breastmilk is produced based on demand. That is, the more your baby sucks, the more the breastmilk will flow.
What can cause mouth odour for a baby of two years old, and what can I use to get rid of it?
Bad breath or "Halitosis" in children can occur due to several reasons like poor oral hygiene, mouth breathing, tooth decay, gum disease, infections in the mouth, bacteria on the tongue, dry mouth, tonsil stones, foreign objects in the nose and some medical conditions. Start with improving her oral hygiene by ensuring you brush her teeth for her twice a day and making sure you brush her tongue as well. Take her to see a dentist to exclude oral infections, decay, gum disease etc. If it's still persistent you may need to see a paediatrician as well to exclude other causes.
Please can a year old child use this deworm syrup pyearantrin?
It is okay, any of the common worm expellers for children are fine. Just ask at the Pharmacy. They are OTC. Over the Counter drugs that require no prescription
Please what may be the cause of stomach ache in a girl of 5years old?
Please take your child to see a paediatrician for proper evaluation and management.
My baby of 1 week old forehead, the fontanelle is not breathing like the way baby's head use to move up and down, please what’s...
Try to place your finger tip on it. Check if it swollen, deepened and pulsating.
Please my baby sweats alot if I’m breastfeeding him, i want to know if its normal?
The case of excessive sweat (hyperhidrosis) is not so common but it does exist.. For your child I Believe it's due to the weather and then this weather.. It's hot everywhere madam and children are not spared from the heat. So I'll say relax, dress your child light, singlets and sleeveless bodysuit should be the wears for this weather. Keep your child hydrated, give alot of fluid preferably water.. Reduce the temperature of the AC more so as to make the room cooler.. There's no need reducing your child's activity.. They need it. If you are still bothered about the sweat, visit a paediatrician to confirm if it's a case of true hyperhidrosis
What can cause a white thick and milky discharge from an infant of 2 months and 2weeks old. She's a PREMATURE BABY, she was given...
Dear mom,It will stop as the hormone - oestrogen- clears away from the blood in few weeks/months. No need to worry
Please is it okay to allow my almost 3 months old baby sleep while the AC or fan is on? Though I always put it at the lowest.
Yes, you can
My child had fever with cough and running nose. What amazes me is blisters on the neck region of his skin. The fever is gone but t...
The treatment of blisters or rashes depends on the type and cause. The blisters need to be seen by a Doctor. Kindly see a Paediatrician or Dermatologist for further evaluation and management