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My girl of 14 has been having this Black dry patches on her body i was told its ifo (eczema) but it doesn't itch nor red. What can...
Drugs are not administered on babymigo. Kindly take your child to the hospital so that a doctor preferably a dermatologist can examine her and ascertain that it is eczema and administer treatment.
My child has treated ear infection as a result of cotton bud l believe that slowed his development, speech coordination, systemati...
Kindly take your Child to see a developmental paediatrician for proper follow up. The Child may need some therapies to help with the listed slow development and not necessarily medications.
My 3 year old has Eczema which itches her severely. All antihistamines Medications are not working on her .We have seen the Dermat...
kindly take your child to a dermatologist for follow up.
What are the likely causes of fast breathing in children and preventions thereof?
Dr. Dara Abiodun

Medical Doctor

There could be different reasons for fast breathing, which can only be determined when the child is properly investigated by a doctor. Please treat as an Emergency.
What are the work and Nutritional benefits of Complan milk for kids?
Complan Milk is nutritious but Complan milk is not for babies under 1year. It's unnecessary as long as baby eats nutritious meals well
Dear doctor, What are remedies for discharge ears in children of ten years & older ?
If you mean PUS or PURULENT EAR DISCHARGE, Purulent ear discharge suggests infection of the middle ear usually caused by bacteria. Pls take him to the hospital for proper evaluation, diagnosis and treatment
What is the remedies for K leg in a four years old child?
Dr. Dara Abiodun

Medical Doctor

There are a number of different causes of knock knee (genu valgus deformity) . One cause is physiological which means its a normal extreme variant which usually will correct as the child grows older usually seen from ages 2 to 5. This usually is symmetrical ( both sides affected and similar in curvature) it's not usually an extreme amount of bend. It tends to run in families also. Another common cause is rickets which results from bone weakness from calcium metabolism disorder. Other less common causes include bone growth disorders and injury and infections to growth areas of the bone. The treatment is directed to cause, physiological k leg deformity requires no real treatment, but monitoring, as it will resolve. The other causes have their own treatment criteria. In summary, knock knees can be a normal variant or from bone abnormalities. It is advisable to see a doctor who can recognise the specific cause and treat appropriately.
What can be use to cure ringworm on the head of 4 year old boy?
Ringworm is a fungal infection and requires treatment with antifungal agents both oral and topical. Treatment may need to last up to 6 weeks. Please take your child to see a paediatrician for thorough evaluation and management.
My 6 years old daughter weight 30kg and is too much for her. What can I use for to help her reduce her weight ?
Set realistic goals for your child. Because children are still growing, it may be better to help them maintain rather than lose weight, Encourage exercise, Choose healthy and nutritious foods, Change your family's eating habits, Follow-up with your paediatrician and be very Be very supportive. You are all she's got
My child of 4 years feeling dull not playing like before, no symptoms of temperature, running stomach, headache, no pain but the l...
Loss of appetite and not playing may be the first symptom of sickness…... So if it persists kindly see a doctor preferably a Paediatrician for thorough evaluation and treatment
Is it okay to give a 3 and a half year old complan milk? The reason I'm giving her is because she looks pale and doesn't like eati...
Complain is for 12 months old and above, so it good
Pls great mummies, Is it possible to marry a man for three years without having access to his phone?
No ad also depend on how u start on d first time wit him, if ur nt having access wit his phn in d first, any time u try it, he wil see it as if u HV commit a crime
What would I use to clean my son's mouth, after brushing his teeth and tongue? Later in the day his mouth still smell even in the...
He is 7yrs,
What can I do to stop my baby from sucking had? When I give her pacifier she will bite it instead...
How Old is your baby?
Please my people, what could be the reason why my 5 years old sons mouth use to have a kind of odour at times ,and I brush them my...
It could be a month thrush. You could try a mouth wash. Ask in a pharmacy for direction for use. If nothing changes, see your doctor please
I really missed babymigo. I'm so glad to be back!
Dr Fabusuyi G.I

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Welcome back
I had my baby 3 months ago through Caesarean Section (CS), now my Incision site is swollen and painful. Is it normal?Mothers and doctor's in the house, please I had my baby 3 months ago via CS and my incision pain stopped around 5-6weeks and just...
Are u pregnant, if yes, how many weeks are u gone?
How do I help my shy 6 years old daughter get better?My daughter is very shy. In fact, she doesn't have any friends in school as we speak. She is very intelligent. Her only problem no...
Build her confidence level within the house, always make her feel she can do things, don't laugh at her mistakes, always stand up for her Wen other laugh at her. Write short presentations for her to deliver in church if u r a Christian, facing audience will help her a lot. Don't shout at her, if she gets tins wrong tell her nicely after encouraging her.
What's your plan for Children's day celebration for your kid?I've been thinking recently how to surprise my 6 year old kid for Children's It's time to surprise him. I will apprec...
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They are a couple of park in Victoria Island and Lekki. You should check them out