Baby Developmental Milestones to expect ( 0- 3 Months)

Developmental milestones are behaviours or skills that infants and children should possess as they grow and develop. It is important to realize that every child is different, and so is every parent's experience.

Babies grow in unique ways, some babies might sit and crawl faster than their peers while others are busy teething or working on their social skills. In Nigeria, we tend to compare our babies a lot and many times end up putting these innocent babies under pressure.

Understanding the concept of developmental milestones may help relieve us of some guilt, knowing the fault is not from us but that the baby is either taking his time developing in a particular area while excelling at some other skills. The table below lists briefly some things to expect from a month old to a 3-month-old baby.







1 month

  • Makes jerky, quivering arm thrusts
  • Brings hands within range of eyes and mouth
  • May turn toward familiar sounds and voices
  • Keeps hands in tight fists

Sucks poorly and feeds slowly

Doesn’t blink when shown a bright light

Appears stiff


2 months

Smiles at the sound of your voice and follows you with their eyes as you move around a room

Begins to smile at people and can briefly calm himself (may bring hands to mouth and suck on hand)

Coos, makes gurgling sounds and Turns head toward sounds

Begins to act bored (cries, fussy) if activity doesn’t change

Doesn’t seem to respond to loud sounds

Doesn’t smile at the sound of your voice by two months

Doesn’t follow moving objects


3 months

Raises head and chest when lying on stomach

Supports upper body with arms when lying on stomach

Stretches legs out and kicks when lying on stomach

Begins to babble and imitate sounds

Copies some movements and facial expressions, like smiling or frowning

May be able to roll over from tummy to back and can hold a toy

Doesn’t grasp and hold objects

Doesn’t smile at people

Cannot support her head well

Doesn’t babble

Doesn’t reach for and grasp toys

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