5 Reasons To Choose PreggClass By Babymigo During Pregnancy


Pregnancy is an exciting yet, delicate period. It's the time when everyone monitors what you eat, and drink, and mundane things like how you sit and sleep! 


These may seem unnecessary and annoying but pregnancy needs all the care, attention, and monitoring to ensure you have a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery. 


At Babymigo, we never get tired of reiterating the importance of attending hospital antenatal classes. We believe that an educated mama is an equipped mama, whether you're a first-time mum or a new mum. No two pregnancies are the same and you need all the monitoring you can get.


Our online antenatal community PreggClass, ensures you stay up to date on your progress and guides you through the terrains of new pregnancies. PreggClass is designed as an add-on to your hospital antenatal classes.


In this article, you'll know why you should enroll in PreggClass if you're a pregnant mum;


  1. Access to medical professionals: Physical antenatals are great but you can't have your doctors and midwives with you every hour or day. You also can't have all your concerns met during emergencies. At PreggClass, we have a team of consultant OBGYNs, pediatricians, midwives, and nurses with a combined experience of 100 years at your service. You can share your concerns, and ask questions and you'll be attended to promptly.  


  1. Weekly live antenatal classes: We understand how tasking it is being a pregnant mum and working the week. Whether a 9-5 or a stay-at-home preggo, it's not easy for anyone. We've designed weekly antenatal classes to ensure you're well-informed about your health and your growing baby’s development.


  1. Practical sessions: We conduct practical sessions on tummy time, postpartum series, diaper changes, and lots more to ensure mums have a wider perspective on what to expect during and after pregnancy. We also organize partner and parenting sessions to introduce you and your partner/spouse to parenting. 


  1. Weekly personal check-in by the Babymigo team: A healthy mama is a healthy baby. To further track your health, every pregnant woman in PreggClass will have personal check-ins to track your pregnancy, vitals, your baby’s growth and address all their concerns.


  1. Access to exclusive resources: Pregnant mums in PreggClass will have access to exclusive resources ranging from birth plan options, detailed and comprehensive baby shopping list, hospital bag list, postpartum recovery checklist, labour affirmations, and lots more!



Pregnancy will never be easy for any woman. Let's support you during this period. PreggClass costs only N10,000 for the whole duration of pregnancy and three weeks postpartum. Send us a message on WhatsApp for our complete PreggClass syllabus and to learn more about PreggClass and its offerings. 



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  1. Will PreggClass replace hospital antenatal?

PregClass will not replace your hospital antenatal classes. PreggClass is designed to support your antenatal clinic for a more enjoyable pregnancy.


  1. How much does PreggClass cost?

PreggClass posts only N10,000 and it covers the whole pregnancy and three weeks postpartum with a postpartum care pack to ensure you have a smooth transition after delivery.


  1. How do I share confidential and sensitive questions?

We understand not everyone would want their pregnancy concerns out in public. We have a structure where you can ask your questions privately and get them answered by our medical professionals without the knowledge of others.

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