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My baby is placed on antibiotics and syrup for cough and catarrh she's having a cold. The drugs have been effective because she's...My problems are 1. She has been refusing to eat thereby losing weight. 2. Is she suppose to b taking blood syrup with the antibiot...
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Pls don't give blood tonic with antibiotics. Poor appetite is not improved by blood tonic. You can give vitamin Bco.... Loss of appetite is a side effect of many drugs and the illness itself.... As the child gets better, the appetite will improve spontaneously
I just dewormed my 1year baby and he vomited after 45mins, should I repeat the drugs again?
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Children can vomit any drug, especially the ones they don't like. Just repeat the medications after 30mins.
My son is 5 years old and asthmatic....we discovered this when he was three and took him to the clinic whenever he had the for a long time now he has not had any of those attacks except that for like 5 months now he has been having constant catarrh e...
Also note that you can avoid known triggers like dust, grasses, hot or cold water, fumes, perfumes, food especially nuts, certain drinks, even fruits... The list is endless. If the trigger is unknown, you have to manage the condition which may require regular use of controller medications
My 9month baby weight 12.5kg I did exclusive for him, till now he doesn't take any food rather than breastmilk and pap or custard,...
Babies crawl when they are ready averagely 9 months Some don't even crawl..
Please, Can a ten months baby take tea?
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No, Ma'am. Tea/beverages can be introduced from age 1.
I have a baby boy of seven months who has the look of a Down Syndrome. At 3months he held his head, At 6months sits on his own car...Can it be that he can have the look and not having the DS? I have taken him to teaching hospital for Dr's to examine him all they...
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Since you have seen a doctor and the child has been examined, please follow the doctor's instructions but if you're still in doubt, kindly seek a second opinion preferably from a paediatrician. Thanks.
My 4month baby left knee to make a sound unlike the right knee.. when I lift the leg I hear little sound from the knee.. when I ca...
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Noisy joints may result from irregularity of the cartilage between the joints. If accompanied by pain may be from osteoarthritis. Their are however more innocent causes. Please have a doctor evaluate the child to determine which it is'
Please, what are the causes of neonatal jaundice?Are there any preventive measures to follow during pregnancy so as to avoid s...
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Jaundice is actually due to high level of a substance called BILIRUBIN in the blood of the Newborn. It is this Bilirubin that is actually yellow in colour…..and it is the staining of the eyes and skin by bilirubin that causes the yellowish discolouration known as Jaundice. In fact another name for jaundice in newborn is Neonatal Hyperbilirubinaemia…..too much bilirubin. Remember this bilirubin, because all problems from Jaundice is the bilirubin and all treatment for jaundice in the newborn is to remove bilirubin or at least to make it safe because bilirubin is toxic or poisonous to the brain of a newborn
No pain not swollen and like I said he do stand on both feet very well and only has a fever when we go for the vaccine.
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If there are no pains or swellings then there is no need to worry. But if still worried about the clicking sounds, please see a doctor.
Asking on behalf of a friend. Pls doctors in the house if a newly born baby is giving the Hepatitis B right after birth is that al...
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Hepatitis B vaccine is given at birth and as part of the PENTA Vaccine at 6, 10 and 14 weeks. Booster doses also given at 18 months and 5 years! That's all
My three years old baby teeth are getting brown. The teeth have been white but noticed d brownish colour a few days ago. Most espe...
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so many things can cause tooth discolouration such as tooth decay, certain drugs like tetracycline, the injured tooth can also change colour with time e.t.c. Please visit a paediatric dentist for proper evaluation and management.
Blood is coming out of my two-year-old baby gum. I just noticed that he refused to eat and someone recommended riboflavin, I thoug...I was asked to apply it to his mouth sine then blood started coming out of his gum. Pleas advise. From a worried mother.
There are a few reasons why bleeding can occur in a child's mouth at this age, it could simply be a new tooth growing (erupting) or it could be inflammation of the gum (this can happen if his teeth are not brushed daily) or it could be a herpes simplex virus infection among other things.
How can one know that one's child has tongue-tie. Won't the baby cry or what thanks
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You will know if the baby is able to lift the tongue up when crying.....just check the position of the tongue and under if there is anything keeping the tongue glued to the floor of the mouth......if you are not sure, get a doctor to check for you"
Is it normal for a baby on EBF 10 weeks not to poo for 3days But fart its smells? But sacks normal I mean very well. Advice a worr...
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Babies on EBF do not need to poo daily, they can stay up to 2weeks without having to poo. Sometimes, they can even poo up to 12 times in a day. As long as the stools are normal. There's nothing to worry about.
My family have been using Shea butter for the past two years and it has been maintaining our skin. But recently, the whole family...
The shea butter is not responsible for getting darker, as natural products like shea butter are the best.
Can I use BCO tablet for my one-year-old baby because she hates eating?
There is no need to give BCO.
What is the cause of breast milk discharge when a lady is not breastfeeding and not equally pregnant
There are medications that would help dry the discharge but it is better to find out the cause before prescribing medications, see your doctor.Best of luck'
Does doxycycline cause discolouration in d teeth of 12month old child cause he is still on breastfeeding
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so many things can cause tooth discolouration such as tooth decay, certain drugs like tetracycline, injured tooth can also change colour with time etc. Please, visit a paediatric dentist for proper evaluation and management.
I use shea butter for my children of 2 &4 they became dark & later change it to familiar , can I continue or stop pls?
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Kindly use regular baby body cream or HYPOALLERGENIC PRODUCTS like Sebamed, Blue seal vaseline, olive oil, shea butter, coconut oil etc.
Which one is the best among the baby formula for a six months old baby?
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Any brand if the baby formula is okay as long as it is age-appropriate and your baby doesn't react to it.