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what are the Local Nigerian foods that can boost milk Supply?
Tiger juice. Mixture of soyabeans, dates,crayfish, groundnut(optional). These produce enough breast milk.
My baby weight is 1.85kg at birth though I had her when she was 32 weeks and now she weighs 5.5kg I want to know if the weight is...
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You did not state the current age of your child. It is expected that baby should double the birth weight at 6months and triples it at 12months.
My baby is 7months old and I am 5weeks pregnant so I Intended to continue breastfeeding but I notice his stomach always make noise...
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Hello ma'am, you can continue breastfeeding with complementary feeding. The noise in the stomach may be due to the passage of gas in the stomach. Best wishes.
How do I do a pregnancy test with salt and what is the Procedure?
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▷Are you wondering if you are pregnant or not? Or Are you suspecting to be pregnant due to unprotected sex you had lately? Here is a simple way to check by yourself if you are pregnant or not. It requires only salt. You do not have to visit a doctor or any health personnel. It is as simple and easy as ABC. Salt is considered to be a very clean chemical compound since it is crystalline in nature. This characteristic nature of salt makes it a very good and popular chemical compound for testing if an individual is pregnant or not. Also, its chemical content is highly effective in detecting a hormone known as human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) which is normally found in the urine of pregnant ladies or women. ****Things you would need for the salt pregnancy test: **** ▷1. A transparent glass bowl (you can use any other bowl but most people prefer transparent glass bowl in order to notice clearly and quickly if there is a change in colour or not after the test). ▷2. Salt. ▷3. Urine. ▷3. Stirrer (it can be a spoon, spatula or anything that can be used to stir). ****Procedure **** ▷Remove food reserves from the leaves of a potted plant by keeping it in the dark for 24 hours (example; in a cupboard). ▷Test for the starch to ensure no starch is present. ****Follow the procedure below to test for pregnancy **** ▷1. When you wake up early in the morning, the first thing to do is to go straight for the bowl and urinate into it. Note: only morning urine should be used in order to acquire better results. ▷2. Now add a considerable amount of salt to the urine in the bowl. ▷3. Stir the solution with your stirrer for a few seconds. ▷4. Leave the solution for about ten (10) minutes. ▷5. Now, carefully check and observe if there is a change or not. RESULTS ▷If there is no change to the salt and urine, then you are probably not pregnant (negative). ▷But if the salt in the urine slightly or greatly change or clumps and becomes like a milk cheese, then my dear, you are a hundred per cent (100%) pregnant (positive).
Why do my one-year-old baby cry at night?
It's very common for even the best sleepers to suddenly start having problems, whether it's trouble falling asleep at bedtime or abruptly waking up during the night. Starting at age 6 months, separation anxiety can cause babies to wake up crying more than once during the night.
My baby of 9 months just started growing her teeth. Is it right for me to continue the use of cotton wool and water or should I st...
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You can use a soft brush and age-appropriate toothpaste.
Teething PainWhat are the symptoms of teething pain in a child. Jahdiel has been really active but we can't tell if this is as a result of the...
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Symptoms of teeth pain include but not limited to Drooling. Swollen, bulging gums, A tooth visible below the gum, Irritability, Trouble sleeping, Trying to bite, chew, and suck on everything, Rubbing her face, Rejecting food.
Please, what can be the cause of Asthma in children?
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It is estimated that 235 million people worldwide have asthma. Asthma is a disease of airways, which when triggered can cause them to tighten, become inflamed and swell. The most common causes of asthma are: 1. Hereditary 2. Modern life (e.g. pollution, housing, diet). 3. Smoking during pregnancy or 4. Smoking around children 5.Viral infection or irritants at work or home. Asthma is a disease that should not be ignored or treated lightly. Despite there being no cure for asthma, treatments available today allow most patients to lead a normal daily life. However asthmais a lifelong condition and attacks can happen at any time, which is why it is important for patients to understand and use their medication. you will need to see a doctor for proper management
Please advice, How and where can I get a Mantoux test done?. A baby who was given BCG injection after birth but is 4months now and...
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Sometimes the BCG is given too deep instead of into the skin. Usually, to confirm in case of no BCG scar, we will do a Mantoux test to see if there is a reaction expected for someone who has had BCG. If there is none after 72 hours, we will give the BCG again as long as the child is healthy (a normal chest x-ray may be needed at times)'.
My baby will be 5 months tomorrow she seems to prefer sucking her thumb rather than breast. Two days now she's not sucking well as...
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As a first step in dealing with your child's sucking habits, ignore them! Most often, they will stop on their own. Harsh words, teasing, or punishment may upset your child and is not an effective way to get rid of habits. Instead, try the following: Praise and reward your child when she does not suck her thumb or use the pacifier. Star charts, daily rewards, and gentle reminders, especially during the day, are also very helpful. If your child uses sucking to relieve boredom, keep her hands busy or distract her with things she finds fun. If you see changes in the roof of your child's mouth (palate) or in the way the teeth are lining up, talk with your paediatrician or pediatric dentist. There are devices that can be put in the mouth that make it uncomfortable to suck on a finger or thumb. No matter what method you try, be sure to explain it to your child. If it makes your child afraid or tense, stop it at once. The good news is that most children stop their sucking habits before they get very far in school. This is because of peer pressure. While your child might still use sucking as a way of going to sleep or calming down when upset, this is usually done in private and is not harmful. Putting too much pressure on your child to stop may cause more harm than good. Be assured your child will eventually stop the habit on her own. Pacifiers and Thumb Sucking As a first step in dealing with your child's sucking habits, ignore them, because most often they will stop on their own. Here are some other tips to get a child to stop sucking their thumb or using a pacifier
I'm tested positive of Hepatitis b when I was pregnant with my first daughter and which I was asked to go for antigen test.When d result came out I was told my baby doesn't need to be given d injection after birth that was in 2017 during my 2nd pregna...
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Kindly take the babies for check up with a paediatrician letting the doctor know you are a carrier of Hepatitis B Virus, the children will be tested and you will be advised appropriately. You will have to get your own viral load, antigen and liver function test done so as to be able to be supported. Kindly prevent the children from exposure from your body fluids like blood, vomitus etc but can continue with breastfeeding.
Is it true using Rice water after parboiling to bath helps make skin glow and better?
Yes it is I do use it and it has been great. I also use it for my hair and that of my daughter's.
I noticed my baby of One year+ had fever yesterday night and this morning his left eye is red and swollen. Please what can I admin...
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Please use a digital thermometer to check the temperature. If the temperature exceeds 37.5 persistently, that's fever. Please give paracetamol and take the child to the hospital for proper examination to know the cause of the fever. There are many causes of swelling especially involving the eyes. First, you need to rule out problems with the major organs like heart, kidney or liver... Also allergic reactions.... Kindly treat as urgent Kindly see a PAEDIATRICIAN for further evaluation and management
In pregnancy watching porn. I'm addicted, What do I do? Is it harmful to my baby
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Don't feel bad or ashamed about this.. I dont think it's harmful but too much of anything is bad.
My baby will be 1year this ending and I will want to deworm her .What drugs can I use?
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You can start deworming at 1 year and repeat at every 6months. There are different types of deworming drugs and they can be bought without a doctors prescription. Albendazole is a good choice."Albendazole (any brand) will be okay - 400mg (1 tablet or 20ml syrup) once for children above 2yrs and 200mg (half-tab or 10ml) for children aged 1 -2 years"
My daughter of 7 weeks is always scared when he hears any sounds he moves with fear with his eyes widely open could it be as a res...
There's really nothing to worry about as long as it just some form of scare
My 2 and half years daughter has been complaining that her tummy is painful and after a while she will vomit.It first happened on Sunday , i taught it was over feeding but this night she was eating and she hasn't even taken up to 2spoons....
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Please take her to the hospital. your baby seems unwell. Treat as urgent!
My baby was given BCG injection when she was 2weeks old and till now she is 3months+, the mark is not showing. Should I take her b...
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Sometimes the BCG is given too deep instead of into the skin. Usually to confirm in case of no BCG scar, we will do a mantoux test to see if there is a reaction expected for someone who has had BCG. If there is none after 72 hours, we will give the BCG again as long as child is healthy(a normal Chest Xray may be needed at times)
What's the difference between Aptamil 2, Aptamil 3 and Aptamil 4?Nutricia
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- Aptamil 2 id for babies between 6 - 12 months - Aptamil 3 is a Growing Up Milk for (1-2 years) toddlers at this stage. - Aptamil 4 is a Growing Up Milk (2-3 years) toddlers at this stage.
What's the use of baby Tribotan?
It's very effective it prevents diaper rash.