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I need clarity on TT vaccine during pregnancy. How many dosages should a pregnant woman get before delivery and the intervals of t...
All women of child bearing age should have 5 doses of Tetanus Toxoids ... You can take before or during pregnancy.... It is important to prevent neonatal Tetanus in the newborn baby.
My lovely baby boy is 10 months but there is a sound I don't know understand. Whether it is in the heart or stomach the sound is l...
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Please take your child to see a doctor, preferably a paediatrician for proper evaluation and management. The doctor will see the child and probably conduct tests to determine what is wrong with him. Please treat as urgent especially as it makes child uncomfortable.
Is it compulsory to massage the private part (organ) of a baby girl in order to close up the vagina, I was told to be doing that s...
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I advise against massage of the vulva or vagina. You can only wash the external part of the vagina as part of daily bath routine and leave alone. No massage, no creams, no douching and no washing of the internal part of the vagina.
I need help. Please, I want to know how if I can prevent chickenpox from affecting my baby (1yr10mnths)? Her niece staying with me...
You have to try and separate her (your niece) to limit contact with other members of the family especially your baby.
My baby of 11months has rashes that itch and makes her uncomfortable to sleep. Please what can I use?
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They are different kinds of rash and it takes a doctor to physically examine to determine which it is and the treatment. Please kindly take your baby to the hospital for proper evaluation and management
My baby of six months prefers eating cooked food than baby food. Pls, should I be giving her? Thanks
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Yes, You can give your baby adult food.
Please, my baby of 11weeks has little sore in his mouth and anytime he eats, he vomits it.Baby is EBF. And his stool is hard....
A healthy newborn on EBF can not be constipated. However if the child has medical or surgical disorders like Hirschsprung disease or other intestinal obstruction of any cause, the child can be constipated."
Pls, state the uses of palm kernel oil(that is when palm kernel is broken, dried and cook to extract the oil. It's usually black i...
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Please, do not give anything ....BLACK, YELLOW, RED, GREEN OR PINK OIL to a new born apart from BREASTMILK. Thank you
My baby has been sick and was treated for malaria and pneumonia. He will complete his treatment (Injections and drugs) today. Mean...
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Yes, he can take his immunization as long as his fever has subsided. But if the child is still having fever, you may want to hold on.
My baby is 2 months and I'm on Exclusive breastfeeding (EBF) , pls can I take green tea. Thanks
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NO, green tea is not recommended for nursing mothers. Kindly always read the pack of any products you take when pregnant or breastfeeding.
my baby of 3months baby's head and forehead is too hot, could it be a sign of teething or something else?
Hello Mum, Fever is confirmed only with a temperature reading above 37.5°c with a digital thermometer
A Doctor prescribed augumentin suspension for my baby and while mixing, I added excess water to the suspension. I gave the baby 5m...
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Nothing... It can't be undone and it is hard to know what quantity is there. Always read the instructions. You can continue with the current one or get a new one and mix properly. If the extra water is not that much, then you can use it still.
My son penis do go inside and look very invisible but it does come out and look straight, but most times it's always inside and lo...
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It is probably the circumcision was poorly done and there are still excess foreskin. She should see a Paediatric Surgeon or Urologist at the closest Teaching Hospital for further evaluation and management.
My daughter of 9 years twists her mouth to the side when sleeping and she usually gets aware and wakes up from her sleep when it s...
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It looks like a seizure. She should take the child to see a Paediatric Neurologist at the closest Teaching Hospital.
Please, what's the medical value of black Oil on a baby? is like a must that a mum with a baby should have it in the house...
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Please, do not give anything ....BLACK, YELLOW, RED, GREEN OR PINK OIL to a new born apart from BREASTMILK. Thank you
My 6 month old baby is running temperature not that much and her poo is watery and drawing pls what could be the reason for this a...
If the poo doesn't not sink into the diaper like urine, then it's okay. But please pay attention to your own diet. If the mucus persist like see a Peadetrician.
My baby of 2weeks+ and on EBF cries a lot at night, and i noticed he was not adding weight. I was advised to see a paedriatrian in...The doctor found out that when he asks me to press my breast but the milk was not rushing. I have been taking a lot of liquid thou...
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Please note that it's normal for babies to lose some weight in the first two weeks after birth because of water loss. But they should add up before sixth week. Kindly ensure that your baby is feeding well..... Feed baby more often and breastfeed to empty one breast before offering the other one.
My 3years old boy as crossed eyes. what should I do?
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There are many causes of cross eyes in children ranging from nothing to brain problem or issues with the muscles controlling the eyeballs to issues with the eyes itself. The best thing to do is to see an eye doctor, that is an ophthalmologist, as soon the cross eyes are noticed.
Please at what month can I start giving my baby supplement.
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Hello Ma'am, your baby does not need supplements, all she needs is nutritional and balanced diets.
When should my baby start crawling and is it true that some babies don't crawl at all but go ahead and walk?
Hello mom, your baby will walk when he is ready. If he is not crawling at 12months,kindly take him to see a developmental Paediatrician for assessment.