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What are other infant cereals alternatives apart from cerelac?please help me with the ones you know.
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Any age appropriate cereal is fine depending on your purse(you can check stores). We haven't been paid to advertise any brand. Strictly a choice thing. Also ensure you establish complimentary feeding.
My 11 month old baby atimes sweat on his palm and feet. You will think little water poured and afterwards it dried off. Do I need...
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How often? All the time or once in a while? If all the time kindly see a doctor for further evaluation
Is it advisable to use a hand fan on a 15 weeks old baby?
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You can hand fan, use electric fan or even air conditioner for the child. There is nothing wrong with using the Fan or AC as long as the fan is not blowing directly on the baby. Meanwhile, try and keep the baby warm and continue exclusive breastfeeding....No need for twice or thrice daily baths....dress baby comfortably according to the weather....Open the windows and let the room be well-aerated. There is no need to over cover the baby and keep in a stuffy room in hot season like we are having right now
My baby is six months plus, can he take Golden morn?
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No, your baby can't take golden morn. It's not an infant cereal and should not be given to children less than 3 years. It is also a complex cereal that may not be well tolerated by infants.
My 3 months old baby sweats and if we allow little breeze on him he will start sneezing. When can he start taking a breeze and als...
The case of excessive sweat (Hyperhidrosis) is not so common but it does exist. For your child it could be due to the weather. It's hot everywhere
My son is 3 months old he is on EBF, he can go up to a week without pooping is it normal? One other thing, I want to express but I...
Kindly note that Your lactation depends on your state of mind and nutritional status. Ensure you feed on balanced meals especially fluids and breast feed on demand. You should also know that the more your baby sucks the more your brain signals for more production of breastmilk.
What could be wrong with a 3-week old baby who wakes up from sleep crying and stretching intermittently and tries to go back to sl...
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Good evening ma'am, the stretching could be as a result of colic. Colic is common in babies. Unfortunately, there are no proven treatments that consistently help every baby. Although you can try INFACOL. It usually starts a few weeks after birth and often improves by age 3 months. By ages 4 to 5 months, the majority of babies with colic have improved.
When a child of 2 years urinates in a potty and a thin layer's found on the top and it smells. What can be the cause and the way o...
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I'm not sure what you meant by a thin layer formed on top. Then what kind of smell did you mean? It is better to see a doctor for proper evaluation if you are concerned
My child is 2 and has started pre-nursury. Is it okay to give her juice like pico every school day?
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Water is the best beverage for your child or fresh juice.
I can perceive a foul smell from my baby's ear . My baby will be 3 months on 22nd of this month.I'm so worried pls help, a worried...
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This suggests an ear infection called Otitis media. Otitis media is an inflammatory disease of the middle ear cleft, including the middle ear cavity, the mastoid bone and the Eustachian tube. Kindly see a Paediatrician or ENT surgeon for further evaluation and management and evaluation
My baby of six months is pooing greenish two-three times a day my nebours said is Jedi-Jedi n gave me bitter habal medicine to giv...
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Greenish stools could be a sign of inadequate feeding or pigments from food eaten by the mum that can pass through breast milk. If the greenish stools persist please see a paediatrician.
What can I do or eat to lactate very well because I don't think my baby is lactating very well?
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Eat well, relax and continue breastfeeding as breast milk flows when the baby continues to suck.
My baby is 9 months old. She had developed recurrent catarrh for 2 weeks now... Yesterday night cough began with catarrh(purulent...
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My cough lasting more than 2 weeks is Chronic cough and should be throughly evaluated by a Paediatrician - may need even Chest Xray and so on ...It could be BRONCHIAL Asthma or Tuberculosis etc. You should see a Paediatrician preferably at a Teaching Hospital for further evaluation and management. Please, treat as urgent.
My baby of nine months old suddenly can't rotate his neck very well. He often places it by the side, more one-sided. I have tried...
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It is called Torticollis (wry neck, or loxia). Kindly see a paediatrician preferably a paediatric neurologist as soon as possible.
My 7 month old baby woke up with lots of rashes all over her body this morning, what could it mean? I'm so terrified, she's just r...
Treatment of rashes depends on the type of rash on the child after a physical examination is carried out
My baby of 10 months is having a runny nose with no cough and no fever. Today made it 10 days of a runny nose. How many days shoul...Secondly. Pls Ma, can I demand malaria treatment for the baby from the doctor. I have not treated baby malaria since birth.
Dr Aina Johnson


Note that if there is no need for malaria treatment, he won't treat your baby for malaria. The doctor will know what's best for your baby from his evaluations and the test result.
She is a twin. I gave birth to them through C. S. She was fine not until when she stopped breastfeeding and was feeding on NANShe stopped eating finally when she was 6 months. She was admitted to a teaching hospital. She was feed through Nasogastric intuba...
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You will need to follow up with the doctors for further revaluation
My daughter of 2 years has burn injury she sustained from the hot stew and One of her eyes have swollen, I have been applying peni...
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So sorry about the accident. Please do not self medicate, you need to take the child to the hospital for professional assessment and management.
Can I give my baby Bournvita his a year old
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For bournvita, you can start at one year old. But it is advisable to start from 2 years. These health drinks are not safe to be given to kids before 2 years of age, as your little one’s kidneys are not ready to take the heavy load of these foods. As babies surpass the weaning stage, their digestive system starts to accept new foods. In 2 years your breastmilk helps them grow a strong enough digestive system to take on these complex foods. As baby graduates from infant to toddler, she needs the right nutrients to grow. As per the nutritional recommendations of WHO for children, for healthy growth a baby needs a variety of proteins and micronutrients including Iron, Zinc, Calcium, Riboflavin(Vit. B2), Vitamin B12 etc. Milk along with Bournvita, Complan or Horlicks can act as a great source of these while also making milk flavourful.
I just gave birth and I want to find out if I can give him seven seas, gripe water, and other baby syrup. Thank you
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Do not give gripe water. It is completely unnecessary. Just continue to breastfeed exclusively