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Good morning doc and sweet mum, am happy house is picking up now. Pls help me solve ds issue, both are educated (husband is a pharmacist) mother inlaw live in Europe (just arrived on Sunday) my baby weight 2.3kg at birth and she is now 4.1kg at 8weeks (we were happy) but immediately mother in law came, she started complaining of weight dt am not feeling her well, she will use very hot water to be pressing her body and belly, bending her hand and leg in a strong well, throwing baby up, I told husband to talk to mother, he said his mum is doing d right thing , since two days now, her temperature hv increase, can't sleep at night (she sleeping with me in my room, she will never wake up to help) what should I do?
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@Weyinmi23253, I so much agree with Dr. Weyinmi. Such (especially marital issues) Conflicts r best handled first spiritually den d physical and you'll be amazed at d outcome. Good luck, dear Rachel.
Dr Weyinmi Orighoye
@Omokeni28489, You are welcome
Omokeni Racheal
@Jemimah11841, thanks ma
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