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Hello Drs and mummy, I have resume work two weeks ago, my baby wasn't sucking hand before but now, she can suck for Africa, if u remove right , she uses left and she now over quite. Am worry bcos she prefer to suck d hand than breast. What should I do?
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ToSi Maama
Sucking is actually not a bad thing. Especially as she has no preference. Baby's just getting to know her body and sucking is quite comforting for them. You can try ND offer a clean toy if you are concerned of the hand so baby can suck on it and keep self busy while you do other things
Omokeni Racheal
@Ijeoma22883, thanks ma, noted
Amanda Biegusa
Aside the scratch mitten you should also talk to whoever is watching her while you are at work. The person might allow her to suck them. You know it's always different with you the mother, no one can play your role better than you.
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